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backyardbirder 02-22-2001 04:57 AM

I'm a binge eater who can't figure out how to stop eating massive amounts of food, or how to WANT to stop eating it (I don't always consume, I always want to consume). I've gone the therapy route a bunch of times, so technically speaking, I know why I do what I do. However, how do I stop thinking constantly about that box of Ho-Ho's at the UDF that I didn't buy? (Godforbid I'd be happy with just a single serving size). Needless to say, I have a lot to lose because of this food obsession and inability to "eat just one!" I'm interested in hearing from others' who have won this battle, and from those who are currently still fighting it!


icspots 02-23-2001 04:16 AM

I know exactly how you feel. I start thinking of what I want to eat the minute I wake up in the morning. Some days I'm able to eat right....sometimes for a meal, sometimes for a day or two, some days I'm not. It doesn't matter if I'm happy, sad, busy, or bored. I too know what I should be eating and how much. However it seems once I start putting food in my mouth something else takes over, before I know it I have eaten the whole bag of chips, or whatever it is at that time.
Keep trying. Don't ever give up! Even if you make a mistake. If you can just make a few good choices for a couple of meals, or a couple of days a week you would be suprised how much that can help. Plus when you see any progress it helps to motivate.
I'm trying to remember that it doesn't mean I can never eat certain things again, just that they all need to be in moderation.
I haven't "won" the battle by no means. But I'm still fighting the fight! Hang in there! I'm new to this site and from everything I've seen so far, if support and understanding helps we're both in the right place.
Good luck!!

backyardbirder 02-23-2001 10:05 PM

Thanks for your reply! We both are certainly in the same boat. I'll take your advice to heart (celebrating good meals and food rather then bemoaning bad days!). Good luck to you. :)

icspots 02-24-2001 11:21 PM

Just wanted to let you know about a site one of the other members told me about that I'm really excited about.
Fitday.com. It has everything. You can list exactly what you ate for the day, and it totals all the calories and such. A goal keeper, journal, you name it. I just registerd and it's really great to put down in black and white what you had to eat. It helps you to think about what your putting in your mouth more. That's a big problem for me, not realizing just how bad each nibble is, but looking at it in terms of the calories and such is a real eye opener.

Keep celebrating the good choices! They add up!

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backyardbirder 02-25-2001 02:32 AM

Thanks for telling me about this site! I'll check it out and "bookmark" it! I definitely need to write down everything I eat, I need to track down everything!!! Thanks for thinking of sharing that.

I lost 3.8 pounds this week, so I'm feeling pretty good (knock on wood). How are you doing???

icspots 02-25-2001 02:16 PM

Wow! You should feel wonderful. That's so great!! You should be so proud of yourself. I haven't weighed this week. I have a doc appt. next Friday so I'll weigh Friday morning.
I've had good and bad days. The last 2 days have been great, finding this site has really been an help. I'm still so pshyced about it.
I had lost 50 pounds about a 2 years ago, then after surgery I gained back 10. Since then I've been gaining and losing the same 2 pounds over and over again. I have just been greatful that I've been able to maintain as well as I have. I really don't know how I've been able to do that, as I've been really bad about excerising. I had really gotten into walking everyday. Like usual, once you get out of your routine, it keeps getting easier not to feel guilty about it. Luckily I got in 2 days of walking last week. Should have been more, but at least I walked those two days.
What is your current eating plan? Are you trying to follow WW or such? I try to stay within a high protein, low fat plan. My biggest weakness is potatoes...can't get enough of them, and really need to stay away from them. That's one thing that if I take one bite....well you know how that goes.
I really am excited for you! I'm sure that on Friday I won't have that good of news to report, but I'll take what I can get. My goal for excerising this week is walking at least 4 day for 30 min each. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
I've gotten a chance to check out the fitday.com site more today. So far I love it! It also has a place for you to list all of your activities for each day and that will total up how many calories you burn for each of those activities. It's really an eye opener! It also has a place for your goals, and an area where you can create all types of reports to chart your progress.
Well guess I'd better get some sleep. Hope you have a great day!

backyardbirder 02-26-2001 07:52 AM

Hi! It's funny that you said "finding this site has been such a help" (or something like that) because there was an article in the paper today that said computer support sites, like this one, are proven to really help people in their weight struggles! That's what you found! You weigh in this Friday? If you're fitting exercise into the picture, that's the most important piece of it. Don't you feel less apt to binge and focus on food if you're working out? I have to go a few times a week (I strive for 5, I usually hit 3) and walk and do weights. I have about 100 pounds to lose (!!) so the workouts are a Godsend and have helped me stay focused. If I don't work out (I haven't this whole last week) then I automatically feel out of control! What weight program are you following? I'm actually doing Jenny Craig. I really like it, though it's pretty expensive so I have to start having good weight losses like I just had to continue doing it. The food is pretty good, and the support I get is terrific. The only program I was ever successful at was Diet Center, and I had to weigh in 6 days a week there! How much are you trying to lose now and are you still focused heavily on food? How are you handling the Girl Scout cookies?? They're in my house (my daughter is a G.S.) and I'm completely focused on them. We gotta get them out of here...fast! :) It's funny that you mentioned potatos, I LOVE potatos (usually fried, but the Yukon Gold ones baked are yummy too). Are you craving the good potato or the more fattening one (remember, nothing is bad, right?). :)

icspots 02-26-2001 05:40 PM

You are right about the excerising helping you to focus on other things besides food. All I'm doing for excerising now is walking. I try for 5 days a week and if I get in at least 3 days I feel pretty good. Last week I only got in 2 days. I'm thinking about checking out a water aerobics class. I have knee and back problems occasionally, and everyone tells me they are wonderful when you have those types of problems.
I have about 55 more pounds to lose, and keep off. I have been going to a Doctor at a Nutrition Center for a little over 2 years. After I had started going there I lost the first 50 pounds. The whole staff are really supportive there. I usually go about every 4 weeks less or more depending on how things are going. Sometimes I see the Doctor, some times the nurse or go to the Nutrition dept. It's pretty costly too, but when I started this I decided that I was worth every penny. And even though after the surgery I gained back the 10 pounds, I think the fact that I had to go at least once a month kept me from gaining back more. He really pushes excerise and "smart choices". My current eating plan is high protien and low fat. So basically meat and veggies. I do include some fruit. No potatos though. If I have to have a potatos I'm suppose to bake it, scoop out most of the middle and eat all of the skin. It works, but I still can't eat them as much as I would like. Any kind of potatos will do, cooked any way. Growing up I had them everyday, and now I really have a hard time not having them at every meal.
The girl scot cookies are doing fine, at least for the last couple of days. We bought some from our neighbor's girl, and from a co-worker's daughter. I think there's only 1 and 1/2 box left. Hopefully my son and his buddies will finish them off after school today. He's not really a sweet eater. He's the one that will pick the carrots and celery sticks over chips and cookies any time. Wish I could be more like him. I think some of his friends like cookies though. Well see.
Well, I guess I'd better go get ready for work. I have to remember to pack my clothes so I can go walking at lunch.
Keep up the good work!

backyardbirder 02-27-2001 05:05 AM

You've lost 50+ pounds so far? I am sooo impressed. I always think that 100 pounds to lose is impossible, but you're 1/2 way there! I ate wayyyy too many girl scout cookies today...so I'm feeling guilty and sad, but I have to drink the water to hopefully offset it some. I just read your profile and saw that you like to read...what's your favorite genre? Mine is mystery (Sue Grafton, for example) for mystery/romance/spooky (Barbara Michaels). Reading is one of my grandest of passions, next to cream cheese (haha). You shoul definitely look into water aerobics. Some gyms offer more intensive water fitness classes (some are geared for the elderly, some for the moderately fit). I had been walking and working out 3-4x a week when I did my first water aerobics a few weeks ago and I really, really (!) felt the aerobics the next day. More then when I do a regular workout. It will help you exercise and not hurt your knees. Did you walk at lunch? Do you walk alone or with some walking buddies? :)

icspots 02-27-2001 09:32 AM

Don't beat yourself up about the cookies. Just think of it as a few less in the house to be thinking of all the time. Right? Always drink your water!!! I was having so much trouble with my feet,legs and ankles that I was beginning to think I was developing arthritis in them. I would sit at my desk for a short while and when I got up out of my chair my feet and ankles would be stiff and very painful. Once I started drinking at least 64 oz of water a day, all of that went away. It felt like a miracle. Now I'm a firm believer of lots and lots of water. I usually drink more than 64 oz, but I alway make sure I get in at least that much. It doesn't seem like drinking water would keep you from retaining water but it sure does.
I like to read about anything, non-fiction, fiction, mystery, romance, murder, science fiction. I like Barbara Michaels, but I don't know that I've heard of Sue Grafton. I've have to have at least 3 books on hand at all times, the one I'm currently reading, and at least two for when I finish that one. If I don't already have the next couple of books lined up I start getting panicky. It's like a fix or something. It's nice to have a least one vice that's not bad for you.
I didn't get to walk at lunch today, things were just too hectic. I usually have a walking buddy at work but she had a migraine and left early. Sometimes I walk without her, not often as my husband is not too crazy about that and if she can't go, I sometimes opt for reading the whole hour. However, after work my husband and I went for a 30 minute walk. It was so beautiful here today. Even at 7:00 it was still 68 degrees. I could handle this weather all the time.
Well it's late, guess I need to mosey on off to bed.
Once again....don't beat yourself up about the cookies. You'll do better tomorrow, I just know you will!!!!

sweetsurrender 02-27-2001 08:39 PM

Hello... I don't want to intrude, but I wanted to share a website that helped me a lot in managing my binge eating. It's www.somethingfishy.com. There's an entire section devoted to binge eating disorder, and a separate section devoted to those who are overcoming it. Hope this helps.


backyardbirder 02-27-2001 10:24 PM

Kendra-Thank you so much for sending me the link, however I'm having some trouble accessing it. I keep receiving an error message. I'll keep trying though! Are you/were you a binge eater as well?

Icspots-I wish I had read your message before I ate another box of cookies this morning! I'm obsessing, big time, about the Peanut Butter Patty Girl Scout cookies and, stupidly, I ate another box. I'll try not to ***** and moan and kick myself too much today, but I'm angry that I can't even allow the good weight loss I had last week help me! I did work out yesterday though, so that helps. And I have until Saturday to lose any weight gained from my cookie splurge. Funny, it almost makes me more motivated when I go off as badly as I have these past two days. How can that be?

At least you were able to get some exercise in yesterday, too. And is it a double blessing (or a double whammy? Ha) when you get to walk with your husband? Usually for me, it's great because we can talk and exercise at the same time. Although sometimes I want to trip my husband! :)


sweetsurrender 02-28-2001 01:31 AM

Whoops. Backyard Birder, you're having a hard time getting there because I gave you the wrong link. :( It's http://www.somethingfishy.org.

Yes, I was a binge eater, and I've still got those tendencies... especially when I'm stressed. I'm learning to cope with them, though. It's ROUGH, to say the least.

And my 2 cents as far as the Girl Scout cookies goes? Write them off. Don't even think about them. It's all water under the bridge... just look forward instead of back. Easier said than done, I know. Give it a shot, though.

I'll have to check in here from time to time... I didn't know you girls were here!


backyardbirder 02-28-2001 01:58 AM


Thanks...I found the site and will take a look at it. Thanks also for your words on the GS cookies...I'll try to just put them under the bridge and not worry. Easier said then done..they've been my downfall this week.

Chris :)

icspots 02-28-2001 08:57 AM

Hi Kendra! Always nice to hear from someone who knows what it's all about. Glad to hear your doing great in your battle. I'll try to check out the web site tomorrow.
I am really enjoying the www.fitday.com site. It's nice to see all the calories and where there coming from. Although it's really sad how just a small bite of this or that can add up to so many calories. It's just not fair! Theres so many great tasting items in the world.
I've done really well so far this week. Of course since I have to weigh in on Friday that's very much in my mind for now. Next week will be a different story.
I was able to get a 30 min walk in at lunch. That made me feel good. I worked late, and then had errands to run, so I waited to late for dinner and got really, really hungry. Everyone says you shouldn't let yourself go that long between meals, but some days it just can't be helped. And after dinner tonight I thought I was going to lose it! I wanted something else so bad! I know there was no way I was hungry, but that doesn't have anything to do with it anyway. I just wanted something because I wanted something. I didn't even go back downstairs. Sent my hubby down stairs make sure all the babies (2 dogs and a cat) had water and food and decided I'd stay completely away from the kitchen. And I didn't cave, instead here I am typing it out with you all. Thanks! This really can work!
Chris, I agree with Kendra about the cookies, it's not worth beating yourself up over. Don't let it spoil all the good you've done so far. Remember you lost 3.8 pounds this week, that means you've been making some great choices! Don't let your being mad or sad about a few cookies spoil all your hard work! There is always another choice just around the corner!!
Well, guess I'll go read for a while. I didn't get hardly any reading in today and I think I'm going through withdrawls! (ha-ha) At least that doesn't make me gain weight!
Hope everyone has a wonderful evening and great day tomorrow! Hang in there guys!!!
We can do this!!!


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icspots 03-05-2001 06:38 AM

Hey guys....I was lost without the board this weekend! I weighed in on Friday (-2.8) and was excited and wanted to share. Oh well, I'm glad to see we are up and running again.
I was happy about the weight loss, but then last night for dinner my husband and I went to Krystal and got Krystal burgers and Chili Cheese Fries. We split the fries and I only ate 2 Krystals, but I felt a little guilty anyway. But it was really good. Guess I'll have to make sure I do really well today.
How's is going guys? Haven't heard from either of you hope all is o.k.
Well guess I better get ready for work! It's that time!
Hope to hear from you soon!

backyardbirder 03-05-2001 01:36 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss!!! That's great! And remember, it's okay to eat whatever you want (on occasion...and within reason). You did great when you were eating out!

I lost 1.8 this week..which is great considering that temporary love affair I had with the Girl Scout cookies!!!

Let's hope we all do as well this week, too!!!!


sweetsurrender 03-05-2001 04:47 PM

Congratulations to you both on your outstanding weight loss! I myself lost 5 pounds last week. We're doing SO well!

Keep up the good work, and remember that if anyone needs to talk, I'm just an e-mail ([email protected]) away!

backyardbirder 03-05-2001 05:37 PM

Oh Kendra, congratulations on your 5 pound loss! That's fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be very, very proud of yourself. Are you working out also? I did water aerobic today, not too strenuous, but I feel a burning in my legs, so something must have happened!!


sweetsurrender 03-05-2001 05:43 PM

Working out implies that I have time to do anything but work, go to school, and sleep. ;) I stand a lot at work, and do a lot of walking there, plus I just started a new babysitting job, so there's lots of up and down with the kids! Luckily for me, that's been about the extent of the exercise that I've needed recently. Soon that'll stop and I'll have to go back to exercising again.

backyardbirder 03-05-2001 06:04 PM


Well at least you're burning calories as you stand at work (and as you chase those kids around in your new babysitting job). You won't need to exercise after a day like that...ha!

I liked the Dave Matthews band quote! :)


dunkerooo5 03-05-2001 06:29 PM

Emotional eating UGH!!!
I have been reading all your posts. I am glad to hear other people are fighting this battle also. Not that I wish such a thing on a person but I am tired of feeling alone. I know why when and where I eat. I know how to work on it and have had a huge deal of success with it in the past, but the present is taking over and I am really fighting again. I am sure this is mumbo gumbo, but I know you all know what I mean. I feel so nasty and gross when I eat from an emotion. I am currently writing down what I eat and entering it on the fitday.com site. I also have a journal to write in when I need to vent or figure out my feelings. So hopefully I can get through this again. I know with all of you here I can do this. Thanks for being here and good luck. And also I will try to help you all when I can. STephanie D.

backyardbirder 03-05-2001 08:13 PM


I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! Boy, do I. I've been struggling with binge eating (emotional eating, I'm sure) for so many years I can barely remember NOT eating huge quantities. It's been a part of my life, even though I've gone through therapy for it, I know that I do it and why...I just can't seem to stop. It is a vicious place to be. It's impressive that you're working hard to leave this behind. I think a journal is a great idea. I've been journaling almost my entire life (and it's a hoot to go back and read what I was miserable about in the 5th grade!) so that's something I'll think about doing, too!

You're definitely not alone!


icspots 03-07-2001 06:26 AM

Welcome Stephanie! As you can see from this board, none of us with an eating problem is alone....sometimes we just think we are!
Chris I'm so happy about your loss last week! See it's nice to know that even when you slip into the old habits, as long as your trying to make a few good choices they can make a difference! Are all the cookies gone now? Ours are....we had one box left and I sent it to work with the hubby, so there wasn't a chance I'd slip. But then my son brought home POTATO chips.....I only had a few....I was standing there shoving them in my mouth without thinking...it hit me and I thought...hey why are you doing this....your not hungry...so I put them back up. Not to bad...not happy about it, but I guess it's good I realized it before I ate the whole bag....why is it just so easy to slip back into that mode?
Kendra....Super Loss! Keep up the good work.
We're all doing really good and should be really proud!
We'll I'm off to work, hope everyone has a great day!!!

backyardbirder 03-08-2001 04:35 PM

Hi everyone,

I weigh in tomorrow! Ugh. I haven't been that good, but I won't beat myself up about it (I can just hear you saying that, Laura!). Or at least I'll try not to. I'm stressed right now, and as a result I'm focusing only on food, food, food. Hopefully I'll learn to manage it.

Hope you all are having a good week!!


p.s. I ate some potato chips too! Luckily they were the WOW version of Ruffles...fat free and not too many calories..and I didn't eat the bag..only a serving, or two. :)

Arabella 03-09-2001 04:59 PM

Hi All,

I just wanted to pop in and tell you about a couple of things that I've found helpful for getting control. Watching Dr. Phil on Oprah, I was struck by his suggestion that we identify our "triggers" - look at the situations in which we "lose" control. Well, for me, it was: 1. I was alone; and 2. I was not sitting at the table but either sitting on the couch or standing in front of the fridge or cupboard.

So I made a rule that when I was alone, I could only eat food that was point-free (WW) like veggies, for example, unless I sat at the table. That's made all the difference in the world to me. It takes the whole thing out of the realm of "impulse" for me. I haven't lost control in the three weeks since that day and it feels good. I have gone a couple of points over some days, but not badly, and not out of control.

The other thing that I've found useful is to attack the problem from the other direction - to try to focus on other things, make sure I have enough fun in my life that I don't feel like food is all I have to look forward to. Also important to try to reduce stress, and treat myself nicely.

I'm not silly enough to think that this means I've got it wrapped up, but these things are really helping!

Good luck, everybody! Take good care of yourselves!


dunkerooo5 03-09-2001 06:26 PM


Good for you. I am glad you hear you feel that way after watching that Oprah show. I have recorded all of them and I am sitting down this weekend to watch them. I really can't wait now that you are doing so well.

You keep up the good work and keep us posted.

Have a great weekend. Stephanie D. :)

Arabella 03-10-2001 10:18 AM

Hi All!

Dunkeroo, it was really interesting for me watching those shows. I just caught the last two of them and watched them separately. When I watched the second one, I felt positively electrified - it was amazing! But then almost immediately afterward, I pigged out on something or other. Weird. I think it was a rebellion on the part of whatever part of me doesn't want to give up the behavior. Guess that aspect of me felt threatened! But I felt so excited and positive watching the show, and then ... what? I ate to numb even those feelings? After watching the third show and coming up with some concrete ways to address the problem is when it really kicked in for me. Keeping my fingers crossed!


backyardbirder 03-11-2001 06:47 PM

Hi everyone,

I haven't watched much of Oprah unfortunately, but I've heard Dr. Phil is great. I'd love to see more of him, and read more about him! Anyone recommend books?

I can't follow your (great) advice, Babette (about not eating anything bad when you're alone, or not sitting down). I eat all my binge eating when I'm alone, sitting down or otherwise. But maybe I'll try to start doing that. I need to remember it takes an effort and I need to put forth an effort!

I lost .2 pounds (not 2 pounds, but point-2) this week. Not too bad, certainly better then gaining!

Have a GREAT week, everyone! Keep me posted on how you're all doing (and HOW you're doing it!).


dunkerooo5 03-12-2001 01:27 AM

Dr. Phil Info...
Chris ,

I read you post about Dr. Phil and I thought I would share what I can. I Started watching the tape that I have of his weight loss ideas. I am really enjoying them. I however have lost the second show, so if anyone has it I would pay for a copy. Anyway I went to Oprah.com and found a link to Dr. Phil,


So if you go there he has a article on is getting real with weight loss plan. He also has books you can buy and they are listed on there also, I believe. Well I hope that helps. Good luck. I will check back in when I get to finish watching the tapes, again if anyone has the second one let me know. Thanks Stephanie;)

backyardbirder 03-13-2001 05:09 PM


Thanks for the link! I'll go there and see what I can find out. I did watch the second part of Dr. Phil's 2-parter on dieting and "being fat" but I didn't get to see it all.

Did you ever find the 2nd tape you were looking for?? Does Oprah sell it? If not, she should! I bet there are a lot of us who would buy it.



dunkerooo5 03-13-2001 05:23 PM


I hope you enjoy the link. I have been doing the weekly exercises in my journal. I have not found the 2nd tape but I am hunting it down. There are actually 3 in the series and no they do not sell it. But all the info is on the website. But I like to have the tapes. When I find the 2nd one I will let you know and if I can workit I can send you a copy. I will let you know.


icspots 03-15-2001 06:19 AM

Hey guys! I feel like I've been gone forever! I've had a way too exciting few days! I haven't been that aware of my eating either. Stress always wins doesn't it?
My son (17) got himself arrested Sat night for speeding for competition and alluding arrest with a motor vehicle. I'm so mad at him!!!! He says he didn't run from the police, that the police car went by him after the other guy and he just went ahead and went where he was planning on going. Another cop car got him at his friends. Of course that's his story.....I don't know how much of it I believe, especially after this. I would have left his butt in jail for a few more hours, but his Dad wouldn't let me. Then Monday we had to go to the courthouse for 1st appearance, get a lawyer.....etc. My stress has been terrible! Sunday was the worse...I think I ate anything I could find. Lucky for me there wasn't a lot of junk in the house to eat, but there was enough to make me feel bad about it afterwards. I'm so upset about my son. He is not a stupid kid! He is doing great in school, he's a junior, he's got a great job, and really doesn't cause too much trouble. Other than being a typical teenager. But then when he does something so stupid I really have to be concerned that he's a complete idiot! That is not a pleasant feeling. I'm pretty sure that he will lose his license for this. Here in NC they have graduated driving steps before you get your full license. I know there is some law about tickets, etc. Of course if that happens he won't be able to work, unless we can work out some schedule of dropping him off and picking him up. That's kind of hard to do with both of us working full time. Of course he did this to himself. No one made him, and if he loses his license then it's nobody’s fault but his own. He might just have to get use to not working. And I know he won't like that, because he's gotten use to having his own money.
Sorry, I guess I needed to vent! I'm still in shock over the whole thing. I think I'm getting an ulcer! On top of all that Tuesday night I got a headache and it's still not gone. It's eased up some this morning but it's still there. Guess I'll have to go to the Doctor and get a shot.
I'm glad everyone is hanging in there! I'm really trying to get back on track. Hopefully I can get rid of this headache and get back to the walking. If I can't get in my walking it seems my eating is even worse.
I'll have to check out the Dr Phil you all keep talking about. Although I'm not really sure when I can squeeze in one more thing. Is he a diet doctor? What days is he on Oprah? I guess I could see about taping it. I don't think I've ever heard anyone talking about him except for here. But all I hear here is great things.
Well, I guess I'd better try to get ready for work and go in a little early. I have to see about getting the doctor to give me a shot and then I'm sure I won't be able to work.

backyardbirder 03-16-2001 12:24 PM

Laura!!! I can't believe everything that's happened to you. No wonder you were eating everything in sight. I would have too! What will happen to your son, other then the possibility of losing his license? Did you ground him (or is he to old to ground?). Give yourself permission to deal with this however best keeps you sane!!! I hope your headache is gone. Let us know what happens. I'll be thinking of you.


icspots 03-16-2001 05:40 PM

The headache's gone! Thanks! I was still sick with it when I went to bed last nigh. Of course, with the headache I didn't eat much. Maybe that made up some for the bingeing I did on Sunday.
Of course I grounded him! I don't care if he is 6" 3".
There are still rules! He can drive to school and work, but tonight when he gets off of work, the truck gets parked for the weekend. If he wants to go anywhere he has to find another way. Although I don't want him to lose his license I think he should. He has to realize that there are consquences for actions. I think he realizes what he did on some level. He told me he felt stupid and if he could go back to those few seconds where he made the decision to race he would have never, never done it. The other boy he was racing feels the same way also. He's a straight A student, ROTC, planning on going into the Naval Academy. If the "Alluding Arrest" charge can not be pleaded out, both of them will have damaged their future more than they can even possibly imagine. I don't think they really realize what that type of record will mean to their future. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. I know I made some pretty stupid choices when I was his age. I think most of us did. I'm just grateful he wasn't drinking or drugging. I really can on some level understand the racing. Although I would never admit that to him.
I'm really trying to be a little better on the eating but I'm really stressed now. I guess I will be until I have a better idea of what is going to happen. We have a meeting with a lawyer on Tuesday. Maybe I'll know a little more then.
Well, the hubby just got home, and the puppies are ready to play. So I'm out of here for now. I'll keep you posted. It's really nice having this place to come to and share. Thanks to all!!

backyardbirder 03-28-2001 05:16 PM


When I think of the dumb (!!) and ridiculous things and choices I made when I was younger, I also can't believe I managed to grow up and have a family of my own! How is your son responding to his disappointment of you? That was always one of the hardest things for me to deal with...disappointing my parents. It still is, actually!

How are you doing on the (any) program? I'm doing okay.

It's been quiet on this thread....I think everyone else left! Humph!



dunkerooo5 03-29-2001 02:28 PM

Don't count me out ...
Hi ladies. I am sorry to hear of the things you have been having to deal with Laura, but kids are kids. I know I didn't make the wisest choices as a teen. As long as he has learned from it then hey, lesson learned.

Anyway I am doing well I am really concentrating on the Dr. Phil Program from the oprah show. I think everyone should read his book " Life Strategies" You can buy it at Walmart or Kmart and it is not about a diet it is about the choices we make and the consequenses we pay and how to change it to positives. I hope all of you are doing well. Hang in there.


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