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I really enjoyed reading this thread. Fascinating how varied our approaches are to life and self-motivation (+ self-discipline!).

Unlike some others that noted they simply do because it is the plan, and favor action over feeling.....I just dont work as a human being like that.

I am wildly independent and dont work well with inflexible rules. Always/never are rarely used words in my reality and I typically dont respond to external motivators. (for example, that whole treat yourself to clothes/spa/etc when you meet a goal thing...if I want something and it is reasonable, I just get it. why wait for a goal?)

I am, however, extremely hardworking, determined and highly analytical. Ive come to think perseverance matters more than perfection.

Maybe it isnt "motivation", but I try to plan for reality...which is I am going to be unmotivated! That means if I really HAVE to do 5 workouts this week, and I know I typically flake on half to try to plan for 10 full workouts and hope I can get the 50% completion rate.

Not the right approach for most people. But over a decade I have learned the circumstances that support weight (emotional state, employment, hours worked, health issues, marital status, etc etc) change, and I have to be ready to adapt my plans to accommodate.
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Okay for inspiration... I think of the pride I will feel when I reach my goal. I read an article that you are more likely to do better with your diet if you focus on positive emotions instead of negative. For example if you sit down in front of a nice huge chocolate bar don't think of the shame you will feel after devouring it. Think of the pride you will feel when you are able to control your impulses and make better choices. Not that it's not okay to eat some choco every once in a while .

Also sometimes you can't just wait for inspiration. Sometimes you just got to do it. Motivation sometimes takes its time so you gotta either create your own or just do it. You can't see results if you don't. Anyway best of luck to you! And I hope inspiration shall help you on your journey!
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I am motivated towards my goal of reaching my desired weight lost by the following:

Being Perfectly Comfortable In My Own Skin
Wanting To Present Myself In The Best Way Possible
Wanting More Confidence

knowing that if I just walk a little more, I can be the ideal female most guys I know would want. unfortunately..
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