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JessLess 06-23-2011 06:49 AM

Work Dinner Gone Wrong
I was taken out to one of the nicest restaurants in town last night and had planned to have a "cheat" meal, a meal above the calories I usually eat. What I didn't plan on was feeling like I'm going to die today. I have a horrible food hangover. I ate way, way too much. The most I have eaten in over a year. Maybe I am not a person who can eat cheat meals ever. I ate an appetizer, a large entree, a dessert and two glasses of wine, to put this in context. It was just huge portions and I ate it all. I have a big day at work today with meetings with one of the bosses and I just want to lie in bed and wait for this feeling to go away.

I do think one trigger was one of my coworkers actually said, "You'd better eat a normal meal, you can't order a salad with no dressing at X restaurant." I think this woman is extremely dim, and I wish I had told her to back off.

But ultimately, I did it. I'm up 2-3 lbs. today, but maybe that will dissipate? Any support appreciated. I feel like someone who took a nice opportunity and ruined it.


Veal2Steel 06-23-2011 07:10 AM

I feel your pain! I did that same thing at a very expensive buffet a couple years ago. My logic was that I wanted to get my moneys worth! What I got was a horrible stomach ache and like you,wanted to lie in bed the the rest of the day. The good thing is I learned from it and have that awful feeling burned in my memory. I haven't eaten like that since.
If you learn something from your experience, then it was maybe not such a bad thing. You will feel better as the day goes on.

Lovely 06-23-2011 07:41 AM


The scale being up the day after a big meal is very common and is not indicative of an actual -fat- gain. (Remember: WEIGHT and FAT are two different things.)

Water retention and the actual amount of food running through your system also contribute to WEIGHT on the scale. So a few days to a week from now you'll see what the "damage" was.

It was one meal, and maybe for you in the future making a quick plan is better than calling it a cheat meal. Example: "I will have the salad, but no soup or appetizer. I will have my entree, but cut it in half so I don't eat all of it. I will have one glass of wine, and I'm allowed dessert."

We're human. We have slip-ups. It was one night. And your next meal you'll be able to make better choices. Don't be too hard on yourself.

krampus 06-23-2011 08:31 AM

The bloated terrible feeling will go away, I promise. What's up with your coworker? Sounds like someone needs to tell her to mind her own business.

joyfulloser 06-23-2011 08:45 AM

Take heart...the 2-3 lbs are just water. I know...it happens to me all the time. However, I wouldn't totally "give up" on the cheat meal thingy..I just think you need to "readjust" the way you view it.

A "cheat meal" is not a license to gorge. You still have to watch portion sizes...and it should consist of only 1 meal (prot/carb/fat). Knowing how LARGE restaurant portions are, the next time, I would totally SKIP the appetizer ( or just have a small side salad with low cal dressing instead if you feel you must eat this course to be avoid appearing non-social), order an entree (but leave some on the plate as the portions are usually big enough for 3 people), share or eat half of dessert. Lastly...I'd pass on the wine (alcohol warps our hunger responses), but then again...I'm not a drinker, so to be fair, if you really enjoy wine and wish to have "a glass", then I'd forego dessert. Remember...you can always have dessert NEXT WEEK...no need to get EVERYTHING in tonight! (avoid the ALL or NOTHING mentality).;)

Cheat meals (IMHO) are not supposed to make you feel gross and bloated or "hungover" the next day, it's supposed to keep your metabolism revved up, and remove the feeling of deprivation which usually spirals into that "DREADED" ALL or NOTHING feeling that is generally followed by weight gain.:)

The good news is that one overeating session does not make you..well..fat (for lack of a better word), but continuous sessions do. Today's a new day. New you. Adjust your thinking and your body will follow.;) Feel better.:hug:

JessLess 06-23-2011 09:19 AM

Thanks so much, everyone. I am definitely taking all this excellent advice.


Originally Posted by krampus (Post 3903704)
The bloated terrible feeling will go away, I promise. What's up with your coworker? Sounds like someone needs to tell her to mind her own business.

hahaha I can't even explain her. But there is nothing worse than a clueless know it all. I assume she's jealous.

Eydawn 06-24-2011 03:14 AM

Chin up. One meal does not a diet make or break! At least the meal was enjoyable before the food hangover, no?

Lots of water, and treat yourself kindly (physically and mentally)!

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