Binge-Free Challenge: 3.14.11 - 3.20.11 - We are in this together!

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  • Quote: Run, Read, Knit, Find new and interesting recipes, chew on some ice (yes I know that it's bad for your teeth) call a friend, read a book, my favorite.... scream into a pillow,write in a journal, write down your feeling on a piece of paper - fold it real small - get a fire proof bowl and then light it on fire!

    Oh and today is Binge Free Day 2 =)
    Thank you for all of the great ideas!!! I made it through day 3!!
  • tubbaki, I'm in the same place right now! Looks like we got pretty similar stats. Same thing happened to me this week, two days of binging and i gained back the 2 lbs i lost the week before :/ Guess I can kind of make up an excuse and blame it on break-up binging. Now that's through, let's say you and me get through the next 7 days together, & get back on track on our way to 115!
  • tamara- thanks! 65 days for you is amazing, good job!

    Day 3- I really want to eat & eat, even though I'm not hungry. So far I haven't, hope I can make it today.