Binge-Free Challenge: 3.14.11 - 3.20.11 - We are in this together!

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  • Breathing instead of eating. Breathing instead of eating. Breathing instead of eating.
  • day 61 and still struggling with not being at work.
    Sarahinbalance ; completely understand what you say about having to sit with your feelings.I really should try to dig deeper and understand the root cause but at the minute it is easier to just take it day by day and control the binging. hopefully as time goes by it will become easier to separate my emotions and the need to binge and I will be able to sort out the way I feel without raiding the fridge and making the situation a whole lot worse.
  • VERY close to relapsing - If I go over again tomorrow then I will have to start over on Day 1. Ate according to plan and then had 1 spoon of PB, a spoon of Nutella and a Luna bar. It IS over eating but I'm done. I'm stopping for the night.

    DAMMIT I want to figure out what is going on with me. I've been feeling anxious all day - I walked 3 miles this AM and 2 this evening with the pups, drank some relax tea, lay in the hammock for a while and SOMETHING is going on. And it's effecting my eating.

    LADIES I am committing to you - I will eat 2100 calories tomorrow, I won't eat dark chocolate and will just eat sustaining foods, I will eat nourishing foods spaced out throughout the day and I will undo the damage I did today (calorie wise).

    I'm trying so hard and doing all the things I know to do to take care of myself but can't figure out what is going on with me. PRAYING to wake up in a different mood/attitude.
  • Today is Day 3. I overate yesterday and felt a bit of desire to binge but I didn't do it. Today will be stressful - my cell phone stopped working just as my mom embarks on her journey to Japan which obviously may not work out according to plan, and I am feeling a bit fidgety and crave-y from messed up eating hours and having ice cream yesterday. I won't blow it though. I can't afford not to fit into these pants.
  • Survived yesterday (miss autistic chucked a screaming tantrum so i didn't go to the bbq for dinner, though I did send my other daughter and OMG at what they said about us.. funny they must think my other daughter deaf as they were rather blunt.. I am sad now, I know they are nasty but I don't know if i should confront them or just avoid them)

    now is day 18
  • omg wish I'd saw this last night when I started a thread under "weightloss support" CRAVINGS and BINGEING late at night are my #1 problems and sabatoges my GOOD days. I've intended to have it together this week haven't done so well with it Mon. & Tues. but TONIGHT I want to win this battle! TONIGHT and the rest of this week. (im craving now but I shall fight it!) glass of water and plum for me until these my MIND stop playing tricks on me!!...I will definitely be checking back. Hope everyone is doing well with this challenge!!
  • 308
  • Day 159!
  • Day 36 - Good workout, eating whole foods, hungry now but waiting a bit for lunch time. Just breathing and putting one foot in front of the other.

    Tough week.
  • Day 54!
  • I HATE the fact that I finish my snack and wonder what's next - Sarah, the point of a snack is to satiate hunger until the next meal. SIGH.

    So SICK of my relationship with food.
  • I guess this thread is as good a place as any to de-lurk!

    I'm only on day 1 of no binging . I binged all day yesterday, but today I've kept myself in check except for a bit too much mindless snacking. Hopefully I'll be with you tomorrow on my Day 2 of being binge-free!
  • Day 2 on my binge free challenge last night was not as bad as I had anticipated, night binging is my hardest..lets see how night two goes...YOU CAN DO IT PARAFILM! we've all been there!
  • Weight gain from my 4-day binge is gone after less than a week! A bit more than halfway through Day 4 and feeling great.
  • The scale was up this AM but I will just move on and weigh myself next week - I have definitely been eating more/unhealthier this week but know it's not REAL gain.

    Survived yesterday, had a really nice grilled meal with my fiance, watched a movie and today is Friday. Praying for moderation this weekend.

    Day 38.