Fighting off a binge for hours

  • So, I've had a binge cloud hovering for a few hours now. I felt it coming on and I've tried a few tricks. Around 3 o'clock I measured out cheerios to fit my plan (doing WW). And eat the dry cheerios one at a time, which gives me the illusion I'm eating without retraint (since they just go on forever and ever). The feeling continued and around 5pm, I figured I would make dinner. Sometimes I do get the urge to binge / snack and really I'm just hungry and in need of a sensible meal.

    I finished dinner, but the binge urge, to eat as much as I want without thought was still there. I measured out again 5 saltines (its carbs I'm after, I know) and put them in the other room. So I'd have to go out there and get one every time I wanted one. Plus I poured some water, so everytime I ate a cracker, I drank some water. In an attempt to get full enough that I woulod shut of the urge to binge.

    Now I'm at the computer. The binge clouds seems to have lifted, slightly, but I'm a veteran to this. Binge days don't just correct them selves. There's a good chance the urge to binge will be back over the next hour or so.
  • Hang in there !
  • Stick to your guns and hang in there, GlamourGirl! Binges are not fun. It sounds like you are doing a great job keeping it at bay. It can be difficult to stay strong when the urge to binge hits, but I know you can do it!
  • Good job coming on here!! That's a victory, I think!
  • Hang in there!!! Thanks for sharing your tips. I've been having issues with bingeing too, so its great to find some support and ideas from others.
  • Please hang in there! I know how terrible it is, I've been struggling for about two weeks now to not binge on my "binge food". I feel like I'm going crazy, but I've used every trick in the book and I'm still going strong. I like to think of it as when the days get longer and longer I "feel" stronger. It helps, for some reason.
  • Wow. I know it feels like you're about to lose it but reading those tips really impressed me. That takes a lot of willpower. I just binged....a lot. and it makes me so sad and frustrated when I have been doing so well. Reading this has helped re-inspire me that I can keep on losing weight instead of gaining back the few pounds I have been able to lose like I always do at this point (after the binges start up and I feel defeated).

    But I know I can do it. I'm going to test out some of your tips if this happens tomorrow
  • Your doing a great job. Hang in there. Remember, the short term pleasure will only cause long term pain.
  • Who won, who won????
  • Good job for coming here and posting your thoughts/feelings. You can avoid the binge!!!
  • Good for you for being aware and putting up a fight.

    If you can fight it to a standstill, for however long you can, I'd count that as a significant victory.

    It means you see it as something within your control, not something that simply victimizes you from out of nowhere & that you are powerless to resist.

    You do have power & you are using it.
  • Good for you for controlling your urges. Sometimes it's one minute/hour/day at a time but it does pass.
  • I'm with you right now. The last few days have been a constant struggle but today was the worst. I went for groceries and I wandered through the cookie isle for a very long time before forcing myself to leave with nothing.

    I took the car and headed to the mall but as soon as I started to drive I knew I was headed to Dairy Queen for a treat.........I turned back and went home immediately.

    Honestly it's so ridiculously difficult when these cravings hit. I've been drinking diet coke and another thread pointed out that it might be the diet coke causing both my weight stall out and this craving. I'm officially OFF diet coke and will not be drinking it ever we'll see how that helps. I really want this urge to be sneaky and to eat treats when alone to go away. I hate feeling like a sneak!!

    Good luck to both of us!
  • I didn't realize this thread was still alive!! I don't remember if I gave that a bad thing??
    I've continued losing, so I'm pretty much on track.