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One step at a time
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Default <Sigh> The justifications are creeping up

My inner binge monster is a sneaky tricky beast. It starts out by disguising itself as pure logic in my brain. A little whisper that plants the thoughts such as "Oh, you've been so good lately, you deserve a treat" and "Your weight is back down to where you want it, it won't hurt to have a fun day" and "Just a little treat one day in moderation, nothing overboard." I HATE these justifications. Because when I finally give into that so-called logic, the binge monster reveals its true intentions and I lose all control in a furious mindless eating frenzy.

I've been doing well for the last few weeks. Eating satisfying on plan meals that keep the cravings at bay. I feel good about it. But those cravings, not a craving for any particular food, just a nagging desire to eat, are sneaking back into my brain. I woke up this morning and my very first thought was "Mmmm...me want chocolate chip pancakes! Maybe today should be a screw-it day."

No, no, no, and no today should not be a screw-it day. Today I'll be staying on plan with some especially delicious foods that I'll take time to prepare. I'll exercise and feel good about myself. Tonight I won't go to bed with the painfully full stomach and self-loathing guilt that comes with a binge. Instead, today I'm going to go to bed with a well fed body and pride that I had a good day.

Eff you, binge monster. I know your tricks.
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I totally feel your pain and good for you for telling the binge monster to get lost. Sometimes I fear that I will have to deal with that nagging inner voice telling me to eat like crazy for the rest of my life.
In reality it does get easier though and I am sure the longer you stay at goal the less you will here that voice.
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I am in control.
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Good for you for killing the binge monster before it attacked!! Doesn't it just suck how our minds try to talk us into something we shouldn't do...like it's a drug pusher or something. It's awesome that you stayed on top of your game and made a conscious choice to make today a good, healthy day!
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Good for you for coming here to post instead of binging! Let us know what you decide to prepare for lunch and dinner tonight. I could use some good ideas!
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Thanks everyone

For lunch I just had a turkey wrap and a mix match of leftover veggies, all yummy though. For dinner I'm making an orange chicken stir fry that should be pretty good, I've never tried the recipe.

To Sarahlynn, I hate to be Negative Nellie, but I have actually found it harder to deal with binge tendencies in maintenance than during weight loss. When I was losing weight, I had a goal that I was working to achieve and I wanted to get there as quickly as possible. That made it easier to stay focused. Now that I'm maintaining, the whole game just isn't as exciting as it used to be and my focus falters more often. But hopefully I'll get better at dealing with that unfortunate aspect of myself.
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I CAN do this!
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maybe you could focus on fitness goals instead?
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Hello every one I am surprised to see that there are people like me that have the same food shame.I try so hard,but in the end the food monster wins.I want to win and could realy use some help food has become like a best friend or an old flame.I think about it and want it so bad,but then feel such shame.I hate it and myself it is like my willpower is gone.
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Megan - WTG!!

roxy4173 - You've come to the right place for lots of support and empathy!
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