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Default Binge Free Challenge: 2.28.11 - 3.6.11 Let's MARCH into healthy living!

Welcome to the binge-free challenge!!

This is a place where you can come in and talk about binging. Feel free to post about your successes and your struggles and keep track of how many days you've been binge free. You can also vent about anything and everything you feel like getting out. We are here to share our feelings and to encourage and inspire each other.

No negativity! We are strong chicks and I KNOW we all can do this!! And we don't have to do it alone, we have each other to get us through the rough times.

ALL chicks are welcome -- no one is excluded! If you are trying to lose weight, not trying, maintaining, recovering from an eating disorder, in the midst of one, or have ANY kind of problem with food, we would love to have you join us!! Please do not hesitate to post your feelings. Jump right in head first!!! We WILL catch you!
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day 45. no weight loss this week but still feeling positive after 6 weeks binge free.
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I'm on day 11! I ate quite a bit yesterday. I was still 100 percent on plan I was just craving more food than usual. I also had some terrible cravings for sweets but I successfully ignored them and because of this I do not mind eating a few more "good" calories. I would be beside myself if I went the entire month of march without a binge and so that is my goal for now. I still haven't weighed myself, and I am pretty curious now since I have been getting "you're looking slim today" comments from people for the last couple days but I will wait until at least this thursday, hopefully longer.
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got through a full week of being binge free. I really feel like I am back on track.

Tamara -- You are rocking it! Great job!

Paris -- I am sorry to hear about troubles with the man you are dating. I have to say though, I REALLY admire your ability to not turn to food.I think that your self-talk in your last post is so wise and inspiring.

Great job everyone -- here's to another successful week!
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Morning ladies -

Great job! Today is Day 20 for me. Tomorrow 3 weeks. These days it feels more about preventing emotional eating than binging. My grandfather has been in the hospital and we visited him this weekend. Our family get-togethers are centered around meals and as soon as we finish one we are planning the next. At least I come by my food obsession honestly

Anyways, I was moderate and ate well - but had such a desire to snack between meals, such a desire to munch as my mom and sis and I headed back home yesterday and talked about the weekend. I got home last night and while I didn't have a healthy dinner, I didn't go over my calories. I want to cut back on sugar and processed foods because I know my body isn't happy with how many I've been eating. My skin isn't as clear etc.

It is SO HARD to sit with emotions - I am grateful that I have other outlets (exercise, journal writing) but when none are available and I just have to BE in whatever state I'm in it's SO HARD.

Praying for another binge free/emotional eating free day - I have a presentation to give to an advisory board at 930 this AM and I'm nervous about it.

Good luck today ladies.
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Failed today, failed yesterday, failure everywhere.

I went for a long cathartic walk tonight and thought about life and had a cry while listening to some music. Came home and did some half-hearted cleaning. Intended to have a grapefruit for dinner since all I did all day was eat a rather disgusting amount of the sweets sitting out on the counter in the staffroom. Instead I had a grapefruit, a plain yogurt, a banana, a LOT of kimchee, a hamburg patty, and some Cheddar cheese. Would have been a fine dinner if I had eaten a normal sized lunch. Instead it felt binge-y.

It feels melodramatic to say the situation feels desperate, but it kind of does. How have you ladies pulled yourself out of daily binging?
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Springirl--wow, thanks!! I really apprciate your encouragment! Great job on a full week!!
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Good Morning All!!

Today is Day 142 for me. I am grateful and thankful for it.

Krampus: I am sorry to hear that you are struggling. I want you to know that you are not a failure. Please don't say that. You are ONLY a failure when you fail to try. You have never failed to try. You are here. You are reaching out and we are here to help you. You really are doing great. I know it's hard...we all understand.

When I was early on in my journey, I had to cut out any and all junk food. No fast food, no snack foods, no sweets, nothing processed, none of it. Cold turkey. It was very difficult for me to stick to because of the cravings being so strong in the beginning. I slipped up a few times but once I got a few good, solid days under my belt, it felt good. I celebrated the small victories and broke it down to the barest bones I could find. One day at a time to one hour at a time and even down to one minute at a time when I needed it. I posted in this thread everyday and talked about how it was making me feel. I also adopted the saying of "fake it, til you make it" I was hoping that if I stopped binging for long enough, it would start to feel like that was the way I should live rather than my horrible binging ways. It wasn't easy at all, but I began to feel stronger the longer I kept at it. Suddenly, I was realizing that I am stronger than the food. I also changed things in my daily life with exercising and making sure to get plenty of sleep. I took things a step farther and began to get rid of any stressors that I had the power to get rid of. For me, I changed jobs and got rid of a few toxic people.

I take a LOT of comfort in putting power into the things I have the ability to change. It sounds bizarre, but making those changes helped me to stop binging. I was able to recognize triggers before they happened because I wasn't so overwhelmed with some other stress and end up turning to food for comfort. I am still that way. It's what works for me.

Sorry this was so long and I don't know if it will help at all but I just really wanted you to know that you aren't alone in this fight. We are all here for you to lean on for support. I am thinking about you today and sending positive energy your way! :
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Hi everyone! I had to go back home, as most of you know and I was unable to post.

I am VERY proud to say I have gone 14 days without binging. I was able to "detox" back in my hometown. I spent time thinking about the way I look at food and the ways I use it and decided that I have no other choice but to reign myself in. If I continue to punish myself with food, I won't be happy. And I DO punish myself. I'll see a loss and almost panic. I don't know why but I think, "I can eat cake. Yes, eat that cake because you lost weight. You deserve cake, not weight loss!" and I end up eating off plan and bounce around the same few pounds for what seems like forever. I don't want that anymore. I can't do that anymore. I can't let my emotions control me. These past few MONTHS have been stressful, then I lost my stepdad and had a falling out with my husband all in about a week's time, and I just... snapped. I stopped caring about what other people thought if I lost weight. I stopped wanting to be safely secured behind this layer of fat. I wanted to be ME. Life is too short to be anything else.

So anyway, that was my epiphany. I lost 4.4lbs in February. Here's to keeping it up in March!
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Day 1. I was up to day 20, until yesterday. The good news is that after a binge, I am left with a renewed sense of motivation. It's like I got that voice out of my head for awhile, so now I can really focus, rather than fighting temptation. Hoping to see a big change on the scale this week once my body recovers from the damage done yesterday.

Krampus, the only thing I've found that helps me is to avoid the situations where I know I'll binge. Avoidance certainly isn't curing the problem, but the longer I go, the stronger I feel, which helps me say no when the time comes. I still have issues, but now they are once a month issues rather than daily. Of course, if the temptation for you is at work, then it is hard to avoid. If the desire is just to snack, have you tried keeping something handy that you could munch on all day long, fairly guilt free? I'm not sure I could pass up cookies in favor of baby carrots, but perhaps it would be easier to eat just one cookie if there was something else to eat when you wanted? I've found that for me, it often has less to do with what I'm eating, than the act of eating itself that I find comforting. Keep your head up! You can get past this.
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Working on Day 12
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Hi all -- day 1 for me...but it'll always be day 1 from now on since I'm focusing more on the overall picture in addition to the not bingeing aspect of it. I think it is working...for the past few days I've felt like a new person in a lot of ways. Seems like Pint Size and I had a similar week...

Even though I was 2 lbs above my "upper limit/red line" this morning, I didn't freak out and I didn't let the scale set my mood for the day or dictate my happiness. I have decided to take myself out of the diet /weight loss mentality altogether and just eat like a normal person. It has been such an incredibly freeing experience...I no longer feel shackled and held hostage by food. Since my mom is here visiting I have been eating out more often; plus, she cooks great meals, thankfully all healthy. Every time we go to a restaurant I don't feel compelled to order the least caloric item on the menu, but I still do choose healthier options because I gravitate towards those anyway. I will nibble on appetizers that she orders and then eat my entree until I am truly full -- I noticed that not even half the plate is gone when you really listen to your body.

This is such a novel concept for me...I feel zen. I also believe -- which I didn't before -- that if I continue to eat this way without obssessing over food that I'll be down to 122lbs in no time. With happytobeamomof2's suggestions I am also trying out new fitness regimens at the gym...this morning I did 45 minutes of cardio on one machine: "TechnoGym's Cardio Wave"...let's see how the rest of this week goes.

I think I may be on to something...a new chapter in my life where I'm finally at peace with my body and not forcing it to do things it doesn't want to.
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Day 38 is going well. I ate 3 servings of peanut butter out of the jar, stopped and put it away. That's a victory for me, I usually eat the whole jar! Skipping lunch cause now I'm not hungry.
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I'm in as well. I made it 5 days in a row last week with no binging, and then was not terrible over the weekend. I had pizza, but was controlled with the amounts. That is where I get confused on whether it is binging or not. If i am eating something "forbidden", but I don't go crazy and eat an obscene amount, is it still considered a binge because it was a fatty food? Or is it more when you are just out of control.
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I'll give it a try. I've always wanted to make myself stop, but I've never been motivated before.
Just reading through this first page has made me feel like I can do it.

Here we go, day 1.
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