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Default I'm addicted to food and I hate it

I hate being addicted to food. I don't know how to break the cycle. I'm ok with working out, and do it regularly. I do eat healthy 80 % of the time...but then when I get bored or stressed, I eat. Usually carbs.

I can go my whole day eating with in my calorie plan. Hit the gym. But then I blow it with a binge. I just don't know what to do. If I find myself not letting myself binge, I get really upset. It really effects me, like a smoker that needs a cigarette.
I hate being controled by this. I don't know how to break it.
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I know your pain! I also blow my diet with carbs. I start the day saying "I am going to stay on plan today and i am not going to binge or break it or go off it in any shape" and then something upsets me or the stress of work and study and i start craving sugar and then the binge starts. I woke up so upset today because I had been good for so long and lost so much weight and for the past month been eating off plan constantly (moving house, bills, study, loneliness work etc. no excuse but its been hard) then I went to my grandmother's last night and she told me that I have gained weight, that Im not as thing as I was and I should be careful. Since last night, Ive had this awful flutter in my stomach and I cant bring myself to look into the mirror. So what did i do? After my grandmother's I went to a bbq at a friend's determined not to eat anything other than protein. Well I got there with my mouth open and ate so much bread and potato and deserts and pizza... and today I just want to cry. Like you, I know what the triggers are, I just dont know how to manage it or control it and its so hard because when the craving hits, thats all i can think about. Nothing takes the focus away and then I feel sad and out of control and ashamed.

Anyway, I guess waht I am trying to say is, you aren't alone. I think everyone in this forum has the same issues and the great thing about it is that we can all learn from each other on what works and what doesnt and its nice to have the support. xoxo
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Corporette diet
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I'm the same way. There are definitely a lot of us binge-prone girls (especially with carbs!) at 3FC.

I think what really helps is figuring out your triggers and trying to avoid them. That means not just figuring out what foods set you off but what situations and also what patterns -- if you go without a certain kind of food (i.e. 'indulgent' carbs) for a day or two, does that set off a binge?

And of course developing new coping strategies -- sometimes I just need to chew (sugarfree gum!). Sometimes I find tea helps -- a lot. Often I'm just stressed and looking for endorphins, and going for a quick jog (or just jumping jacks in place) actually makes me feel much better.

I hope these ideas help and you feel more in control the next time the binge feeling hits!
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Originally Posted by mascara blue View Post
I know what the triggers are, I just dont know how to manage it or control it and its so hard because when the craving hits, thats all i can think about. Nothing takes the focus away and then I feel sad and out of control and ashamed.

Perfectly said.
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I think the main thing that has helped me is being conscious of what I eat. I could eat two meals in one sitting and eat whatever was for desert too. If you drill an idea into your mind then you really start to do it. It's kind of a self hypnosis. Repeatedly tell yourself things like how you want to look, how you want to feel, what kinds of foods you DO want to eat. Have mini conversations with yourself over these things; ponder them and let them linger. If you are working out or ready for bed try putting an image of how you want to be in your mind. Imagine yourself actually doing things the way you imagine you are such as going to the mall, riding a bike, going to dinner. Different scenarios help you adapt the idea. The more you continue to think like this the easier it is to get where you're going. :P This isn't just for weight loss either, any idea can be materialized the more energy you put into it. Good luck!

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I know how you are feeling! I USED to feel that too...until I started eating low-carb! (A combo of Atkins/South Beach). Once I cut out unhealthy carbs (processed foods/sugar) I no longer have that intense desire to eat! I lost weight and maintained the loss for two years before getting pregnant. Now I am working to lose the pregnancy weight. I was struggling until I remembered how successful I am on a low-carb diet. It isn't for everyone but it may be your key to success! Especially if you KNOW carbs are your weakness! I hope this can help you as much as it has helped me. Best wishes on your journey!
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Playing to Lose
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I definitely agree that going low-carb is the way to go. I do not follow Atkins (less than 20 carbs a day) but I am doing low-carb and have between 50-80 carbs a day. When I am craving pasta I will make speghetti squash with meat sauce. It was hard to withdrawal off carbs (esp bread) but after a few days, virtually all my cravings went away. I'm actually shocked because I'm the gal that can eat a pound of speghetti and a loaf of garlic bread in one sitting.

Maybe you can try it? You can start reducing a little bit each day if that works best for you. I know it's difficult.
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I wholeheartedly agree with the other posters -low carb way of eating has been the only way to get rid of the cravings and bingeing for me. I have tried MANY other diets -this is the one that allows me to eat healthy,balanced and frequent meals -AND - it's easy to dine out which works with my lifestyle.

I spent several years wavering between giving in to my food addiction/ bingeing and dieting -but the desire to be thin again never really went away. I assume you want that as well - so please look into some low carb plans and see what appeals to you and give it a try. One other suggestion if you go this route - when you eat fruit -include a protein (cheese, egg,nuts,for ex.)and some water - because fruit alone does nothing to quench my hunger. Just my 2 cents -hope this helps...

Will power alone for those who just count calories is rarely effective for food addicts or binge eaters -but for those of you who can do that - I am always impressed/amazed and offer equal encouragement - BUT am unable to do it myself. I'm not saying that calorie counting doesn't work -of course it does -I just can't "work it" successfully and sustainably -certainly not intending to start a "my plan is better than yours" battle!!!

Good Luck on getting your "mojo" back -L.
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Thank you for those that suggested low carb. I have done low carb, both atkins (years ago) and south beach, more recently. My binging does not seem to be just about sugar craving as people describe. Its definately more emotional. When I was on lowcarb diets, I found other things to binge on. Low carb items. (Cheese was a big one) Things that were allowed. Yes I much more prefer carbs, but its about the eating for emotional reasons. I know that, I know the triggers and I want to scream that I can't beat it.

I went back on WW today, because we are leaving for vacation in 2 months and I really wanted to be a size 10 by then (I'm a 14) but at this point I'll take a size 12. I have already begun telling myself that I will let myself eat whatever I want a vacation. No rules. I'm hoping this helps, Kind of like if I can hold out for just 2 months, I'll have a reprieve coming. Ugh! Why couldnt I be addicted to shopping or something else?? lol!!

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