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Unhappy I just ate an entire box of Fiber One Bars

I swear just when I think I have a grip on my eating this happens. I went to the grocery store yesterday and picked them up put them in the cart and when I got to check out I told the cashier I did not want them so she put them to the side. I felt empowered b/c I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself.

This morning on my way to work I started thinking "Ya know what, I think I'll be able to control myself and only eat one bar a day" so I stopped at the same store and bought a box.

I ate one and a bottle of water and I was fine but I kept thinking about them and the next thing I know I was eating another one and another one etc...

The crazy thing about it is I think they're waaaay too sweet and wasn't even craving the taste I just wanted them to be gone and instead of giving them away or throwing them away I ate them.

I guess I am still in a way trying to eat like a "normal person" meaning I want to have control over portions and eat whatever and not allow it to control me. I think at this point I just need to stay away from stuff like that.
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I think most of us have had similar experiences! Just think tomorrow is a new day and try not to focus on the bad day you had today. I struggle with stuff at the grocery store all the time, so now I just try to avoid going in any of the isles and ask my boyfriend to pick up anything we need from the isles on his way home. That way I don't get tempted and I know that he'll only get what I ask him to get.

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Yes, i try not to buy things that are individually wrapped or things that make me wonder if i will eat all of it. it's hard. i've had those bars and they are good. but gave me horrible gas (TMI?). one day at a time. and try to make the rest of the day as healthy as possible.

keep your head up!
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I completely understand and have done things similar in the past. I cannot have snacks like that in my house because I know I will eat all of them in one sitting. It's not worth the risk. Crazy isn't it the power these things can have over us
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I have definitely been there! I truly don't understand the need to consume it because we want it to just be gone, but I've done it myself. Why wouldn't we throw it away? During a binge, just the thought of "I should just throw it away" makes me eat even faster to get it gone. It's like the angel on my shoulder might just win, so the devil has to hurry up & eat it all before that can happen.


Just get back on track right now. You may have some intestinal issues, though, so I wouldn't make any big plans for later today. I hope you feel OK.

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I have a rule about the things I have little self control around which for me is ice cream, pie, cake, etc - I'm only allowed to eat this stuff if I buy an individual serving (1 peice of pie/cake, 1 ice cream cone, 1 smoothie) so I don't have anything tempting in my pantry/fridge/freezer at home.
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Man I've been here. I can't buy cereal or chips anymore. Or several other things for that matter
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I can't buy chips because I will eat the whole bag in a sitting, or 2.
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I understand your frustration. I had a bad day at work, didn't have enough to eat during the day, and sat down and ate an entire box of Skinny Cow mint chocolate truffle ice cream bars! I never bought them again - I just can't have them in my house.
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Pretty harmless really...
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Wow, the whole box eh? Yes, they taste good, but I am thinking soon you will be so so gassy, I think you outta sit near the toilet, being you are going to probably get massive stomach cramps, I do from eating one of those suckers & gas like you would not believe! My husband and I call them "fart bars" & they remain in the store on the shelf and we will never eat one of them again due to the nasty side effects!
Ahem... also be prepared to "thunder $hit to go with the gas! I am not a kidding, they taste good, but the side effects are so not worth it! You will probably learn your lesson, not to do that again soon I am certain. Just wanted to give you the heads up, just incase...
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Been there, done that! Though not with fiber bars. I try to avoid items that are marketed for their fiber content. I'm 20 years old and have a decent enough digestive system. Too much fiber just makes me sick.

I have, however, eaten an entire box of cereal in the course of a day.*
I have, however, eaten two 'rolls' of Ritz crackers.*
I have, however, gorged myself on granola bars.*

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you are definitely NOT alone. Don't get yourself too down. I imagine those bars are going to wreck some havoc on your system. So maybe that way they won't look QUITE a tempting next time?

*I do so wish that crackers, cereals, and breads weren't such 'trigger' foods for me.
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Awwwww you guys are so wonderful you all made me feel better emotionally but physically these fiber bars have me !@*%^#!!! LOL my tummy hurts so bad! Never again!

My relationship with food is sooooo crazy! Just the thought of never having control over what I eat makes me sad. I try to eat PB with an apple and the next thing I know I am smearing PB on everything (fudgesicles, ice cream or just straight out of the jar). Then I feel disgusted and want to get rid of it so I can start fresh the next day so I have to finish it. Now I have poured dish detergent in the jar before so I wouldn't eat it but there have been times when before I can get my hands on the detergent I am shoving it in my mouth. It's crazy!!

It's not like this with all food though like I have an unopened box of 100 calorie popcorn in my desk drawer and instead of popping a bag I kept grabbing for the fiber bars (b/c I wanted them gone).

I think I need to write down a list of things I like but don't cause me to binge on them (obviously 100 cal bag of popcorn is one of them).
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Oh no! Just look at it as a learning experience and move past it. There's no reason to dwell on something that you can't change (even though it's apparently dwelling somewhere in you're intestines...yikes!).

One time I made Fettuccine Alfredo from scratch at home. Probably enough to make 2 Olive Garden sized servings....and I ate almost all of it. My stomach hurt for 2 days...It was terrible! But things like this help you learn what foods you need to avoid, or at least take caution around them.

Good luck!!
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I eat stuff and continue to eat it just to get rid of it and out of the house too. If I leave some for the next day , I know I will go after it. But what's worse?? I just can't stand to throw away food, it's like flushing your money down the toilet. I have had better control for about a month, making candy and peanut butter last for quite a while. I'm starting to trust myself to have it in the house now.
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Oh nooo! Not with the FiberOne bars- those should have a warning label one them. I did the same thing the first time I bought them. They taste like a candy bar. I thought "Oh, these have fiber, fairly low in calories- it's ok if I have another..." And I only ate 3, thank goodness. (Well... I ate 3 FiberOne bars, then a PB and Jelly sandwich, and potato chips. - We must have a similar relationship with food. ) I was miserable for 2 solid days. It wasn't even so much the gas that was a problem, it was the insane cramping- it was horrible. I hope you're feeling better!
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