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Default Has anyone ever experienced this?

As I was eating dinner, I sat and thought about all the times that I have literally obsessed over food...

For example the leftover lasagna from a restaurant......I will think about that piece of lasagana wrapped up nicely in the doggie bag sitting on the middle shelf in the fridge until I finally HAVE to eat it. It doesn't matter how long it sits there, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, or how STUFFED I am - I WILL be thinking about it and how it will taste when I can finally sink my teeth into it. And if for some reason I manage to make it through the night, the first thing I do in the morning is eat that lasagna.....what a breakfast, huh ?
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Default Me me me me me

Been there, done that.

And it doesn't stop with leftovers. Even food I just bought at the store. I want to eat all of it in one night! It calls for me.....

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Been there done that also. I seem to be doing it a lot lately. Stress has a way of doing that to me. I am up a couple of pounds but I will still weigh-in at WW because if I don't, it could get way out of hand!!

Hugs, Katherine
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WOW, I am so glad I found this place.I was always thinking I was the only one who thought like that since noone I know does.I lately was actually buying Toll House cookies to cook at night to eat and so I would have some left for Breakfast.My whole life revolves around food and I cant stand it.Like on Saturdays... we have to go somewhere to eat and on the way home we buy Chinese for later.I have to stop doing this.
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Question Is this a medical condition

I am wondering if this obsession is actually something that can be treated with medication. I guess I have the same problems on some levels but I do know a lady who talks to me regularly and all she thinks about is the next meal, is broke but is at the grocery store every day etc, I don't know what to I just listen....but I have been thinking about this alot.

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I have the same problem. I can be on a date and sitting in the movie theatre watching a great movie and with a great guy, but in my mind I'm thinking about when the date is over and I can go to the 7/11 and buy a bag of chips and some dip. It happens no mater who I'm with. I think about the food I'm going to buy for myself. That can't be normal?!
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I just bought a book to help me deal with the same thing you guys are talking about. It tells you that you have to totally eliminate your binge food from your live. Most people have a problem with refined sugars. That can be anything from pasta to cakes. I know I have that problem and I am goign to try my hardest to control it. I know it will be difficult but I have got to do something to gain control of my life.
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i can totally relate too. I've written in my journal about the cheese puff incident ... calling to me to the point of aggrivation. I know it's not normal but I do it anyways. I'm work that, controlling or changing obsessive thoughts.

one incident was I was with friends at anothers house. They decided that i should take the last 3 slices of pizza home since i got there late and didn't have any. From that moment on all I thought about was those slices of pizza. i couldn't wait for the evening to be over so i could leave, get in the car, and EAT. Never mind that they were friends from out of town and I wouldn't see them for awhile. It's almost embarrassing to write it down and see it.
i'm truely glad there are other folks who relate:-). I don't feel so goofy.

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I think this must be a medical condition in our brains. We all think exactly the same way.I am having such a hard time getting on track because I want a chocolate cake with peanut butter/chocolate frosting.I know if I make the damn thing then something new is gonna come to mind and I am going to obsess over that until I eat it too!!!AAAHHH!!!! What to do???!!!!
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