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Default How long does it take to beat the craving to binge???

I really want to stop binging for good! I have been binge free for seven days and usually never get past 7 days. I did good today with no cravings to binge. Yesterday was really bad, but I got through it. I know I will be wanting my trigger foods really bad, real soon. How long does it take to eventually stop wanting to binge on my favorites. And will I ever be able to eat just a little of these foods or will i have to stay away from them forever? I thought the longer you stayed away from your trigger foods, the temptation wouldn't be so bad anymore and you would want them less and less. What are some of your experiences?, did anyone ever stop binging for good??? Thanks Chicks!
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I think that's the million dollar question. I wish I knew the answer. I think the longest I have ever gone was 38 days and I kind of started to think that maybe I was going to be able to last forever, but that's not how it went. Maybe someone here can give you an idea, but I think it's very individual. Maybe you could look at it kind of like addiction. How long can an alcoholic go without a drink? Some can go for the rest of their lives, while others can never get over it. The urges can get better though over time...especially if you really do know all your triggers. Just remember, there are food triggers and there are also life triggers (stress, lack of sleep, boredom, excitement....varies for different people). I know that out of control feeling of binge eating or just the horrible cravings, but I don't know how to stop.
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I'm no expert on this topic at all, but I think you're right that it will lessen over time. Personally, I haven't beaten that monster yet. I wonder if (and this may not be a good idea for some people) you would be able to have a small taste of what you are craving so that you can get past the feeling of deprivation. For some of us that might send us over the edge, but it also might help you to move past the craving with out doing too much damage. Either way, 7 days is great... so maybe if you can make it to 8 days, then 9....And what Luckymommy said about life triggers, boy is that the truth. Maybe if you can determine what is triggering the urge it will help you to move past it.
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I've been at this for about a year and the urge to binge has definitely lessened, although it hasn't completely gone away. I regularly binged for years, and when I started my journey the first weeks were really difficult (I was basically going through withdrawal). Overtime the urges have become less frequent and easier to control. I still have the occasional slip, although they're not as bad as they used to be. The biggest problem for me nowadays is having trigger foods (junk food, cookies, cheese, ...) in my home. I can eat trigger foods in moderation without problems in public or outside my home, but if I bring those foods home I'll likely binge. Like if I'm desperately craving cheetos I can buy a single serving bag and that won't trigger a binge...but if I buy a full-size bag I'll probably binge. Of course I rarely eat those foods, but it is possible for me to now eat those foods in moderation (and without triggering a binge). I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to buy & keep certain foods in my home, but it has gotten a lot better than a year ago.

It does get better overtime, although occasional slips are likely. Binging is something you'll probably have to deal with for the rest of your life (I know I will), but you will develop the tools/skills to control the urges and stop the self-destructive behaviors. Stay strong, it does get better!
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I went 83 days and fell--and I didn't fall because I was triggered by foods--I guess for me at least, it's not necessarily about the food. I was triggered by emotions, a bad weekend, feeling bad about myself, and I stopped caring about caring. It was sudden, and I didn't see it coming.

I don't think I'll ever lose the urge to binge, but the urge lessens, and now I know that I have remember it can surface when I least expect it.
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My desire to binge changes a lot. Sometimes I dream about food the entire day, and other times I really couldn't care less. A lot seems to have to do with getting enough sleep and eating consistently and enough throughout the day. What I've been doing to avoid succumbing to a binge is actually "planning" a future binge. There is a buffet restaurant that I can't wait to go to. Two days ago when I wanted to binge so badly, I just thought a lot about how once I lose ten more pounds I can have a treat binge at this restaurant. The thing is - I never actually go to the restaurant. Once I meet my goal, I'm so happy that I did it that I don't want to ruin it with a binge. Once a bad binge craving does strike, I start again, telling myself, okay, 5 more pounds and then you can do it. Somehow looking forward to being allowed to binge helps me not do it, even though I know I will probably never actually do it.
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For me, it feels there are two components - a physical and an emotional.

There are some foods that for me, seem to create their own craving/binge cycle. Sugary stuff, salty starchy stuff. The more I eat, the more my brain/body dynamic makes me crave them. Once I stop and go "cold turkey" by eating whole grains, fresh produce and enough protein - the cravings subside in about a week or two. After 7 to 10 days of healtheir eating, my thoughts don't automatically wander to "those foods" as soon as I have a hunger pang. And of course, not having trigger foods in the house/easily available helps that happen. Also, making sure that the foods on my food plan are giving me the most "bang" for my calorie buck - the most filling foods for the least amount of calories. For me that means - serving of oatmeal in the morning instead of a bowl of Special K. A big salad with stuff I like in it at dinnertime along with my protein and starch serving, so I can feel "full" and satisfied with the eating experience.

After the more physical cravings are broken or under control, the binge triggers I have to worry about are the emotional ones - the boredom, the "empty" feelings, the stressful life crisis that might tempt me to throw healthy habits aside. That's where having a support group is helpful, reliable non-judgemental people who can listen to me when I'm struggling and offer gentle suggestions if needed.
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In recent history, the longest I have gone without a binge is 2 weeks. I can be going really strong then a craving out of nowhere throws me off, so I don't know how long it takes for them to weaken long-term. I have to take it day by day. Often my cravings are in the evening and they are for either fast food burgers or sweets from the grocery store bakery... The latest any of those places are open is midnight, so I just have to fight it until it's too late. Then my mentality totally changes because I know that I just plain can't have it and the cravings soon go away.
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For me, large amounts of sugar the previous day are likely to make me binge that day, too. But I mean things like ice-cream and candy-bars, not rice or potatoes.

I agree with the people who said just don't keep it in your house. My bf has a habit of stocking up on candy-bars, and locking them up so I can't get them, but just knowing they are in the house makes me dwell on them constantly, and if he ever leaves the key where I can find it, one or more of them are sure to be gone.

He did that again recently, and I have gained 8 lbs. in the past two weeks, partially, also, because I can't exercise if I don't have my pain pills. I takes a lot of focus, and for me, cheating. Once a week, Wednesdays usually, I let myself have some junk food. It makes Thursday and Friday tough, but it keeps me in line the rest of the week, as I can tell my self "six days to go... five days to go... etc."

The last time I lost the weight, that was how I did it. Of course, I was only feeding myself, so there were never temptations I didn't plan, but I am sure we will eventually figure out how to let him have his junk food without it compromising my need to get healthy.
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Default Binging

The worst time of the day for me is when I come home from work. I can literally snack for 20-30 minutes straight. I could have eaten healthy all day, but can ruin it as soon as I walk in the door. This has become a bad habit that I need to break.
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1 jan 2007 i cut out ALL junk food - totally black and white. In april last year I decided i couldnt live that way forever (no birthday cake, no chocolate, nothing fried etc) so i allowed myself a little treat here and there. (after loosing 140lbs i figured i had 'earned' these treats back in my life)

unfortunately that triggered a "what the ****" moment and i am still working on "treating myself" instead of binging. i went two months early last fall without a binge and am nearing two months again now. (in between was nearly daily binges)

I really like a comment above about buying single serve sized treats... that is what is working for me now ... or enjoying my treats with others so i am not as tempted to over indulge... not having the triggers in the house!

every binge is a choice. even if it is hard to see that at the time. if we can take, even a one second, pause...that might be enough to recognize we dont like this choice and make another one... i am not sure i will ever be rid of the binging... i am sure i can make the choice though
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From my personal experience, I have good news and bad news. I gave up candy April 2005. Nearly 5 years and I still miss it and don't even eat a small serving as I know that will put me back to where I was, eating @ 1 lb of candy every single day. The first 6 months were the absolute worst, but I still get the urge on a regular basis even now.

I will say I conquered that binge monster by NOT attempting to diet at the same time. So even though I eliminated all that candy from my diet, I did not lose a single pound. However it did make it possible for me to this past year follow a plan to cut my calories without triggering the old binge behaviour.
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Itís really interesting how unique everyoneís experiences are. Before coming here, I would have thought that we were all pretty much the same!

My personal experience: I have been eating right and exercising religiously since October of 2009 (about 4 months now) and still have the urge to binge often. It has lessened since I started trying to be healthy, but itís still there. This time around, I have developed a healthier inner dialogue to talk myself out of a binge, though, and it seems to be working. I remind myself of all the things I am working for and how far Iíve come.

I slip up though. I have weeks where I go home and slip up every single night! But I always compare it to how I ate before and remind myself that even during my bad moments, Iím still doing better than I was just a few months ago! My urge to binge is completely emotional and mentalÖI donít feel physical cravings as much as I just really, really, really want to taste a particular food and lots of it!
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I think it's been about 6 weeks for me. The first few weeks were really hard, but then just the other day I was like wow, I haven't had that urge in a long has it been? And I realized it's been like 6 weeks. Unlike before where the urge was uncontollable and all I could think about was what I was craving ALL day, now I just distract myself with something else and forget about the urge to binge all together. Posting on 3FC has been helpful and so has exercising and counting my calories. I think like all things, it's just time.
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It's amazing to me how much we are all alike in many ways! I once went about 18 months without binging about 5 years ago. I was on a low carb diet of my own design and built in an extra treat once a week and it seemed to work. I just can't quite get back to that place again. It's all a mental & emotional game with me. Something just seems to click and I get it for awhile, then it clicks off and I lose it again. Weird.
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