Binge-free challenge ~ Feb. 8 - 14

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  • I'm on day 9, I did very good today considering it was Valentine's Day. I was really tempted to go after the peanut butter, but I had eaten so much fruit(which I love!) that i was too full, It was not a binge though. Usually even when I'm full I still eat peanut butter, maybe I'm beating this.
  • day 2 !
  • Nice work Fruitlady!!!
  • Yep, started out eating my 6 gummi candies dipped in chocolate, and ended up finishing the whole bag. Luckily, I ate most of it without the chocolate, but sure enough I woke up in the middle of the night and ate an entire King size 3 Musketeers.

    So, this morning I had my favorite non-binge food for breakfast. It is basically *******ized sushi. Everything in a California roll stirred up in a bowl. It is delicious, filling, and tastes so good I forget I am eating something good for me. I won't be hungry again until my dinner, where I am having one of the healthy Mexican soups I make. A couple of bowls of that for the rest of the day, and I will be back on track.

    My goal today is no sugar, though I had a littler creamer in my coffee.
  • Day 1 for me, it's always the hardest. I got through it, had 1220 calories today. A little higher than usual when i am trying to lose weight from binging. Gained 2 lbs. so far.
  • So far today I have done WONDERFUL! Day 1 with no binge. I have eaten a roll of sushi, a few handfuls of crab meat, a glass of milk, and a glass of juice. I am about to go make a excellent Mexican soup that I can afford three bowls full, if I don't get full first YAY!