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VeeDeValentine 01-02-2010 08:01 AM

Feeling ashamed and a surprsing amount of guilt~
Urgh >_< I feel so awful right now.
So for the past two weeks I've been very good, sticking to my 1250 calories a day religiously, but last night I went to a new years party...and _
Well, basically, after I got tipsy, my self control dissapeared and I must have had atleast 2500 calories yesterday. Of course now that it's morning, I seriously can't believe that I let myself slit up so badly! :(:( It's totally my own fault and I shouldn't have been so weak willed, I'm really angry at myself right now _ I was just wondering if this is going to affect my weekly weigh in? God, I daren't go on the scales right now, I'm terrified that my work will have gone for nothing :(

Gracie789 01-02-2010 08:30 AM

:hug: We all mess up now and then, it's part of being human. The important thing is to learn from your mistake and move on. I totally get the guilt/shame after a slip, it feels horrible but if you focus on the past mistake it won't help and will just make you more depressed. Hop on the scale today and see the 'damage.' For me, after a mini-binge on junk food a few weeks ago it was a shock seeing I had gained several pounds (thankfully it was mostly if not all water weight). It really helped me learn more about my body and the effect certain foods have (clearly sodium is the devil :devil:). Slips aren't fun, but learn from it and move on. Don't let one mistake stop you from your goal! Stay strong! :)

paris81 01-02-2010 09:10 AM

It happens. You got tipsy and eat too much--think of all the other things, far worse and far more dangerous things that people do after a few drinks! Just get right back on track. You didn't get to a place where you need to lose weight with only one day of overeating, so as long as you don't let this slip derail you, you will succeed!

VeeDeValentine 01-02-2010 10:20 AM

Ah thank you guys :hug: I will weigh myself tonight >_< Oh dear, it is not going to be good. But I suppose it's a lesson learnt right? I will not be drinking at my friend's party on Saturday _ too sooooon :carrot:

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