Your Cart Tells the Truth / Struggling to Be Good

  • I've read that your shopping cart always tells the truth. Mine, just now, said I have an eating disorder! I had:
    Sugar-free Jell-0
    Zero-calorie Walden Farm Blue Cheese Dressing
    Sugar-free Werthers (7 cal.) candies
    Fat-free Cool Whip (5 cal.)
    Shiratake noodles

    I am white-knuckling it through a ravenous day, and pulling out all the stops I can think of not to go over calories!
  • LOL, my shopping cart is a wreck.

    Stuff for me, all the good stuff, broccoli, carrots, organic fresh spinach, lean meats, etc. and then all the stuff for the Dh, chips, hot dogs, cashews, bacon, turkey sausage, Mountain Dew.

    It looks like an eating disorder gone wrong.
  • Hahaha... the other day I picked up some stuff for my brother - like cheese in a can and pepperoni and crackers - that's all. Just stopped for his junk. I almost felt like I was being judged by the guy behind me in line, whose cart was full of fruit!