Binge-free challenge ~ Sept. 28 - Oct. 4

  • Good Monday morning, chickies! Let's make this a binge free week. All are welcome!
  • I'd like to join, if I could!
  • Hi Ladies,

    I think I'm on day 2 -- I say "think" b/c I was sick over the last 2 days, and not tracking my foods, but I don't recall being bad except for Friday night. Prior to that I had 4 good days in...
  • Hi, I'll be starting Day 1 tomorrow. I guess it's time for me to admit that I have issues with bingeing.
  • Hi, I'm new to this community and I would like to join this challenge. I can't remember the last time I went a week without bingeing but now is a good time to start!
  • ooohhhh im in. iv been ok today beacuse iv been working but i git my days off coiming up and thats when i usually binge. gonna try hard not to.
  • Hi Chickies, lets make it a great week! Hows that?

    Well.....sigh....I already blew my Monday, but I will try my best to be binge free starting tomorrow. I have to stop binging, because I feel I have put on weight at least 15 pounds over the past 2 months (Ouch!).

    Good luck to you all!
  • Day 13! I haven't gone this long in over a year...very happy. Excited to make it two whole week tomorrow!
  • Hi, i would love to join in on this challenge!

    I went 26days(losing 6lbs) without a binge then yesterday i blew it! I think it will help me mentally if i list what i ate:
    2slices of pizza
    atleast 2servings of cheese popcorn
    2squares of dove bliss chocolate(and thankgoodness thats all that was left)
    fiber one bar w/peanut butter on it
    2icecream sandwiches secret is out! I kinda feel better.

    So today starts day one.

    Ive got to figure out 'why' im binging, anyone figure that out yet? I should have came on here instead of binging...thats what has helped me in the past....looking at all the success stories and such!
  • Quote: Day 13! I haven't gone this long in over a year...very happy. Excited to make it two whole week tomorrow!
    Just had to say WAY TO GO!!!!
  • Thanks MissSpriss! I'm on Day 16 now---I think my new plan is working...I eat healthy, reasonsable portions when I'm alone and when I'm with others, I can eat the restaurant food--just not too much. It's okay, because my problem was eating alone the forbidden foods I couldn't eat in front of others. And I wouldn't just have a little alone, of course, it would be a binge binge binge.

    I still have moments where I want to binge, but it's not as out of control feeling before when I was restricting myself ALL the time. And I'm still losing weight, so all is good! I hope I can get into week three!
  • It's good to see progress here!

    For those who had binge days this week (that would be including me ), let's dust ourselves off and have a better week next week.

    It's my second binge free day.