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Exercising to a better me
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Height: 5'7"


Mine seems to be bananas!
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I've found I've been quite addicted to broccoli lately, like I'd have 4 cups of steamed broccoli for dinner or something... o__O Oranges and apples are also equally appetizing. A few moments ago, I finished my 5th orange in a row, which is really bad. D: To my defense, the oranges were a bit puny, but still, I know it was completely unnecessary to eat FIVE oranges. :/

Gotta work on that. :[
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Originally Posted by ThickAZChick View Post
Definitely cherries, pistachios (wont eat them because of this), apple slices are a few...blueberries are my main vice. I could eat a carton if I dont immediately portion out all my food when I get home from the grocery store.
A newbie...No Pudge Brownies. Portion control once again...they are a healthy alternative I will say! lol I have to literally bag the brownies up individually and stick them in the pantry and close the door. It's funny because mentally once they are bagged and behind the pantry door I can easily walk away but if they are on the counter in the pan...FORGET IT!
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oatmeals, cookies oatmeals. Fruits (banana, orange and apple.) Have taken recipe on medifast. Actually i use that program.
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Figs (fresh)

Any type of salted nuts
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A pot of cooked red lentils (***yum***). I have to have my husband pack up the leftovers and hide them in the back of the fridge.
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In it to win it.
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Mm. Any fruit, but cherry tomatoes from my garden. I could sit out there and eat them all day!
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hummus get me in trouble, peanut butter can also be a big problem for me, especially organic peanut butter with honey- dangerous
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Pickles. Claussen's miniature dills (my favorite, for some reason their size makes them about 10x more appealing) have 5 calories apiece and are just so fun to crunch on. I have some in my refrigerator all the time for salt cravings!
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^yummy! Pickles! I get the sugar-free bread&butter pickles and I swear I've gone through a whole jar in a day.

Also, sugar snap peas. Sooooooo yummy!!!
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Tomatoes, yellow orange red doesnt matter i eat them like fruit..... technically they are a fruit. lol and pumpkin butter wit peanut butter and apple

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I love corn on the cob too, always need to have 2!

PEANUT BUTTER is the devil, I LOVE it so much, i cannot have it in my house, i would eat it by the spoonful right out of the jar and not be able to stop!

Also have a hard time stopping with Craisins, Dried Fruit, Almonds (sometimes i can eat a whole can!!),olives ( LOVE them), cherries, and my biggie is cereal. I am OBSESSED with cereal and if i had it in my house i would easily eat a whole box in one sitting, so i only buy one box at a time and keep it in my locker at school. I am a teacher and that way i only pour one bowl and buy the little pint of milk from the school cafeteria.
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