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Default Anyone had success seeing a medical professional?

I feel bad posting here because I don't even lurk in this section but I probably should.

I've been struggling with the same 10-15 lbs over the last 18 months. I have a mental block with getting below 200 and whenever I start to do well and seem like I'm on my way, I start doing some major compulsive overeating.

I'm giving myself one more chance and that is with following my plan, eating at defined intervals, eating a balanced diet, etc. I'm also contemplating not getting on the scale and just going with it.

Yesterday though I spent some time going through my health insurances list of 'behavioral/mental health' doctors. There are some that list eating disorders as their specialty and they range from MSW (social worker), PhD (Doctor of Psychology) and MDs (Psychiatrist). I'm kind of leaning toward psychiatrist although I'm a bit nervous that they may be of the mind set to give medications. I really don't want to take medication and I'm not aware of any that are useful if you overeat.

Any tips, advice, etc?
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I've not seen a health professional for overeating. It sounds as if there is a definite mental block of some kind going on that's preventing you from breaking through the 200 barrier. Are you a person who can stay on plan without the scale? (I find it difficult; to me, not weighing means I know I'm gaining so I avoid the scale). If you are able to stay on plan without the scale, then I think your idea of putting it away for a few weeks is a good one. That way, you won't even know if/when you break through that barrier and you could be well past it by the time you weigh again.

Isn't it strange how our subconscious mind somehow seems to be directly working against us?
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I found medicine and talking about my problems to be not helpful. I am much more action and goal oriented though. Cognitive behavioral therpy put some more tools in my tool box or reinforced ones that I already had (like having a food plan, looking for support, journaling or find an artisitc outlet for my emotions, etc.).
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I would recommend a psychologist or a counselor rather than a psychiatrist, since to me it sounds like you just want to talk through your issues. Maybe even a nutritionist (like an RD) if any are listed. I'm sure if you just called the offices listed and shared what you were looking for in terms of counseling, you would be able to narrow your list down quite a bit. I think it's okay to do interviews to see what they have to offer you and see if their philosophies mesh with yours.

I also wonder if by saying "eating disorder" they are more used to anorexia and bulimia, or if they are also trained in dealing with the other end of the spectrum in terms of eating disorders. I would be sure to ask about that when you interviewed them.
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I do think medical intervention is necessary in some weight loss scenarios.
I am using a physician to assist me in my struggle with my weight. I go to him and weigh in once a week, and he assists me putting together meal plans and exercise plans. Although he could prescribe drugs, medical intervention etc he does not. He is in place to offer me support that my primary physician, and quite a bit of the medical community does not. He kind of fills a gap for me.
Additionally, he is referring me to a psychologist who specializes in behvaiour change and in addictions. I think this therapy is going to make the difference between this attempt, and every other attempt to lose weight that came before it.
I am a strong believer that for me, weight loss cannot be about white knuckling it through the rest of my life. I have read, researched and read about nutrition- and up to this point it has not helped me. Clearly, I know and understand what to eat and what not to eat- so why don't I stay thin?
I personally need change and behaviour therapy and to uncover and resolve whateever issue is standing between me and this ultimate goal.
Good luck. I can't help but think the more tools and support you have, the more obstacles you will remove. Just my two cents.
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