IRRITATED!!! what is going on??

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  • ok, i have food triggers, but i also have emotional triggers that get me.. so of course, i have cut out all sugar and my food triggers have disappeared for now, and the emotional ones are here!!

    i have lost 30 pounds now, which is more than half way to my goal. the problem i am having, is that i am basically still wearing the same clothes, even my fat jeans still fit. this is starting to really bother me, as at this point i expected them to fall off, or some such dramatic conformation. what is going on? does anyone else have this problem? it is really frustrating to try on clothes that iu expected would be way to big, or put on pants that are still tight. it really starts to eat away at my resolve.
  • For me it usually takes a WHOLE LOT OF WEIGHT before I have to change sizes.
  • yeah... i guess. i just thought that being more than half way to my goal would mean something. i might have to rethink my goal. i certainly dont want to be in the same pants then!
  • Are you exercising? I find people who just eat less and lose weight that way don't generally slim down as much as someone who also works out- working out helps tighten skin it seems. Also doing some muscle work can help as well to tone you up
  • yeah i have been walking everyday as well as pilates and strength training. i just dont know what to think anymore.... i have had a few people comment on my weight loss, but i just dont see it.
  • x2. Are you lifting weights? If not, you may be losing a lot of muscle, which weighs more than fat and would explain why you weigh less but are still a similar size.
  • i use a set on 1,3, and 5 pound weights, and resistance bands.
  • Congratulations on the weight you've lost and I do sympathize, particularly as it sounds as though you're doing everything just right.

    I've lost 26lbs since the restart - and am wearing exactly the same clothes. True, the trousers aren't as tight, true the uniform shirt flaps like a sailship - but when I try on whole size smaller shirts, they still don't meet, let alone button.

    Sorry, I have no wisdom, just wanted to let you know you're not alone.
  • thanks ailidh, it is good to know that i am not alone... im trying to put some sort of positive spin on it, but i am drawing a blank. i will just keep on. i mean the size has to go down at some point!
  • Our starting weight is the same.

    I was wearing my HW pants for most of my weight loss too. My few pairs of HW fitted pants/jeans were quite tight at my HW and became a loose fit 30 pounds later, but I could (and did) still wear them. As for stetchy pants, I can still wear those now, but I look much different in them than I did at my HW. I've gotten rid of most of my HW pants now and replaced them with fitted pants on the tight side to help encourage myself to keep heading in the right direction.
  • hi jenni. this is sooo frustrating but there are really so many variables involved, such as how you wear your weight, etc. it looks like we're on similar journeys (similar starting weights, height, etc.). not knowing if we have similar body types at all or not, i can only tell you about my experience. i would say for me, i have not yet retired any one item of clothing, though i am noticing that they are starting to fit differently. and i have been able to add in one or two items that i hadn't been able to wear 6 months ago. but most of these changes really occured within the last five pounds or so. so i guess these things take time...keep trucking. one of these days soon you should be seeing a difference, even if it's only a modest change, it will help to keep you going.
  • yeah i have been able to add in a few things that i couldnt wear before, so i guess i should focus on that!!

  • Honestly, what I have seen with me is I'd loose weight but my fat-clothes (just to give them a name) would still fite perfectly, then one day I'd wear them and all of a sudden notice they are too loose, I think it might be all about watre retention, but if you loose weight, don't mess up, clothes will go too.
  • I can't see how if you've lost 30lbs your fat jeans aren't fitting differently at all??? Perhaps you are loosing more from your upper body? Maybe you've forgotten how tight those jeans were and now they are actually fitting right!

    It would be helpful if you measured with a measuring tape before the weight loss, then you could see how many inches you've lost....

    anyway, don't be discouraged. after you reach your goal those pants will be falling off for certian.
  • I suspect that sometimes our clothes 'grow' with us. I had a couple of pairs of size 18 jeans that I'd been wearing for a long time. Finally around Christmas, the inner thighs gave out and I had to throw them both out. I went to the store for replacements--same brand, same style-- and there was No. Way. In. He**. those new jeans were going to fit. So I'm pretty convinced that my old ones had just kind of stretched and grown with me. Now 16 pounds later, I've gone and bought another pair--still size 18 -- but now they actually zip and feel comfortable.

    I am still wearing most of the same pants that I wore 16 pounds ago, with the exception of one pair that was really tight before but fits now. If I remember right from last time I lost weight, it took at least 30 pounds before I lost a size. I'm always in awe of people who lose 5 pounds and have to buy new pants!