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Angry Anyone Have Problems w/ Night Eating??

I'm wondering if anyone here is also having this problem. I seem to wake up in the middle of the night (i'm talking like 2-3am) and almost mindlessly, half-awake I go to the kitchen, usually after using the bathroom, getting a drink, etc. and I find myself in front of an open fridge eating WHATEVER I see/want. Sometimes its turkey meatballs, sometimes coldcuts, one time I was good and it was an orange. But still, its scary because its totally mindless and I cant seem to stop doing it. I cant put any thought into what i'm even taking it seems, its almost as if I just grab something, eat it, and go right back to sleep. Sometimes if i'm awake enough I can put enough thought into it to control myself and "just say no", but usually not. This is so aggravating! grrr...
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Well, I take a couple sleep medications, and some mornings the only reason I know that I have eaten is because of all the empty wrappers. I am talking gummy bears, hostess snack cakes, pringles. Nothing healthy.
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Can you put a lock on your fridge? Seriously. If you're barely conscious when you are walking to the kitchen and eating, I think you might not be assed to mess with a lock and will just go back to bed.
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Yeah, I am in the same pot. I have been having those problems, and I noticed they get worse when I am stressed. I've learned I need more then yogurt and an apple for my 6th meal (dinner). I need lean protein and fiber-complex carbs (steamed veggies mostly) to keep me full. I still wake up in the morning dying of hunger like I didn't eat for a week, but that's about it. At least I don't really starve during the night, and I am not tempted to open the fridge. I hope it doesn't come back.
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