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Eesh! Look how long it's been since I've been away from this thread!

Let me see if I can catch up now.

Originally Posted by Parsp View Post
FOG, funny you posted about coming home looking for more liquer cause that's exactly what I did Sunday night. I played Bunco with the neighborhood girls and had plenty of wine to drink there and when I walked in the door, DS (24) was there and the first thing I said was, "Is there no alcohol in this house?" He had beer in the fridge and that's what I had even though it's not my drink of choice. I purposefully had not bought wine knowing I'd have plenty at Bunco, but you know what we've been saying about an open bottle, or in this case an available bottle.

Well it all ended up OK since I had another .6 loss and that after spending the week at the beach with college friends and drinking every night. The only thing I can attribute a loss to is that we walked everyday and drank a lot of water out on the dock during the day and I paid attention to what all those skinny friends ate and tried to copy them. As I was spreading my sandwich, they were eatting cottage cheese and fruit so I only made half a sandwich. Besides I heard a comedian say once that only fat people ate cottage cheese. Must not be true.
That's so awesome, Parsp! I love that about coming home and having no booze options. Sometimes that helps a great deal.

My husband gave me some new words to try out with that whole thing. He said, "Make the goal when coming home from having gone out and gotten that first little buzz to start diluting the chemicals in your body as soon as you get home." Now, that of course goes against the FUN I want to keep having (hence the whole coming home and looking for more to drink, thing) but when I heard "diluting the chemicals," for some reason, it worked somewhere in my brain.

So now I come home and start drinking water and thinking about how much better my brain will be feeling in the morning, having had this extra water (and not the extra calories and chemicals). And it really is keeping my "at home" drinking in check.

Originally Posted by Parsp View Post
Hello old drinking friends I haven't posted on here for a long time and came looking for this thread to post the new found comittment I have to weight loss and to tell you about my new trick. After months of gaining and losing the same few lbs and fooling myself that I could count the points for wine and still lose, I did some soul searching. I realized I will not stop at one 4 oz glass of wine per night... who does that?... and that it was not realistic for me to cut out drinking altogehter, so I decided to try a new tactic. i went looking for the lowest calory alcohol I could drink in QUANTITY. For a week now I have been having 2 MGD64's by pouring them 1/2 at a time into my 6 oz wine glass and I had a 4.8 lb loss this week! I know I am a creature of habit and that I drink 3 or 4 glasses of something between walking in the door at night and bedtime. Surprisingly I have been satisfied, I even left 1/2 bottle unused one day(she said agasht)! It's only been a week so I'm not ready to write a best seller about my revelations, but I'm happy and motivated. I've been sleeping a lot better at night too, and even wake up in time to hit the old iron torture machine... the treadmill. Oh, and I plan to take my 2 MGD64's to Drunco this Sunday night! Wish me continued success!
This is a GREAT trick! Wow! Thank you! I'm so glad you shared this. Now that I've been calorie counting, it's gotten very clear to me how I prefer to "budget" my calories and which booze is most efficient for the KIND of drinking I want to do. Excellent! Thank you!

Originally Posted by Parsp View Post
Looks like I'm the only one still posting to this thread, but wanted to report that I kept to my new plan and had another 1 lbs loss this week and received my 10 lb star! Even resisted wine a guest left in my fridge Friday night and enjoyed a fun evening of bunco with a bunch of wine drinkers while I enjoyed my two MGD64's and got in a size smaller skirt I had hanging in my closet. Who hoo!
I am so impressed with you, Parsp. This is just what I needed today. I had taken three weeks off my Wii Fit routine and happily MAINTAINED my weightloss. I'm still just 11 pounds from goal and that's scary territory for me. I need to kick my plan into high gear and your enthusiasm and good tricks for working your needs into a system that doesn't derail the GOAL is really the shot in the arm I needed today.

Thank you!

So happy to have this forum!
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