Lose it for life a great book I found

  • First off you do not have to be religious to get this book but it is by a Christian ministries author. It's called Lose it for life by Stephen Arterburn and Dr Linda Mintle. It says right on the cover it can be used with any weight loss program.
    It has so much useful information on emotional eating and eating for the wrong reasons. I have looked at books like this before but have never related to a book like this one. It's just wonderful. I got it at a Christian bookstore but I think other book stores may carry it or it can be purchased online. If emotional eating is keeping you from staying on track I'd give it a try. I found it really hit home and I will be applying it to my life from now on. Just wanted to share
  • Thanks for sharing your find! I'm glad you have found a book that resonates with you! Good luck!