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Default I'm new here

Hi all...
I just found this site today and have really enjoyed it so far! I was so excited to find this forum! I can totally relate to so many of your posts!
A quick (hopefully, sorry I can babble!!!) intro....
I'm 32, married with an awesome 7 year old son!
I weigh about 330 and have committed to changing that this year! I have known for a while that I am an emotional eater. I've always struggled with food and weight. A couple years ago I realized that I am addicted to food...ok, I always knew that I guess. But honestly, I didn't realize that all fat people weren't. I know that sounds weird, but I really thought that. It wasn't until after I'd been married a couple years that I realized that my husband who's about 400 lbs isn't addicted to food. Sure, he loves to eat, but he doesn't have to have a 'fix' like I do. When he's decided to lose weight, he does. If he's eating healthy and decides to 'cheat' it's for that moment only, he immediately goes back to eating healthy. We think we're a bunch of commedians around my house...so EVERYTHING is a joke! I was freaking out the other day because I 'needed' a taco, but I refused to let myself have one, he said something about just giving me a taco IV....I know he doesn't get it..he's supportive in his own way, but he really thinks it's just me needing to commit or get over it. I've been mad at him about it before, but I've come to accept it....I think the same way I thought all fat people were food addicts, he doesn't suffer from this, so he doesn't understand it.
Anyhow, that's why I'm excited to have found this group, to talk with others who get it and learn from others who have/are overcoming it.
great to be here!!!
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We're glad to have you. Make sure you read all over. Everyone is very supportive.
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Welcome and good luck!
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to our forum!! Please post your profile (a sticky at the top of the forum) so we can get to know you better

I'm a food addict as well, and it's very hard to keep it under control, but it IS possible. I struggle with it every day. It's not an addiction we can just simply leave behind. We don't have a choice because we have to eat. I went "cold turkey" when I decided to tackle my binge eating and my weight problem. I had my farewell meal and I was strong through the first days where I was dying for a huge chocolate bar and greasy fast food. But I made it. And I don't crave those things anymore. I don't need that "fix" anymore. It's gotten much better, but I still struggle with turning to food as a coping mechanism. I still binge and I still overeat, but not on a frequent basis. But the triggers are rarely cravings for something my brain feels I need to have.

Please stick around! Come join us on our binge free challenge!!
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