Dang it!

  • Last night was my first huge binge since I officially committed myself to this weight loss. That was in mid June. Not long ago, I know... But it's a miracle to me.

    I have had small binges...nothing too serious, though.

    Until last night.

    I felt so full and sick, I wanted to throw up. But I wouldn't let myself. I am paying for it today. The scale is waaay too honest.

    But all I can do from here is pick up and do better. So, that's what today is about.

    Just wanted to confess and move forward.
  • Congrats on your 34 pound weight loss!

    It's hard to accept when we revert back to bad habits once in a while. I have had a couple of bad binges since I've started too but as you basically said - it's done, pick up and keep going.

    When I had mine it really was hard for me to realize how many days I had gone without binging, which is really the important thing. You have obviously changed something in the way you think about and can handle food since you started. If there is a slip every once in a while don't beat yourself up.

    Have you thought of a reason it may have happened? Sometimes pinpointing why can help you stay out of that situation another time.

    Your can do it!
  • Don't stress hun... it happens to everyone. I can't say I haven't binged a few times and although you feel extremely angry about it right now just remind yourself that it is a binge, it happened but move on and continue on your plan. One binge didn't make you fat and it certainly ain't going to wreck your amazing progress!!!

    Congrats on the 34 pounds down.... that is such an amazing acomplishment!
    Keep up the great progress!!
  • I've been eatin' crappy for the last couple of days myself, I feel your pain. And your nausea. I've resolved to actually buck up and cook tonight, so tomorrow I can get back on track. You've done wonderfully for yourself, so don't let this one bump in the road affect you too much. It happens. But now you know how good it feels to take care of yourself, and how bad it feels to not take care of yourself. Keep up the good work!!!

    Jenny )
  • wow well done for admitting it! that's the first step of getting back on track. And one good thing you'll get out of this is you'll learn that bingeing isn't worth the guilt and full till your sick feeling we get after we binge. That's how i usually talk myself out of a binge, by reminding myself what i've previously felt like. Altough i do sometimes cave in to the feelings!

    Keep up the great progress chick
  • New Here: First message
    HI All,

    I am new to this website and this forum. I have been looking for a means of support through my weight loss struggles and don't have anyone near me that is in my position that I feel I can honestly talk to about this. I am excited to have support as well as give support!! I know I am an emotional eater...I eat when I am depressed, frustrated, angry, etc.....any negative emotion. Last year, I lost about 20 pounds but I have gained it all back which makes me feel simply horrible about myself. Like many others, I am my worst critic and I want to stop criticizing myslef and start being my own best friend. Every day is a new day and I am grateful for all that I have in my life. If I could just get this weight thing under control............
    I look forward to any advice, support, words of encouragement, or whatever you all have to offer. I will do my best to do the same for everyone else.
    Take Care All!! Beachgrl07
  • Hey Beachgrl07, welcome to the forum!

    Hope it helps you as much as it is helping me! Everyone is so supportive here, whether you're having a bad food day, or just a bad day in general! Hope you have fun here and good luck on your weight loss journey