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KellyZ01 07-27-2007 03:57 PM

2nd day without bingeing
Ok so yeah!! 2nd day without bingeing, but here is the problem. Since I have been working out the past few days in a row (30-45 mins treadmill, elliptical, weights) I have become hungier. Now I am trying to be successful and using Weight Watchers. For those who are familiar, I get 21 points a day, with each point roughly equaling 50 calories. When you excerise you earn 1 point for roughly 100 calories burned. Today I earned 2 exercise (activity) points which can be eaten if you choose. ***Hope I haven't confused anyone*** So I have almost eaten all of my daily points for the day and its only 3pm, if I eat more than it will probably lead to a binge (and I have worked so hard to be able to put a 1 in my sig.) Oh and if I do eat those 2 points that I have earned then it feels like I sabotaging myself. Oh what to do...what to do..
Does anyone else follow weight watchers?


Flutterby873 07-27-2007 04:13 PM

Why don't you eat a salad with low-cal dressing for dinner? Or snack on some fruit or veggies? This way you can eat a bit more but it's probably not as likely you'll binge.

ODAAT 07-27-2007 04:17 PM

I follow weightwatchers and have never eaten my bonus points - I think it is best to use them as an extra way to boost weightloss. Unless it is activity that you are going to keep up long term, I wouldn't rely on it for food points.

What are you eating?

With weightwatchers, although you can have what you like, if you choose filling things with low points like fruits and vegetables, you are less likely to be hungry. Are you eating you five portions of fruit and veg a day? Also, properly defined meals can help - if you are grazing throughout the day you may feel hungrier. Things like brown rice and pasta are also good for keeping the hunger at bay.

I follow weightwatchers in a way - I count my points but also focus on other things such as avoiding trigger foods and only eating unprocessed foods. I used to be a Weightwatchers clerk, that mustn't have made a good impression at my weight!

Well done to you on having that lovely blue one in your sig. I find the beginning to be the hardest bit, so well done!

Just a thought - I'm in England, so I believe my points are slightly different to yours. Ours only take into account calories and saturated fat. I think the things I've said are still relevant though.

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