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Default BINGE FREE WEEK! May 21st start

I kept waiting for a new thread to pop up but now its thursday and no one has checked in!

from nursemichelle:

Hello Chickies and Roosters!

Another binge free week, the sun is shining, we're lookin good, feelin good, time to get a fresh start. New week, start clean. OR some of us need to keep the momentum going, either way, here we go again! Whether you need help getting through just one day, one week, one hour, one afternoon, we are here for you. And we'll never judge you for slipping, we'll help you get back on board.

Please try to remember not to go into too much detail about binges or temptations, anything considered "food porn" may tempt someone else into binging themselves. Remember we have a CyberPurgers thread for that.

i am doing great so far and binging has only crossed my mind a few times but i was strong enough to stand up and just walk away. So far i am 28 days binge free and i feel like i could last forever
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Congrats! 28 days is awesome. Keep it up, you're doing great!
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Question: Is this type of thread supposed to be a daily check in? Or once you've made it through a week you say how you've done?

I'm trying to do the 3 meals a day, but it's not going super-great. I'm always hungry before supper time no matter how much I've had for lunch. Especially, around 3pm...I never know how much to eat, or what to snack on then because a 'wee bite' never cuts it. I want to wait until supper but I can't and then, after eating supper I know that I've overeaten in the afternoon...argh....I guess this is my real binge time. Maybe, I should just make 3 pm my suppertime? But then, I wouldn't be eating with my DS or DH. ((sigh))
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I think you need to schedule a snack in between lunch and dinner. I don't know what your plan is, but wiggle your calories, your points, whatever, and have something to tide you over. I think the key is to plan it ahead of time - portion size and all. I tend to have a 1/2 cup of All Bran or Fibre 1 at about 3-4 pm - partly to tide me over (high fibre stuff is really filling), and partly to keep my digestive system happy.
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Thanks Janie, I'm trying the cereal. The one I found in my cupboard, with the most fibre, was 8 grams per serving. Is that good?

LOL I still feel hungry, even after a great lunch. But I will survive another hour and a bit. Right?!!? Water, water...go sew...keep busy...
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So, the cereal helped yesterday... I was still hungry immediately after, but before supper was ready, I wasn't all edgy and freaking out. I guess, it kept my blood sugar at an ok level.
I'll have to learn to be full without being stuffed to the gills.

Hope you ladies have a lovely day!
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Mabela, to answer your question, the thread can be used as a daily check in -- it's up to the indvidual poster

Ah, the end of the month "all quiet on the binge free thread" curse. It happens quite a bit -- I'm guilty as well. To explain, the end of the month -- those of us who are having a rough time eating -- say, "well, I'm getting back in control on the 1st," because it's a new month and a new beginning. I've done this nearly every month of my 2 year journey. But not this month -- I'm on my 3rd binge free day! I didn't use the "first of the month" ruse to continue my binge streak (finally). I think all dieters use that though; I doubt it's exclusive to us binge eaters

So a to everyone going through rough patches -- and if you are restarting, recommitting, gaining back control, or starting for the first time, much luck and much strength
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