CIC May Exercise Thread!

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  • BUNNY!! (I am in love!)

    I was swimming this morning. And it was really, really I had to swim for 30 min without much rest to keep my warm. Good thing was: it was so early in the morning that I was alone. Completly. Ok, if you donīt count the life guard.

    ellis: I have the tendency to feel as if I had met a truck as well. Maybe thatīs a good thing because we are building strength and that cardio stuff. Or maybe not.....
  • I swim 3 days a week plus i have to walk or cycle everywhere cos no-one drives in the town centre (albeit you can cycle across town in 15mins, lol). swimming is great cos its very aerobic but no stress on joints. today must cycle up big hill to get to supervisor's house for a class - and back! yesterday and tomorrow - swim. exercise is great for depression, health, everything...
    re: run over by a truck - you get that when you first start. it will pass!
  • My turn to BUMP bump bump

    OMG guess what!?

    I fractured my left ankle yesterday! I'm in a short leg cast, ABSOLUTELY NO weight bearing allowed, on crutches! I hurt it at the gym on Wednesday night and thought it might be sprained but stupidly went ahead, let it go and the next morning it was all swollen and twice as painful. So I still figured it was sprained but went to an immediate care who also thought it was sprained but x-rayed it to be sure and there it was, a teeeny tiny hairline fx. So they put on a temporary cast and I go see and orthopaedic surgeon Monday morning to see if it needs surgery (the statcare doc didn't think it would) and put the more permanent cast on it. I get to pick out what pretty color cast I want! I think I'll go pink or blue. SIGH.

    I just keep thinking about the ramifications of not exercising. I CANNOT just sit around and gain weight. So I may be dropping out of the challenge, but I will keep coming to get inspired. I know, I can still do some light weights/upper body, but I'm gonna miss my cardio! I may even still be able to do some crunches? I just can't believe it.

    I'm not in too much pain, thankfully. CRUTCHES ARE HARD! I always thought other people who use them must make it look easy! I'm barely coordinated enough for it! So I end up putting too much weight on the bad ankle and I know I'm doing it wrong, I just hope I don't worsen the fx. Plus maybe the MD on Monday can put a walking cast on it so I can go back to work.

    Well wish me luck, that these crutches don't break my neck, and that I don't blow my whole plan being laid up on this thing. Love and luck to the rest of you. xoxoxoxooxo Michelle
  • Elizabeth!!!! Where are you?????
    Good job Ellis, (the race is ON! lol) and Kate!! (BTW: Kate,How many pounds is a Kg.?)
  • Michelle, you poor girl! That's just so typical, isn't it? You start getting in shape and BANG!! Your body breaks down.
    You take good care of yourself and heal quickly. And yes, I'm sure there's some stuff you can do for your upper body while you're mending.

    Me23, sounds like you're doing great... good work!

    Kate, 30 minutes is awesome!! That's one thing I must do soon... take some more swimming lessons. I envy you!

    Okay, Renee, the race is on. In terms of exercise, not losing weight... because it just ain't comin' off!

    Yes... Elizabeth... where are you, sweetie?
  • Ach....I should exercise and I should have exercised yesterday. But I feel very bad at the moment (physically and a bit psychological).
    The pain is back (ok, it never REALLY left me....oh my god, I hope I can find a boyfriend who is so loyal and stays with me in good and bad days as my pain does it! ). And I am totally exhausted. Maybe I got a cold (not much likely) or depression is back (Welcome).

    ANYWAY. I guess Iīll try some "light exercises" this evening.

    Renee: Is that you on the pic in your avatar? You look great!!!
    One kg is a lot of lb: 2,2, to be exact. So my stats would be 191/ 178/ 143.
    But german scales donīt do lbs. And we have different pounds as well: one german PFUND is 0,5 kg, equals 1,1 lb.

    In reality, there is not much to envy (ok, if your goal is to look like a "Free Willy" double, you would seriously envy me because I am VERY TALENTED).

    Great job everybody here exercising!!

    Kate &
  • yes Kate that is me. It took me a month to figure out how to do it! Thanks for the compliment. I get that alot "you have such a pretty face..." UGH!
    and watch it on the "Free Willy" comment, I outweigh you by close to 40 lbs! LOL
    When I heard Rosie O'Donnell say her wt. on tv (and it was less than me!) I could have died. So I think of Rosie instead of Free Willy. hee hee
    Where in Germany are you? My daughter visited w/ an International Orchestra last summer and it was her favorite stop in the tour. She LOVED her host family (and unfortunately the BEER!! :-0 she was only 15!) She's hoping to maybe go back this year or next.
    I DIDN'T exercise today But I did walk through two subdivision garage sales. Does that count? lol
    Have a great Mothers Day everyone!
  • Ok, I guess I have to sign out of the exercise thread. My pain is so worse that I have to take heavy pain meds again. I tried them a few weeks ago.
    They make me dizzy and sleepy, so the Patient information leaflet says: If you expierence any side effects like sleepiness or you feel dizzy, stay as sedetary as possible.

    Well, I am not planning to take them longer as 2 weeks. But the May is over then....

    Renee:Uh, it wasn´t my intention to be one of those "You have such a pretty face- why don´t you just loose that weight" - persons! But you really have a pretty face!
    And I am the better Free Willy double (haha!) because I own a Free- Willy- black bathing suit. It´s a bit ugly, but I don´t wanted to buy a new one- and I mysteriuosly found it under my socks....
    I live near Cologne/ Bonn. Where was your daughter?

    Ok, everybody back into exercise mood!!

  • Oh, Kate... I'm so sorry, sweetie.
    Try not to feel discouraged... the exercise can wait. Just focus on being good to yourself and feeling better. Sending you lots of love and hugs.
  • KateI know you're not one of those "pretty face" people! lol I was just pointing out MY experience. As for Free Willy...I was just jokin around with ya! Seriously. So sorry you're having such a hard time. I wouldn't be able to exercise if I were on pain meds either. In fact, I would use it to rationalize why I COULDN'T! You need to heal and rest is best. To help you not feel like you're totally off your endeavor make sure you eat healthy (and small) while you're down and out. Good luck and we'll be looking fwd. to your return!
    NurseMichelle! speaking of pain are you doing?
    EllisI've been slacking Weekends are hard for me (I count Mondays as weekends. lol) and today I'm having a "girls day" out! ugh! I've gotta start back tonight. But hey, I lost another pound! (I am LOVING this Seattle Sutton stuff!) Good Job to you for staying on track!
  • I meant to say awhile back when I first saw your photo, Renee... you're beautiful! You don't look fat. Is that a recent pic? Are you fooling us?

    Congratulations on the pound down!! That's great. I am sick with envy. Sick, I tell you. But very happy for you. In a green-with-envy-kind-of-way. Keep it up, girl!

    I'm exercising, but I'm eating. I haven't had any diet pop all week, though, and it seems to be making a difference to my cravings...

    Michelle and Kate... I hope you're both healing...

    And Elizabeth, darling... where the hoodle doo are you?
  • Thanks for the encouragement everyone! You are some awesome chickies!!!
    I've been doing well with exercise but had some internet connection issues. I've updated my exercise calendar and feel really good looking at what I've done thus far this month. I am SUCH a couch potato person by nature. Since starting to exercise I feel so great!

    Keep up the good work everybody! We'll ALL look and feel awesome!
  • EllisYes, that's me. Yes it's from Christmas this year. No I'm not fooling you, my fat buddies tend to congregate below my waist!

    Elizabeth!! You used to be a couch potato!!? How on earth do you manage to work out for such long amounts of time!? I seem to look at my watch every 5 minutes and SWEAR my clock has stopped! A half hour is HUGE to me! I guess I'll have you to look up to as a goal to obtain
  • I had to hunt for this thread.
    Judging by my stats, I'd better pump up my efforts for next month.

    I was on the treadmill this morning thinking, "I wish I were one of those women whose fat is all below the waist." At least half of me would look slim instead of the whole darned thing looking like a blob!

    Kate and Michelle, I hope you're doing okay, girls. Big hugs...

    Renee and Elizabeth... how are you doing?