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Well I have scheduled an appt with my family doc for Thurs to see about getting on Wellbutrin. My sister has been on it for a few years now and it has helped her with depression and general anxiety. Those problems run in our family and I am to the point that I can't really take the current situation anymore so I am resigned to the fact that I may need chemical intervention. I feel like a failure that I can't control my binges at night. I need help to stop and I hope this med will assist me in feeling better...

My usual nightly binges consist of the following:

100 cal popcorn
p.b w. carrots
rice cakes w. s.f jelly
ff cottage cheese, mixed w. ff yogurt

Thanks all for listening and please say a little prayer for me and for you...
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argh argh argh feeling very helpless right now.
My binge yesterday:
-a slice of cheesecake
-chocolate mousse
-blueberry pie

Not even kidding. I had all of that in the span of 6 hours. I am a gross, disgusting person.
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Damn, after 4 1/2 days of no bingeing I went off the deep end last night. I had:
1/2 Twix
1/2 huge sugar cookie
packet of combos
1/2 bag nutter butter cookies

Then this morning I woke up and polished off the rest even though I was feeling dehydrated and grosse and we were making a big brunch.
THe worst thing is I don't even liket hose foods, nothing tasted good I just had to eat. Eww I need to get back on track stat.
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Easter weekend is killing me! Remind me not to offer to make the dessert next time for a dinner party because I'm stuck eating all the stuff that's leftover!
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I think I may have already replied to this thread, but sadly I will again.
I seriously can't believe myself and what I am doing to my body!! Today I knew dh would be gone the entire day and I had the house to myself... that spells trouble. I knew this days ahead of time and planned how my binge would go. I ordered a
small pizza,
then hit DQ for some icecream,
my mother baked her wonderful easter buns and I had three of those,
two cream eggs,
and a few chips.
I'm not sick yet, but I can feel it coming

I guess I'll be working out for most of the evening after my stomach ache goes away..... this really sucks guys
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unfortunately I binged yesterday. I set myself up by messing up early on. I got to work too early so decided to go get some breakfast (even though i keep healthier stuff at work for breakfast). well I went to McDonald's and got a chicken biscuit, telling myself that I'll be good for the rest of the day.

Well one of our salesman decided to take me and the office manager out for lunch, to Pappadeuax's. I knew right then that i was gonna lose it!!! went to Pappadeuax's and got a delicious plate of blackened alexander topped with shrimp, scallops & crawfish in a white wine cream sauce, served with dirty rice. I didn't finish it and had it packed To Go, then he offered to get us desserts. oh great!!! we ended up ordering a huge piece of pecan prailine cheesecake and a slice of key lime pie. we each took some and ate it and packed the rest. By then I knew I had pretty much blown it and my "all or nothing" mentality kicked in. the rest of the desserts I split with the office manager and I ate it all before work was over. then I went to the break room and ate a Church's biscuit.

after work I stopped by CVS and bought a pack of those chocolate covered oreos, and a cadbury creme egg. Got home and ate the rest of the food from Pappadeaux's ,then the cadbury egg and the cookies (ate 3 and gave my brother one). then my brother gave me a slice of pizza and i ate that, and a handful of hot cheetos.

gosh i dont remember what else i ate but i'm sure there was more. i'm so disgusted with myself yet again
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Doing it.
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I so know what everyone is going through. I've been bulimic, anorexic, and now a binger.

Yesterday was horrible. I decided to skip breakfast and have an apple for a snack (which I didn't eat anyway), but then my friend whose dad is a manager for Olive Garden was like, "Let's GO!!!" and I was all for it. I had the whole bowl of salad, a whole thing of breadsticks, two of those mint things, 3 Dr. Peppers, and 9/10ths of my Linguine ala Marinara. I could have eaten the rest PLUS dessert, but I didn't want to seem TOO gross.

Then I went to Target and picked up Easter candy and had a couple cokes, ate probably 1/4th of the candy, and was in pain for the rest of the night. Since it's Easter, I decided that today will be my last binge.

I will not feel guilty for what I do today.

Good luck to everyone!
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I had two horrible binges yesterday. Went to an Easter brunch and probably ate 2,000 calories worth of sweet rolls, danishes, and assorted junky brunch foods. I went home and took a walk, and did pretty good for the rest of the day until about 10pm, when my sweets cravings got out of control again. I ended up gorging on almost a whole sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints, then ate 15 or 20 saltines, and finally 2 packs of cherry Pop-Tarts. I have no idea how many calories that adds up to... but this morning when I weighed myself? I'd gained almost 2 pounds. That seems impossible but the scale doesn't lie.

I'm so depressed and discouraged right now.

On the plus side, I've been doing okay today, and haven't binged again. Plus I worked out for 75 minutes today, and that made me feel a little better.
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when it comes exam time, or any time .. matter of fact .. i'll buy a box of cereal .. and eat half the box in a day, along with my other meals. gross. even though i'm like SO full, i'll keep munching away. oh but today, after eating half the box, i just threw it out (b/c tomorrow is garbage day).

last week, i bought a regular sized bag of Amy's Baked Chips -- and ate the whole bag in one sitting. 6 servings there, baby. beat that! ahhh, i'm sucha fatty. i wasn't even like full either. those chips are like nothing.
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Aw, ladies. we can do it.

honeyjobear, I think I beat you.

Course, it's exam time here to. I have to read a 400 page nonfiction book (The Omnivore's's actually about food, believe it or not! ironic? yeah.) in the next few days and write 2 reports on it. I've already written on one it..should've read it before writing that. And of course I have to study for tons of tests. Blah. To top that off, I wasn't tired this morning after a weekend of very little sleep and only 5 hours last night. That means I'm about to start a manic cycle of my bipolar. Which means I binged throughout the day.

So I had a diet coke for breakfast.
lunch was a large thing of chinese food. A huge thing of diet pepsi. Then I got a large latte from the library coffee shop.
When I got home I ate a big plate of potatoe wedges and macaroni that were left over from easter dinner. Two more diet cokes.
Another diet pepsi while watching tv.
For dinner, two mini pizzas.
Two more diet cokes.
piece of cake.
another diet coke.
no water today. Oh, except for a flavored aquafina that was loaded with sodium.

And I'm starving...but I really don't want to eat any more. I've had waaaay too much today! Poop. My stomach's literally growling...I don't know if it's real hunger or just me wanting to eat. It has been 7 hours since dinner. Agh. Noo.
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HarPoe, I'm not trying to be glib about your Bipolar, but holy cow, that much coke would make ANYONE a bit manic!!
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yeah. I only drink that much when I'm coming out of depression or entering into it...just another thing I need to control myself on. I don't get a buzz off of the caffiene though, I'm pretty used to it. I just get bloated.

And I'm thinking I exaggerated. I counted the cans this morning and I had 5 diets and a reguar last night. Still not a good number!
I feel better this morning. I'm actually going to eat breakfast...and I weighed myself for the first time in a week! I lost, believe it or not!
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i just had my biggest binge yet. probably ever. this has been a very tragic day. at work when i returned from lunch i found out a co-worker of mine's wife had gotten into a tragic car accident. their 10 month old daughter died instantly and the wife is (still) in critical condition and may not make it. then later (still at work) i found out that my ex boss's dad passed away, but you have to know that my boss and his family were like my family for 3 yrs when i was living alone in a different city. i took care of his dad sometimes. anyway i found out as he was dying he was calling for me. i just lost it, and proceeded to eat the following:

1 double quarterpounder cruncher
1 medium fry
1 4 alarm chicken sandwich (from Wendy's)
lots of Easter chocolates
came home and ate 1 medium Little Caesars pizza

this is aside from the pb&j sandwich I had for breakfast (before any of this happened, i was still doing pretty good then). anyway i tried to count my calories were almost 5,000. that might be one of or the highest ever.

it was a pretty bad, sad day overall.
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Sunnystorm, my sympathies. I think a day like that would tempt most of us. Of course, we want to learn other methods of dealing with stress, rather than turning to food. But, you've had a horrific day, so don't be too hard on yourself... it will just make it harder to get back on track. Treat yourself with kindness, do the best you can re: the food for the next little while, and just get back on track when you're able.
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Yesterday was absolutely horrible.

First time posting on this thread so I'll give some background. I've been doing south beach with calorie counting. Anyways yesterday was my first day of Phase 2. I had been on Phase 1 for 3 weeks instead of the normal two weeks (I added a week to "punish" myself for eating a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch). All I have been thinking about for the last few days is what I can't eat. I was even having these really disturbing nightmares about binging on "off-plan" foods.

I couldn't fall asleep last night. Obsessive, unrelenting thoughts about cheesecake, white bread, fast food, everything that (per the South Beach program) I won't be able to eat for another year and a half, at least, because I have so much weight to lose.

After about an hour of lying in bed I couldn't take it anymore. In an effort to rebel against this program that has been driving me insane for the last few days I ate:

-One of those GIANT blueberry muffins
-Four white bread rolls
-About a cup of tortilla chips
-All the chocolate I could find in the house (probably about one cup)
-A big bowl of honey-nut cheerios

I wasn't even enjoying it that much. And the worst part of the binge came from just wanting to sleep and wanting my horrible thoughts to go away: about 4 shots of various hard liquor and 40 mg of Valium. Which probably would have made a normal person pass out but I have some tolerance built up against Valium (I'm supposed to take 10 mg every night, prescribed by my doctor), in additon to the fact that my BMI is around 45. And even with all that in my system I still didn't get 8 hours of sleep!!!!!!!!

I feel like screaming then curling up in a ball just never dealing with anything ever again.
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