Has anyone tried hypnosis?

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  • Looking at hypnosis to stop thinking about food ALL THE TIME. Has anyone had any success with this??
  • Hmmm . . . I have seen little ads for it before -- along with smoking cessation -- I have not heard of anyone with experiences with hypnosis -- please chime in if you have
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    Yes I was hypnotised many years ago and lost 55lbs. My dad quit smoking cold turkey after the session. I do buy cd's and listen to them. They are very helpful. I just have 10lbs to lose. They seem to creep back every birthday. Have a good weekend. Barbara
  • I have done a few audio ones. I think they do help, but obviously will not change your life unless you are ready to. They are best if you listen to them several times. When I had the one, I listened to it every night to sleep for about three weeks. It is funny, because I did not really think about it and it just became an easy way to fall asleep as I usually have trouble. A long time later I was trying to get back on track and wondered how I got there in the first place and remembered the cd. I realized it probably did help, though at the time I did not notice. I would not go to a hypnotist, because it is too much money for a one-time deal.
  • thanx for the input...I never even thought of cd-type mind stuff! There is a Chinese Herbalist here that does hypnosis (amoung other things) and its 50 bucks for the session. My fear isn't so much that it won't work, but, oddly enough, that I will be 'under his control' for a time and who knows what could happen...I plan to take my DH. You know those comedic hypnotists that frequent the club circuit? Those guys give me the fear...
    Wow, I'd really be trusting someone with my mind. That is if the stuff works.

  • I've been hypnotized and have been trained in hypnosis. Therapeutic hypnosis has very little in common with the freak show type. It has more in common with progressive relaxation, and you don't forget anything that you're told, or become a hypnotist's puppet or anything (I wonder if much of the magic show type is faked, because it just isn't possible to get someone into that deep a hypnotic state in just a few minutes, especially on people who have never been hypnotized before).

    Self-hypnosis, visualization, and CDs are great tools that may help you ease your fears. Listening to the CD in an alert state, you can make sure none of the messages are incompatible with your goals. Then listen to the CD following the instructions and trying to reach that deep relaxed state, that helps you internalize the messages. Self hypnosis is generally visualizing your goals, and giving yourself instructions for behavior changes, repeating them to yourselves as you relax while focusing on these images.

    It can be effective, but it usually loses effectiveness as soon as you stop using them, or if you're not really wanting to change the behaviors. You're basically trying to create new thought patterns and habits, and you or someone else is trying to make it "second nature," by repeating it until you "own it."
  • you may want to chech out dottie's, DWLZ.
  • Thanx.
    What's that mean, 'dottie's' ? I'm new, and not real computer literate! I have no idea what 'DWLZ' is either.

  • dottie's weight loss zone
  • Yeah I did hypnosis a few years back.....worked for me and I lost weight short term, but it wasn't a "life changer". I think that theraputic hypnosis done more for relaxation and positive thinking would be great.
  • I did it for weight loss....I walked out of the program and went to burger king.
    My DH did it for smoking...he walked out of the program and lit up

    I don't know, maybe I had a bad instructor but IMHO...don't waste your money.

  • i think i will
    waste my money. It works if you really want it to I'm sure just like smoking. Some people can be hypnotised and some people can't.

    You know what is REALLY a waste of money? Food that I use to feel better which in turn only make me feel guilty and makes me fat.

    I will let you know how it goes when I have enough extra cash to do it I think its sixty bucks

    OR maybe i wont because I won't be thinking about this forum or food, I just be participating in my life


  • Very interesting. thanks for all the imput on this.
  • I tried hypnosis for a bit. I too was worried about being under someone's control and taped the session. It was really a relaxation thing. I am doing something similar now, with mindful meditiation with yoga. I believe it helps me with keeping to a normal appetite, less bingeing. Don't know how much each thing helps, like 3fc, determination, being ready, eating filling healthy foods, making sure I have ENOUGH calories etc. I'm doing many things to achieve my healthy balance, this is just one of them
  • I thought I would chime in. I had 4-5 hypnosis sessions for weight loss several years ago. I found it relaxing but not really effective for long term weight loss. My father was in the end stages of cancer at the time and it felt like the only peaceful moments I had all week.

    Lately I have been listening to Paul McKenna's "I Can Make You Thin" CD. It is a book with a self hypnosis CD. I have definitely accelerated my weight loss since listening to it and also find it relaxing. It definitely doesn't feed into my food issues because it does not encourage dieting or restriction. The basic premise is to eat what you want when you are hungry, eat conciously and stop when you are satisfied. A lot cheaper than sessions with a hypnotist.

    Good luck DCM