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Default you are going to be seeing alot of me.

today i decided that instead of blowing it, that i am going to write about it. tusfar it is working. before i start mt little rant i just want to thank everyone who posts here. this is a very empowering llace and i feel 500 times more supported since i joinded this site. seriously, it feels easier now. i feel like i found a missing link in my journey ( struggle)

Dear Mcdonalds drive thru,

oh how tempting you are at around 11. i can go and make it back on time to watch scrubs, number 2 in hand, perhaps even a milkshake. tonight when i got home from work i had thoughts of our rendezvous. so sorry, can't make it. Truth be told you make me feel horrible mentally and physically. i don't think that is part of a good relationship. so i am going to have to say no to your temptations because it means more to me to feel proud of myself tomorrow then to feel ****ty enough about myself to crawl to you.

Regards ( don't let the door hit your ***)

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Good for you! A great step forward is when you notice the need to binge and you find a way to fight it. And you did just that!

Also I liked your letter to MacDonalds, it was funny (But very good!)

PS I *heart* scrubs.
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Hahahahahahahaha, that was awesome! Very funny, and it sounds like you have a great attitude about this and are ready to start!

I want to try...
Dear pizza, you sexy, sexy beast, you:

We have had a great time, haven't we? So many laughs, so many memories with our dear friends 6 pack and Buck the coffee ice cream guy who sometimes hangs out with us. A lot of fun, a lot of hanging out, and a lot of time together. Ah, good times.

But listen, I cannot help but feel we are drifting apart lately, like we just don't have as much in common anymore. I feel like we have spent TOO much time together, you know? Like, it doesn't strike me like it used to, I just simply am not as excited as I used to be by you anymore. It's like I love you, but I am not in love with you...and I know that probably hurts you.

I'm sorry. Believe me, it hurts me too.

But the time has come, dear friend. I'll see you around, don't worry. I am going to need some time, sure, but someday, we'll be able to see other every once in a while again, and we'll be so much better off for it. You know that we have a co-dependent relationship, buddy, and its time we faced it and dealt with it. So to you, dear friend, I say goodbye.



And seriously, don't call me, or come by to ask me how you smell and look, because I mean it. Tough love time, baby, tough love.
You know...that felt pretty good!
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if you want to ruin McDonalds for yourself forever, watch the movie supersize me. you'll never look back
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nice work.

That's a good relationship to end...
I mean, yes, McDonalds cooks for you, and is always there when you need him (he's on every other block after all)...But on the other hand - he makes you feel sick, is rather high maitenance and an expensive lover to boot. And I feel it must be said: McDonalds is TERRIBLE in bed.
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Looks fun, can I add one?

Dear packet of salt and vinegar chips,

I don't remember the day we met, since it was many many years ago. I'm not sure when I took my first crunchy bite or when we were so into each other that I would buy packets and packets of you. Suffice to say, we've had a very long relationship. I've invested many years and probably thousands of dollars in you... what have you done for me?

You know that saying, all good things must come to an end? Time to stop hiding my head in the sand because you, in fact, are NOT good. You're actually full of absolutely disgusting trans fats and other nasty ingredients. Oh sure, you may taste yummy but as much as I loved you, I love my health and my re-emerging waist MORE.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is it's over - because I've changed. It's not you, it really is me. Don't try and change my mind, it will just make things harder. I think we both need a clean break.

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ive seen it a couple of times actually, the first time i ever saw it i didn't touch fast food for about 6 months. fast food isn't my big gest problem. it's pretty much sabatoging myself that is. thank you for the encouragement!
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Bikini Dreader
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I really like this idea. I have two that I need to say goodbye too.

Dear Pizza,
I have loved you every Friday night as my "treat" for a long time now. We've been dating every Friday night, but what have I gained from this relationship? Fat. That's it. Nothing about you makes me feel better about myself. This is a toxic relationship that I need to end now. When I dont feel like I can't visit you without needing you all to myself then I will come back and we can meet as "friends". For now, I am not strong enough to see you. Please don't bother to get back in touch with me before I am ready.

Dear dried figs,
I just discovered you a few months ago and am completely infatuated with you. Your "healthy" appearance that once fooled me will no longer work. Since I am not able to open a package and just eat a few of you, I will have to let you go. Perhaps when I can have one or two at one time I will revisit you but for now, it's over. I will be seeing your cousins, the fresh variety of figs on trees in Portugal this summer!

Wow that feels great. Thanks!
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and btw, i love all of your letters. they are funny and wonderful. this mornings diet destroyer is the basket of enormous muffins in the kitchen at my job. seriously. you could feed a family of 5 with one of these things. it's okay though...i just washed off my apple and ran away. why do places of employment insist on having food constantly. whole cakes, boxes of doughnuts, bagles....constantly. i sometimes want to shoot the person who brings in food for bringing it in. do they ever consider that 90 percent of us eat before we get to work and perhaps don't need a second breakfast? myself escpecially.
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