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Default Ugh, late night eating....and eating...and eating

So on days that I work I will end up eating junk at work(i work at a cafe so lots of sweets on hand) even if i bring healthy food with me and the i come home and eat more junk. Or more healthy food, just in excess.

I used to binge and purge a lot. I have that under control, but am having a hard time controling just binging. I try distracting myself, I try reading, but it's horrible! It's like I can't think rationally until AFTER the fact and the I'm like "oh damnit". I usually just end up getting up really early to exercise but I won't have that option tomorrow.

So today I had:

*brown rice tortilla with 2 cups veggies, low fat veg bean spread and some black beans

[At work]
* 2apples [90 cals]
*500 calories vegan cookie
*1/2 scone and 1/2 brownie (about 400 cals i think)
* 200 cals worth of choc syrup

[at home]
*slice of whole grain bread 120
*sproated grain tortilla 80 cals
*8 oz soy mil 120
*1/2 veg cookie so 230 cals
*4 oz almond milk ( 20 cals)

It's too much. I would normally go exercise to curb the impulse but my gym is closed by the time I get outta work. How can I break this horrible habit of late eating on days I work?
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well i can't answer the question of how to break the habit but i can offer the support that you aren't alone. i'm in a very similar situation (minus the drive to go to a gym, exercise every morning is the way i go)... through the self analysis and general research i've done for the past sum odd years, i've learned that binge eating is a drug. your body produces loads of oppiates in the brain after a mass amount of food is consumed, in turn you become addicted or a habitual "user". i think it has to be approached in the same way as a drug, steady rehabilitation. hard to do with food but supposedly it's possible.

good luck darling
love and light
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Hi eebede! What I do sometimes when I'm in that situation is I eat something that sort of tastes "the opposite" of that flavor. Like, brushing my teeth, or chewing minty gum or drinking lemony water.

That doesn't work so much for me when I let myself get too hungry, but it does help if I'm just trying not to "graze" on foods, like at work or a party or something.
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Actually if you just replaced the scone/brownie and syrup with something like apple slices w/ peanut butter or a kashi bar, etc., you'd be well under the limit for what you should eat for your weight. I definitely wouldn't call it an out-of-control day by any means--in the height of my ED, I would binge on 5,000 calories worth of fast food every day for a week. So don't beat yourself up over a scone!

Try packing several healthy mini-meals for work, with protein and good fats that will fill you up. I love kashi crackers with hummus, chicken salad made with miracle whip, lean breast meat, grapes and walnuts, celery stalks with fat-free cream cheese and lite pimento spread, etc. It also helps me to have one really yummy dessert-type thing, like low-fat double-churned ice cream, at the end of my day rather than grazing on lots of less fulfilling sweets throughout the day.
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