Whats cookin' for supper?

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  • so what did you have for supper?

    I had a strip steak and baby bella mushrooms.

    Ive stocked up my kitchen, and pulled out a bunch of old recipes, and few new ones to try.
  • I had pork steak grilled, salad and green beans.
  • I had turkey with mushrooms, celery sticks, and few black olives.
  • Grilled salmon and zuchinni
  • Lilly~ what is a pork steak? Ive never heard of it before. Kinda like pork chops without the bone?

    Maggie~ how did you cook your zucchini. I have a huge one left (didnt get that chocolate zucchini cake made) So now I should do something healthy with it....right ?
  • Tonight we had shiritake noodles w/chicken, zucchini, mushrooms and sliced tomatoes in a fetticine(sp?) sauce

    I only ate 1/2 my serving, the noodles were extremely filling!!
  • A pork steak is almost like pork chops. It does have a bone. Usually is a larger cut of pork. They are great cooked on the grill.

    Tonite we had boneless beef ribs, salad and green beans. Not much variety I know, but easy to fix.
  • ok, that sounds pretty tastey Lilly

    Tonights supper was pan fried Haddock (in butter with lemon) and parmesean zucchinni fries. <~~these were a new recipe, and a definite do-again!
  • Robin, that sound so yummy. I am in a rut of wanting chicken salad every day. I just love it home-made. Dang, I'm a good cook, no wonder I got so fat. LOL.
    Tonite it is spaghetti for my family and I am having tuna salad.
  • lemon-garlic chicken tenders fast fried in butter, and parmesean zucchini fries
  • I had chicken salad. Made chicken and dumplins for the family.
  • Lily, I don't know how you do it with all that good cooking. I have a little bit of an idea because I can't have dairy so when I fix pizza for the family I usually don't eat. You wrote once about doing meat with veggies in a roaster or something like that. Could you tell us how to do that again?
  • I usually do very well at not being tempted by the fattening foods that I make for my family. My kids have always loved chicken and dumplins so I still make it for them occasionally. I do like them too, but know they make me fatter, so I just make plenty of boiled chicken and make chicken salad for myself. Which I love. Before my lifestyle change, I'd eat whatever and whenever I wanted. I was bad to over-eat. I still do sometimes, but usually it is on healthy stuff. Such as fresh raw veggies with ranch dip. I cook most of my meats either on the outside grill, the George Foreman grill , broiler or crock pot. I don't usually fry anything except occasionally boneless chicken breasts without flour and they taste good this way to me. To barbecue meat I simmer meats in skillet for a couple hrs. in 1/2 cup ketchup with 1/2 cup diet coke mixed together. It gives them a sweet bbq flavor and I don't dip any extra of the sauce over my meat when I eat it. This is great for pork chops and ribs. I use a steamer for my veggies quite often. Or I cook veggies on cookie sheet in over drizzled with olive oil and seasoning salt. Steak cut in strips with veggies (I used squash, onions and brussel sprouts) with olive oil and seasonings all covered in foil and roasted in oven is good. I try out quite a few of the low-carb recipes in the entree section for added variety to my meals. I also loved baked fish with butter and lemon sauce and tartar sauce.
  • My mom is making whats called taco pie today and it has a cornbread top. If I pick off the cornbread and eath the groundmeat , onions and corn will I be ok? I dont think I will I already had 21 carbs today by accident. I had a cup of cooked spinich from last night w/ mixed veggies and that brought my carbs up 14!!!!!!!!!!!! But I think I should be ok if I have a small amout. But i am going to be so hungry still. Heck Im still hungry now. But I dont want to eat cause I dont want to ruin my carbs.
  • tomato halves, stuffed with mushrooms, mozza and goat cheese and chicken breasts in a mushroom garlic sour cream gravy very very tastey!