Whats cookin' for supper?

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    supper tonight .....Im not hungry so it will probably be left over chicken thighs, and thats it ....you know when you just feel blah!? Thats how Im feeling about food tonight. Dh & dd already ate. So I only have to worry about myself.
  • I had LC meatloaf and salad. DH and DD had mashed potatoes and corn with theirs.
  • The weather is cool here. I am making a big pot of chili and taking me some out before I add the beans. My DH loves beans in his.
  • we had chicken with tomato slices and mozza cheese melted ontop & broccoli
  • italian sausages with peppers and onions and mozz cheese. havent eaten meat that I enjoyed in a long time. Yum
  • pan fried haddock with cheese stuffed baked tomatoes
  • chicken tenders w/dijon mustard, bacon and cheddar ontop w/ 1/2 a plate of broccoli
  • spicy hot curry chicken in coconut milk sauce with shiritake noodles... thanks to all those who mentioned these noodles.. I wil be eating a lot more of them in the future... my hubby is vegetarian and cant eat spicy stuff so he ordered out
  • I had a late lunch/early supper so for that meal I had baked haddock with a wine dijonaise sauce with green beans and cole slaw (this was at the restaurant) then at about 8pm I had a piece of quiche.
  • I made the Ultimate Pizza from the LC recipe section. It was very tasty.
  • bratwurst and califlower
  • everyone in my house had pizza and breadsticks but my dad was nice and took me to mcdonalds for a grilled ceasr salad, that was ok on induction right?
  • Im not sure vogue, but Im thinking it should be fine.

    I had chicken tenders cooked in roasted red pepper marinade w/shirataki noodles and green beans
  • We're having steak quesadillas on LC whole wheat tortillas.
  • This doesn't sound too good, but tasted pretty good. A baked chicken breast, a cheeseburger pattie and brocolli. I hadn't eaten lunch and was very hungry so I ate a lot of protein.