Weekly Chat April 24-30

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  • I am up really early and I figured I would get this going, but if it someones job, sorry didnt mean too.

    So how was yalls weekend? I stayed at home all weekend other than going to the gym. My friend has talked me into a Pilates class tonight and yoga tomorrow and I am kinda nervous cause I am not flexible in the slightest way, but she says I will be if I keep up with them. They off them at our gym, so why not right?

    I did make it to the gym yesterday and figured that if I am going to the gym 7 days a week now, well then I was going to go easy on myself on Sundays, so instead of running yesterday, I just walked for 30 instead. I cant wait till TOM is gone!

    Well I better get ready for work. Catch you ladies later.

  • Good Morning everyone. Happy Monday to you all.

    Sandra...you are doing so good. what an inspiration you are to us all. I HAVE to start walking more. I'm exercising, but think I need a little more.

    headed to bed. talk to you all later.
  • Hi sweeties!!

    Sandra: eww pilates, that sounds fun!! Let us know how you liked it!!!
    you've been so awesome at sticking to your exercise!!!

    Jackie: Good morning to you too!! So awesome to see your ticker movin' on down!!!!!

    I'm off to work then to go see the house for the final time so the owners can show us all the little things we need to know before signing on Friday. I can't believe how much stuff I've accumulated in the 13 years of being here, it's amazing!!

    Hope everyone has an awesome week!!!

  • Good morning Chickies! Just to let you know, I've kidnapped the woosh fairy and I'm never letting her go. I can't believe it, but I'm down again, and wearing a dress that was tight two weeks ago. After a stall\steady gain cycle that I thought would never end, I'm very happy.

    I hope everyone's week is getting off to a great start!

  • Good Morning <~~~ I need more this morning!!

    Lacey~ when is your actual moving day?

    Quote: Good morning Chickies! Just to let you know, I've kidnapped the woosh fairy and I'm never letting her go.
    She got away from you Tenn she wooshed 4 more lbs away from me over night!(I couldnt stay off the scale this morning) Great going on your dress!! I love the woosh fairy

    Not alot planned for the day, gym and cleaning.....some cooking too.

    Have a great day ladies!
  • Carbed out yesterday, and no exercise for the weekend and little today but I feel I needed a slight break and time to get the groove going. I know it is water weight as some of what I ate was potatoe chips so I am up a total of 4 so will work hard the rest of the week to get it off and more.

    You guys are incentive to get back OP-WAV please send the whoosh fairy over here! some time during the end of the week.

    I am off this morning for working sat evening like I had said before I am going to enjoy my time off. I cleaned my kitchen and am workingon the rest of the house. I may not make many friends but it needs to be done as it is I am giving 12 hours to work in my opinion but no more. I am taking my time off. so be it!!!

    Leenie Oh how well do I remember those days. as you can see by my ticker I have to gained all plus several from my 2002 weight I am right by your side going low carb. hang on the wagon is a bit tipsey but with all our help we will all stay on. (Even if you are not all low carb )
  • Hi everyone!

    Hope you don't mind me popping in here.

    Still going strong in the induction phase, day 6 right here, woohoo!!! I haven't weighed myself since last Thursday, so I am anxious to do that tonight when I go to the gym.

    Not a lot planned today, just staying home with my baby, and I think we might go to a playdate.

    Sounds like some of you are doing really great...GOOD JOB!!!
  • Morning:
    Everyone sounds so good this morning. I hope to see the woosh fairy at the end of the week. TOM right now so not even looking at the scale. No need to upset myself.
    Well yesterday morning I noticed a few spots on my arm. Anyway they spread last night so I guess I have poison (ivy,oak,sumac) It is on my back of all things as well as the other arm, my neck and chest. I have always been really allergic to it. My neighbors were burning leaves and limbs and stuff and I think maybe it was from the smoke. It just spread like wildfire this time. So taking benadryl.
    Hope everyone has a great day. Kind of still sleepy may take a nap...
  • I wanted to Thank everyone for their prayers... This morning i had to go to the school to talk to the principal about everything.... got matthew, my son excused until the doctors release's him...We have to be at the Neurosurgery center in the morning to find out what has to be done.... Matthew said we always told him something was wrong with him, but he never believed us.. ...He says they are quacks, and he's fine... . I'm not sure he likes being watched like a hawk, but he's loving the attention....and being out of school..... I'm off to change my ticker. I did lose some weight even though i had to go off plan. I hope i don't gain it all back but, with whats going on, if i do, oh well.....Oh yeah.... i'm down to 144 lbs...... i got the new scales "digital" the old one was off....all together with the wrong weight, i lost 12 lbs. Talk to ya soon
  • Afternoon everyone!

    Candy, prayers for your son that everything goes well.

    Lillybelle - prayers for your surgery too that you will have a speedy recovery.

    I'm sitting here with a plate of Atkins stuffed mushrooms -- yum! It's cold and rainy here today and may turn to snow soon. But it's supposed to be 75 and sunny again tomorrow.
  • Candy - hope all goes well at the doc. That is scary stuff. way to go on your loss

    Tenn: I'm so happy for you. That is awesome loss. I sure hope the fairy visits me soon.

    Robin - same to you. Send the fairy this way pleeeeeease.

    Lacey - wish we could all come help you move. I'm excited for you. The house is gorgeous and you will love it.

    Susan - your mushrooms sound wonderful.....especially since I'm only eating EGGS today.

    Not much new in my little world. Trying the egg fast in order to maybe get the scale headed down again. I need something. Gotta get at least 20 more lbs off before vacation in less than 3 months.

    Have a great rest of the day.
  • OMG I loved Pilates! It was intense, but not so intense that you would want to quit. I am so going to feel it tomorrow. I also ran 1.76 miles before Pilates and lifted weights. I am taking up Yoga tomorrow to see how that is.

    Candy: I hope that all goes well with your son.

    OK you ladies need to send the "Woosh Fairy" down south cause she has definately not been circling my house. So share already! Gosh! ; )~

    Ok well I need a shower. Talk to you ladies in the morning.

  • I finally got my down time today since my brother left. It was really nice. As Susan said, it's rainy and snowy here today. The furnace was already shut off so it was flannels, and hot Chai all day. LOL And that damn TOM came to visit, but the scale has remained nice to me. The best thing I did was add phsylium husk into my morning protien shake. Talk about cleaning ya out! I also am adding a small amount of berries into my morning routine as well and will hopefully see the same result as Lacey.

    Everyone sounds great - Welcome to the new ladies - and i'll see you all in the morning. I need to get back into regular morning posting with personals.

    to you all!
  • Thanks Susan, I am nervous about surgery but I'm sure it'll be fine. I hate being the patient, I have been an RN for 20 yrs. and much prefer caring for others. Good luck to everyone with their weight loss journey this week. I need to get more diligent about my exercise. So, off to hit the treadmill again.
  • Lilybele: I am sure that you will be fine and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    OMG I am so sore today after Pilates, but that is good for me cause I know I worked out hard and I like knowing that what I am doing is having some sort of impact on me.

    I also was looking at myself in the mirror and thought I looked smaller in some places and I measured and I am! So to **** with the scale I am only measuring myself. I just cant believe how fast it is coming down.

    Well i hope you ladies have a wonderful day.