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Susan hockeyfan7
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Afternoon everyone! How is everybody doing today?

Lillybelle-- glad to hear your surgery went well and you are recovering nicely. The nausea is probably from the anesthesia. My husband had the surgery last month and he had it for about 48 hours.

Sandra - take care of yourself and stay out of the gym until you feel better. You actually are not supposed to work out while you are on antibiotics. Do some light walking or something until. Hope you feel better soon.

It's chillly and keeps going back and forth between rainy and sunny here.

OK, this is weird. I followed Atkins for several years faithfully and never noticed any of the ketosis symptoms even though I lost weight. I've been on faithful induction for 2 days this time and yuck. I never realized your pee would smell so bad. Is it supposed to smell like dead skunk? And I finally turned a stick to dark moderate. I never had this before.

I'm thinking I didn't get the same symptoms before because of the Celiac disease. I used the Atkins products that still had some wheat in them and weren't 100% gluten free. And I wasn't careful about the brand of salad dressing and all the non-food products I have to watch now like soap and shampoo, etc.
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Lovin' Life
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yup, stuff stinks Drink more water, that will make a difference.
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Thanks everyone for the well-wishes following my surgery. My abdomen is still very swollen and think I'll wait a week to weigh. I almost feel guilty about being on computer while hubby does the housework. NAHHH, anyway, he is doing a fine job. I am very sleepy but know it's from the pain pills. He is doing a good job of fixing low-carb meals for me too. yeah. I actually put real clothes on today but they were old capris that are big so as not to hurt my tummy. I usually just use them for gardening and such. I hope swelling goes down soon, I feel like I look fatter than I did to start with. Good Luck to everyone.
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Trying to find my way.
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The stinky pee could be that you are taking lots of B comples vits. that will aslo mae it very stinky!1 I cut down on the frequency I take mine as I can smell it really bad and I hope to God that nobody can smell me.

The TOY is well UMMM very private toys. I have never been to one so I am waiting to see what they have I am going to be blushing the whole way through.
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It's my perogative!
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Sue are you talking about a passion party?
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Lovin' Life
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Good Morning

Sue~ have a blast!!! I went to one of those parties a couple years ago and I had a great time. I bought the edible strawberry body powder, got it home, and found out it was made of cornstarch and sugar not good for low carbers But have fun!!

Got quite abit of gardening done yesterday. Even went out and bought a couple new rhubarb plants. I bought one last year, but I cant find it .....I was going to take it back, but I cant find any part of it to dig up and bring back!!! I know Im not going crazy cuz I still have the receipt Oh well....these ones are going in a marked area of the garden, so I'll know exactly where they are if they die off!!

Some more garden shopping today I think, but its going to be an easy day. My knee is bothering me, and I dont want to push it and set myself back again.

Have a great sunday ladies
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Woman on a mission
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Robin~have fun gardening. I love it myself, just don't have the time anymore!!
Sue~I love those parties. I used to do them myself, but they just aren't profitable in this neck of the woods. Where everyone knows your

Well, today..not doing much. I work graveyard, I'm about to hit the hay. I work at a fast food joint..which I don't care for..but, the low carb thing works well there.
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hi everyone!

don't you just hate it when you get on the scale, and it is up 4 pounds from last week?? UGH! Granted, I know it is because I have been doing a lot of circuit training (plus it was about an hour or two after training when my muscles were full of water)...but even knowing that, it's hard not to get discouraged!

Oh well, still plugging that is good!

I just know that I am not the only one this has happened too.

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Morning Ladies:

I'm off to a friends house for a May Day gathering, so I wanted to check in real quick since I won't be home till this evening. It's Soprano's and Big Love night (we are HBO series addicts lol) so, I won't get on the puter till the morning.

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday . The weather is fantastic here as compared to the last few rainy days.
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15 pounds and counting!
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Okay, so I thought I would join the rest of the group since I am no longer a newbie. I'll be checking in periodically. Just reading the posts give me inspiration. I read about playdates and such, I have no kids, just dating someone for over a year now. My exercise routine has been here and there since I've been working on my master's. but i should be done in august. Please keep me motivated!!!! I need all the help I can get.
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Welcome, Indiana!
Hi everyone.
I stepped on the scales this morning and made my Mother's day goal of 175!!!!!
Gonna put them away for a couple of weeks cause I know I'll have that weight fluctuation thing. I really feel like I can make that 165 by the first day of summer!!! (Kam that happens to me all the time, just maybe put them away for a few days and weigh again cause my body drops weight then gains water, then drops more weight then repeat the process)
Yesterday was my birthday. Now I'm officially 36. Instead of cake my husband and I split a vanilla malt made with low carb ice cream at Braums. A very tasty treat. I love ice cream. Just missed the cake a little. But I ate very OWL and stayed on plan. Going back to a lower carb number today though.
ya'll have a great day!
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Hi everyone, well have been posting regularly so thought I would join the party. Well went to church this morning and have been lazy this afternoon. Have been nursing a sore toe for 2 weeks so far. I have been craving muffins, but will have to figure out a way around the gluten problem has anybody used the Almond flour that is in some of the stores? I was wondering about the texture. I think I'd probably have to mix it with another kind to give it a decent texture. Well I need to go out and mow my lawn, but have been putting that off too. It is alot easier today to sit in front of the computer and chat with you guys(LOL). It sounds like everyone is doing great, hope you feel better soon Lillybell , I also love to garden Robin, this week I want to get some Tomato Plants. I think I am going to do a veggie garden this year. I need to get it in this week if possible. Hope everyone has a great day. Judy
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