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  • Gah! I've done great with staying on induction - but all this new roughage added to my diet (instead of the "smoothage" I've been eating) has gotten me doubled over with intestinal cramps. I can't wait to get my system back on track - UGGHHHH!!!!
  • Hi All
    A little more about myself,, my name is Becky. Im in Japan with my husband and my lab shadow. So if my posts seem a little off, that's why. Its currently Friday AM and I am on my way to school. Im a preschool teacher and my problem is that the kiddies tire me out so when I get home all i feel like doing is taking a nap. I will say that this week has brought on more energy and I have made it to the gym several times. My plan is to go this afternoon after I get home. Hubby is currently on leave and has been a good gym partner and is going low carb with me so it has been easier! This week has been great! So far ive lost 4.5 pounds with Atkins. I did it a long time ago and it was the only diet that has ever worked for me. My goal is to stay on track this weekend!


    ***Exercise both Saturday and Sunday
    ***Drink 64 oz of water both days (this is easy during the week becasue I take my water bottle to work, need to keep it around the house filled!)
    ***stay low carb!

    How is everyone elses week???
  • Today was HARD!!!!
    I wanted to cheat on my diet sooooooo bad today!! I really wanted pizza and cheese sticks, but thankfully I have my hubby and he is very supportive!!! He wouldn't let me cheat. He knew that I would just regret it later. So instead I had a sensible dinner and I still have some points left over to have a snack!! I have avoided disaster for one day, and I will try to keep avoiding it. I also drank all of my H2O and took a 20 min. walk.

    Valentines goal:

    1 Jiggy for every 5 lbs. lost!
  • Yay!
    Good Job Amber! Glad to hear that you all are doing GREAT! A BIG to all the new Vixens! So far so good, I've been sticking to the allowed induction foods I've been working out everyday making sure to get my heartrate up!!! Here's todays meals:
    b:chicken salad
    snack: 5 pork rinds (btw, does anyone know if those are allowed on induction?,lol!)
    l: shake
    d: parmasean chicken with cailuflower gravy(soooo good! )

    and I might drink some hot tea in a few minutes for my PM snack

    Ok, thats all for now....God Bless! ~Becca
  • Amber - good on yer DH for being so supportive!! Sure make it a lot easier when they're working with you towards your goals instead of enabling you to stay where you are! Good job on the water & the walk!

    Hi Becky - ditto on your DH for being so supportive! Good for you going to the gym & congrats on your loss so far!

    Morgaine - hope your tummy issues settle down soon for you. I had more issues when I ate a lot of carbs than I ever have with Atkins (unless I've caved and had more LC or SF product than I should have ).

    Hi Laura - sounds like you are very busy. I went through a point in my life in 2004 where I was so busy it was stupid and that's when I fell away from the LC WOL. Like you, I came back also 'cause I know it works! You'll get 2 things from that class - a grade and a healthier YOU!! As for your questions...

    From The Atkins Essentials...
    "...Atkins has a strong diuretic effect. When you lose a large amount of water, as you do at the start of some weight-loss programs, you can lose electrolytes, the minerals sodium and potassium and magnesium and calcium. This may result in leg cramps. To replace these vital nutrients, salt your food to taste and take a mineral supplement that includes calcium, magnesium and potassium."

    Is that carbs or net carbs? And what is making up the carbs you are getting (cream, sweetener, coffee, cheese, eggs, veggies, etc)? Unless it's all coming from veg. sources, in my opinion, it's not enough.

    To get the weight tracker, go to your User CP (and going by memory here ), click on signature and in that screen, it will show you a 3FC sample of a ticker. If you click on it, it will take you to another screen where you can make your own & it will provide you a code to paste into the signature edit box. Hope this makes sense. Perhaps someone else can explain it better LOL.

    Sounds like you have some great goals!! I started taking my measurements a while back & am so thankful I did. My loss has slowed considerably over the past few weeks, but my inches are changing so much that it makes the # on the scale more tolerable .

    Robin - glad you are feeling better about things today. I would hate to threaten to kick yer butt, you know very well how us Canadians are always so "nice" , but I would have in this case .

    My thoughts & prayers are still with you Tenn (has anyone heard from her??)

    Kel - how YOU doin???? Hope you're OK and not enduring anymore rain/flooding!!

    Becca - Good for you staying OP & getting in the exercise!! Pork rinds are allowed on induction, however due to the high sodium, some people won't eat them for fear of retaining water.

    Well, the kids aren't watching the movie I stuck in to distract them anymore, so I'm off. Have a great night everyone!!!!!
  • Yesterday was an OP day! Got in all my water also. This weekend is gonna be rough, gonna be out of town, soooooo I'm just gonna do the best I can. Hoping to get in all my water in though, we shall see. Have a great one and I'll be back posting my daily meals on Monday!

    Oh, yeah, weighed in today and I'm down a pound!! YES!!
  • Bec~ WTG on the lb lost!! Great job!!

    Stacie~I noticed your ticker is moving're doing great!! I think I need to pay more attention to what you're doing! Good for you!! You are where I want to be right now....very badly! Reading your stats, and what you have been doing has been one of the things that helped me get my butt back in gear! no butt kicking required

    I ate alot yesterday, but it was all op. I need to shrink my belly I ended up having a cup of my cheeseburger soup in the evening, and the last of my cabbage lasagna. It did the trick, it curbed the sugar cravings, and filled my belly.

    Today's plan

    Breaky~ protein/fibre shake
    Lunch~ broccoli quiche
    Supper~ chicken and skillet salad

    Snacks....boiled egg w/butter and/or cheeseburger soup
  • Another pound down - woohoo!! One more and I can put a little dancing something or other in my signature!!!
  • Hey Ya'll!
    Hello everyone! Glad to see everyone is keeping up the good spirits and staying in control
    Here are my meals for today:
    B: Shake
    L:Ham & cheese rolls and celery sticks
    Snack: protien bar
    D: country fried steak w/ cauliflower gravy and broccoli w/ butter (Delicous!)
    S: EAS Protien shake( bought a bunch of these things but I dont really like e'm cause they're Vanilla*bleh* But I drank it-with a straw of course- and that calmed the growling stomach )

    I worked out at Curves for 45 min. but my legs are a lil sore so I couldn't jump around like I enjoy:P Maybe tomorrow I also weighed myself today at Curves and it says 161.2 but MY scale says 163.3...*sigh* I guess that's digital scales for ya! Mine is a digital, Curves' is one like they use at the Dr.'s office. O-well....I dunno if I should change my weight tracker as of yet! I'll wait and see what my scale says in a couple of days...Bye for now! God Bless! ~Becca
  • Did good today!! No cravings! I stayed w/in my points, drank all of my H2O, ate all my fruits and veggies and did 30 min. at Curves this morning!! Today was my weigh in day: I lost 3lbs. this week!!!

    Valentines goal:

    Started June 1 '05

    1 jiggy for every 5lbs. lost!
  • By the way for all of the support!!!! It really helps!
  • Congrats to all who are pounds lighter and staying focused.

    went to the gym today and walked my dog

    trying to get in 64 oz of water before the end of the day!
  • Now's as good a time as any to make my V-day goals. I won't post my meals or exercise here. I'll just update my weight loss

    Goals by 2/14/06:

    1: Get rid of drinking soda Today is no soda day
    2: drink more waterdefinitely doing that!
    3: try to get more exercise inyup. doing that
    4: Lose 11 pounds (hopefully more, but being realistic).
    (Scale should say: 151)scale reads 156!!! 5 more pounds to go! YAHOO!!!!
  • Ahhhhh Robin, you are too sweet . You have no idea how much you made my day with your post . Thank you . One of the things that really helps me is being in weight loss races along with the personal challenges. Whenever I think, ahhh, forget it, I'll exercise tomorrow, I start thinking...what if so & so exercises today? They might pull in front of me tomorrow morning if they've lost a pound or 2. If I sit on my ***, my metabolism won't be boosted for today and I might move into 2nd place! Can't allow that to happen - so I usually get off my butt pretty quick and get the exercise video in .

    Becca - I've heard you shouldn't use scales in gyms unless you know for sure that they are re-callibrated (sp?) & serviced regularily (like they are in Dr's offices). They are used so often & if they are not serviced regularily, the springs or mechanisms inside get worn out and are not reliable. Sounds like you are doing great with food & exercise!

    Brenda, Bec, Morgaine & Sassy - WTG - you are all doing so AWESOME!! What a bunch of losers we have here. Isn't it great!!

    Have a great day everyone!! Stay OP, drink that water & keep up with the great exercising !!!!!

  • keep forgetting to post in here

    breakfast: hamburger w/fixins
    lunch: small salad and small steak
    supper: shake

    got 3 1/2 miles in today and will tan and then do the gazelle this evening