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Talking Thursday Chat - 05/05/05

How cool is the date today

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Leenie: I didn't even realise that until you said it. That IS cool

Well, I did it....I managed to NOT step on the scale this morning After all the walking I did yesterday (forgot the pedometer) I'm sure I've gotten TONS of ET miles!! lol. I DID eat nuts (not on induction), but it's better than grabbing a junk food for lunch. It was the best choice I had. So ONWARD to another OP day!! WOOHOO!!
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Good morning


Brenda: Good for you staying off the scale.

I haven't done any exercising....shame on me. I really need to take my new yoga video out and watch the stupid thing. I am hoping I can do the moves without hurting my shoulder.

The weight it creeping down every day. That is the one thing about this WOE that I just can actually watch your weight go down....AND NOT UP!
If this keeps up I just may be able to fit back into last summers clothes

Wanted to get outside this weekend and get my herb garden going but it looks like it is supposed to rain most of it. Oh least I will get some sewing done.

Off I GO!
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Happy Cinco de Mayo Chicks!

Hope all are having a great day so far!

I have a busy morning, but if the forcast is true, I may have time to go out and weed for a while! I sure hope so!

Yesterday My son's Hamster died. We had him almost 3 years. It was heartbreaking to have to break the news to him after school. I have never seen him cry so hard (he is 8 years old). He seems OK this morning, but he still breaks down and cries a little. I am just hoping he will make it through school! Dh had to bury him in the yard last night. Today I have to make a popcicle stick marker that He can write his name on to mark the burial spot.

Brenda - Great job on all the walking! did you get any clothes?? Good job staying OP!

Jane - I know what you mean. My scale keeps going down too, although not as fast as I would like this week as I am so sore from exercising! All that water in my muscles! But it is going down!

I will check in later! I promise!
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Jane: WOOHOO!! Way to go on the losing weight. Skip the and just work on staying on track. The exercise will happen

Karen: Sorry to hear about the hamster. It's so sad when a pet dies. I don't know what the girls would do if their cats died. One escaped out the house door into the garage and got to the garage door (which was open) and just stood in awe at the world. Luckily when I went to shut the door so it wouldn't escape it ran INTO the garage instead of out. Then it ran INTO the house. Scared it! Maybe it'll think twice now about going into the garage!!

Well, a lovely lettuce salad for lunch. Gotta eat a venison sausage. It's calling to me and I've got to use/eat them up before they rot. THEN I'll skip eating them for a while. lol. Looking forward to WI on Saturday (didn't change the date for it). I'm hoping to have made the Mothers Day challenge!!
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Leenie: Happy 05/05/05!

Brenda: Great job of staying OP! You are doing great!

Jane: I'm so glad you're back OP and losing that weight. It's such a good feeling.

Karen: Sorry to hear about the hamster. That must be really tough. Great going on the weight loss and working out!

I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing so well and staying OP. That's definitely great news!

The weight is going down here, too! I think I've finally got my motivation back, which I desperately needed. I'll officially weigh in on Monday to report my Mother's Day Challenge progress.

Going to see the Yankees-Devil Rays game tonight. I went to one other game this week with a friend. Tonight, I am going with DH and another couple. I love baseball!

Well, I hope you all have a great day!

Take care,
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Oh.....did I mention TOM appeared? Dang the sugar cravings. You know what I'm hungry for?? Cool-Whip in that can (Redi-Whip is it called?) and SF jello. How bad could that be???
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Nice to see everyone doing great with their efforts!!

Had my walk today, and took a different route....well I wont be doing that again. I was very nearly run over today by a little old lady driving a friggin boat who was in one fired up hurry to get to her hair appointment!! I was crossing the street with MY light I might add....she just came barrelling towards me got right to me in the intersection then had the nerve to wave me to wait for her to pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I hadnt have stopped she would have gotten my feet with her wheels. Guess where she was going.....about 20 feet from me....parked her car and proceeded into the hair dressers. Normally I would have blasted her......but I was so dumbfounded and shocked I was actually speechless! Im still irked! Do I really need to walk with a big stick???

Well, typing that out, just pissed me off all over again!

Karen~ Im sorry to hear about your hamster....I hope your little one does alright. My daughter still misses her rabbit.

Jina~ have fun at the game

I love the new smileys CUTE!!

Im off to mess in the garden, and toss some fertilizer around. Have a great day all.......and watch out for little old ladies driving big cars!!!!!
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