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Default 8 Glasses of water a day!!

So maybe if I added 3 glasses of iced tea it'd be better than than the 1 can of soda?

Eight Glasses a Day?

It's become a national habit. Some might even call it an obsession drinking eight glasses of water a day.

More Myth-Busting
Wherever Americans go, their bottle of water goes with them. Two billion bottles were sold last year enough water to fill a medium-size lake.

Barbara Buettner says she drinks up to 10 glasses a day.
It's as if the health and beauty world has adopted a liquid mantra: 8 by 8 or eight 8-ounce glasses every day, for normal healthy Americans.

But how did we get here? It used to be that only the French were water crazy with their Evians and Perriers. Today, there are 74 water bottlers in the United States even Coke and Pepsi have their own water brands.

Dr. Heinz Valtin, professor emeritus of the Dartmouth Medical School, is a leading source when it comes to water in the body, and he says this "8 x 8" idea is a myth.

"I drink about five or six glasses per day, only one of them is water," he said.

The rest he gets from liquids such as juices coffee, tea. And it may be hard to believe, but most of his fluids come from food.

"Even a slice of white bread is more than 30 percent water," he said. "It's lots of water, 80 [percent] to 90 percent in vegetables and fruits."

Valtin spent his life studying the right balance of water in our bodies. When he retired, a prestigious medical journal asked him to find out if there really is a fountain of youth in eight glasses of water a day.

"What's wrong with the myth is that the recommendation is universal that every last one of us, including as one article said, couch potatoes, must drink at least eight, 8-ounce glasses per day," he said.

The Institute of Medicine's food and nutrition board agrees with Valtin. It says drinking eight glasses of water is not necessary, because we get plenty of fluid from our food. When our body warns us through thirst that it's time to drink something then drink up.

Here's the link where I found this information:
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I don't think I ever get 8 glasses of water a day. Then other times, I guzzle it. I suppose it has to do with my activity level, and I should pay more attention to it, starting today. Thanks for posting this Brenda. :
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