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Lekker 04-04-2005 05:22 PM

Quick hello from Scotland
Hi everyone - long time no chat - hopefully some of you remember me!

It looks like it has been pretty quiet here of late, but I thought I'd drop in and say a quick hello from here in Scotland anyway - perhaps many people are lurking in from time to time. As some of you may remember, I was planning on going overseas for awhile, and well, here I am! I've been in Scotland for a little more than a month now. For the first couple weeks, I mostly did some travelling. I went up to the highlands (Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, Fort William etc.) - which were absolutely beautiful. I went on an organized tour of Skye, but I think once family comes to visit I might suggest renting a car to have the freedom to go where we want. Though on our organized tour, we were lucky enough to go see a small concert by a local band from Skye who were loads of fun - the music was an interesting mix of bagpiping music and dance music. The tour (I went with MacBackpackers) was actually really great, and I'm glad that I spent the money to go on the organized tour since I was travelling by myself at the time. There were only 6 of us, plus the guide and the guide-in-training, so we had lots of attention and a small group made it a little more fun since we could 'sort of' get to know each other.

I've also spent a lot of time touring Edinburgh, and I've made some smaller trips out to Glasgow and Stirling. And there's just something grand about living and working near huge, old castles and walking down such old streets that seem to have so much character. Though I must admit that living here is also making me miss some of the things about the Netherlands even more - so as soon as I have enough money saved from working here, I am going to the Netherlands to visit my old friends and town where I did my exchange! Though that could be awhile, as it's pretty pricey over here. :)

It's also been an interesting challenge to understand what some of the people are saying - the accent combined with some unique words, or usages of words, makes the english nearly incomprehensible to me at times! But since I've been doing some temp office work lately (where I'm around only Scottish people), my ear has become more attuned to the accent.

In terms of Atkins...what Atkins? I've totally been off plan, no-where near plan, not even thinking about it (ha! am I even allowed to post with this kind of attitude! ;) )...Right now I'm mostly occupied with looking for work (besides these temp jobs that I have) and thinking about looking for a flat (I have a temporary place to live, however).

Anyway, I hope everyone is well and know that 3FC has been on my mind even if I haven't been around!


Kim in NJ 04-04-2005 10:09 PM

Hey Lekker!!! Glad to see you post here.
I just got back on Atkins strictly - yesterday. So I am so proud of myself for getting through 2 whole days. I am craving sugar like crazy though!!!

Sounds like you made your goal professionally though. I hope you land an awesome job there. I have a friend in Edinburgh that I met online and he and his girlfriend came to stay with us for 2 weeks. Just the NICEST people! I've never made it over to see him but my sister has and she says the country is beautiful.

Enjoy yourself and once you find a flat and get settled into your career - then you can pullout your Atkins book and get back on track! ;) Good Luck.

lady_adnerb 04-05-2005 09:21 AM

Hey there Lekker!! Sounds like you're having a fabulous time. Hey, with the hussle and bussle you've been doing how can you possibly be on Atkins? :lol: As long as you're happy THAT is the main thing. Thanks for keeping us posted.

jane8760 04-05-2005 05:09 PM

Wow Lekker...that is great! Glad to hear from you. And yes you can post here even if you aren't OP ;)

Keep us up to date on your travels and work!

jdoggmartin 04-07-2005 01:18 PM

Lekker: It's so good to hear from you! I absolutely love to hear about your adventures. I live vicariously through you. Enjoy your time there, and keep us up-to-date.

Take care,

Tuuurtlemama 04-08-2005 02:46 AM

:lol: What Jina said! I love to hear about your travels! I wish I could get over there, but it's nice to hear you tell it so wonderfully. ;) Keep in touch, it's great to hear from you..Atkins or not :lol:

Sonnet 04-09-2005 12:59 PM

Hi Lekker, It's good to hear from you; just wish I was there too. ;) I love hearing what you've been up to and where you've been. Take Care and hope to hear from you soon! :wave:

Leenie 04-09-2005 06:29 PM

Hey Lekker, good to hear from you. Of course we remember you :lol3:

Hope to hear from you as soon as you get settled.


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