Good Friday Chat - March 25th

  • Good Morning Ladies,

    I pray you have a wonderful day.


    Here's a little poem about Good Friday I'd like to share w/you:

    And they dressed Him in purple
    And condemned Him to die
    Mocked, spat upon, and whipped Him
    As Pontius Pilate stood by

    And with thorns as a crown
    He was then led away
    To carry His cross
    And show us the way

    Falling under the burden
    Of its heavy weight
    But rising up again
    Knowing full-well His fate

    And meeting His mother
    With anguish untold
    As God's plan of Great Love
    Proceeds to unfold

    Simon helps Jesus
    Who seems broken and frail
    And Veronica steps forward
    To wipe His face with her veil

    But He soon falls again
    For a second time
    Paying a price with His suffering
    His love being the crime

    Women and children
    He meets on His way
    Then falls for a third time
    This most solemn Friday

    Adding further humiliation
    To any of His woes
    Jesus is then
    Stripped of His clothes

    And while nailed to the cross
    His earthly time here passes
    His own life He gave
    For the salvation of masses
  • Hi Leenie, Thanks for sharing the poem today.

    Hi All. I hope everyone is fine and well.

    I have missed posting and have read most of the recent posts. Not being home keeps me from my computer. Now I also have had a few down time days with my computer going out on me. It's been in the shop twice, and I need a new hard drive. He told me I better start saving things. I've never done that, so it's time I learn something new. So it's either get a new computer, or he can replace it for about $150.00. I'll probably do that for now since this is a nice hP laptop.

    I'm so-so OP most of the time...more so-so than not which is good. So I'm maintaining and not gaining. We've been away from home so much with family matters, and I've had sandwiches quite a bit. Then we had a friend who had been helping her dad who had a stroke in Canada and needed a place to stay a nighton the way home. I tried to think of something she would like to eat. She said she snacks in the car, so not much food would be needed. I bought a loaf of Oro-wheat whole wheat bread, but it was 2 for 1. She ate two pieces of it and we ate the rest over the past week in sandwiches for meals. Several pieces were not during meals and just eaten, OK to be honest, really wolfed down. I still can't have bread in the house. I'm getting the feeling I probably never will, like I didn't know already. It seems to go way beyond self control. Atkins' has explained how that addiction works, and I believe it.

    We're off to town again this morning, but I'm going to try and read more here now.
  • Leenie: Loved the poem! Hope you have a great day!

    Sonnet: Nice to see you again. Busy lady! Sorry to hear about the computer trouble. Hope all goes well.

    Ok. I'm not OP...but I'm happy. I'll work on the OP after Easter. Decided to give it ANOTHER try to get this weight off. And the girls will be back to school so maybe I'll get some exercise in. I've got to exercise my shoulder because it's starting to REALLY hurt again. I can't afford therapy so I'm going to have to do the exercises at home!!
    Hope you all have a Happy Easter (if I don't see you before)!!!
  • HI Brenda, Thanks. I've missed everyone. I don't see a short goal set yet, but right after Easter, I plan on kicking it in gear like you. I'll do my best with Easter, I'm happy right now too, so I'm just going to enjoy the food.

    Sorry about your shoulder pain. I hope excercise helps it. I've gotten a little extra walking in between heavy rains. I've watched my neighbor walk herself skinny. Good for her, not me.

    My mom had Burcitis (sp) in her shoulder, and she said bread making was her therapy. She must have been in a lot of pain because she made lots of yummy breads! She didn't gain from it like I did when I made it. I don't know who I got this carb problem from, but I guess from my Dad's mom who had Diabetes. I just seem to have it the worst and have always had messed up blood sugar problems.

    Have a wonderful Easter.
  • everyone

    Im off to southern ontario again tomorrow, so I'll be gone for about a week. Easter at my parents and maybe some skating this weekend. Shopping in toronto and kitchener area...some of my fav stores are there!! Not much else, mom is going to start Atkins with me on Tuesday, so we will be able to support each other for the first 3 days, walk together, and hopefully that will be enough to get us going good and keep us going.

    Have a great weekend ladies, and a wonderful easter weekend.
  • Have fun shopping Robin. Sounds like a fun place to do it. You and your mother will be wonderful support for each other. Have fun if you go skating too!