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Default Finally Friday -- 02/18/05

Good afternoon, Chickadees! It is has been raining lightly for the past two days here. I have been driving this week, while my husband was in Germany. I never drive here, as the street lines, signs, and lights are mere suggestions. So, I feel like I have accomplished something. Woohoo. I won't know how to act when we get back to the States and get a second vehicle again. Have a great weekend!
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Baby Steps
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Fullfig: Sorry to hear about the rain. But congrats on accomplishing driving. You're braver than me!!

OMG I ate this HUMONGOUS brownie last night. PLUS a box (those small ones, ya know?) candy hearts. But I don't feel bloated today. I feel SKINNIER!! Go figure! Anyway, mom called last night. He has blockage in BOTH legs, but they didn't do the balloon thing (like I said). They're URGENTLY getting the right leg done. Either next week or the one after. The doc said there is NO waiting on that one! Then the left leg can wait until summer. He didn't seem to think it was that bad. So now I have to wait until Monday to find out when the date for his surgery is.
I'll get a pic of my ring soon as I stop gawking at it DH kept looking at it last night also. he looked at this one...then at the wedding set he had originally bought me (which I still wear. THis one is on my right hand) and said "Wow. This one makes your wedding set look like a speck of dust!"
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Default Good Morning!

Brenda~ thoughts and prayers are with your dad.

Fullfig~ Your very brave!! but wtg!!

Its been a busy week, started with a valentines weekend (3 days) for dh and I. Was in a serious funk over weightloss, and body image and all that crap. Then a dear friend came to visit for a few days. Her mother had passed away in December, and its going to be a very very long time before she is able to really move on. But she found out last night neither her, or her sisters really knew what their mothers estate was worth, that not one of the 4 sisters will ever have to work for the rest of their lives. She was so upset about her mother saving all that money and not spending it on herself, but you had to know the woman to understand why she didnt spend. She could always and I mean ALWAYS get bargain prices for stuff Its just so nice to know that my DF isnt going to have to worry. She's taken care of. Its nice when good things happen to good people. Even if it happens as the result of tragedy.

Im back to eating lc and drinking my water. You can sure tell I went on a carb bender!!! My face looks about 10 yrs older (Im not kidding) and my hair wont do what I want it to, my makeup looks all soaked in by mid afternoon and Im puffier than all ****!!! So Im back to behaving. I am also NOT getting on the scale!! I have decided that when Ive lost enough weight to change sizes, I'll get on the scale then. Other than that, its self sabotage and I just spent the last week sabotaging everything Ive worked towards the last 2 months.(just because of the scale) So, my ticker is gone, lbs lost are gone, because I have to make it unimportant. Its all about how I feel, how I look and how well or loose my clothes are fitting. I will still fitday my foods, but Im no longer going to make myself crazy with calories, and carb counts. As long as Im eating healthy, keeping my carbs low to keep the sugar cravings at bay I'll be fine. My goal? To get down to a size 14 or 12. Im 16 now, and behaving, exercising and being smart about it all, will get me to where I want to be. Eventually

Alright, well I think Ive finished with this book Im off to catch up with all you ladies.
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on my way down again
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Hi all, I hope it's a good day for everyone.

Fulfig, Congrats on the driving. I'd be scared to death to drive where it's like that. I've been trying to get up the nerve to learn pull our travel trailer, and that's here in the US.

Hi Brenda, I hope your Dad is better soon. I say a prayer for him. Oh! I can't wait to see your ring!

Hi Robin, Sorry about your friend's mom, but that is good news for your friend financially. Glad your OP again!

Well, we am not home, but on an RV trip south. One of DH's friends passed away a few days ago from a pancreatic annyrism (sp). This was sudden, but he had problems with his pancreas 15 years ago. The funeral's today. We haven't seen him or the family for over ten years, so it will be nice to see them.

Since it takes us a day to get the trailer prepped and loaded with our things, we are staying a week. It's so nice here and especially with internet hook up! (Although my computer takes up my half of the table. lol)

Dietwise, we are both staying OP, just a little more than Induction, but have been sucessful so far with the help of burger/no bun and Egg McMuffin's with no bun...things like that. I say that amazed I have not cheated on myself...I am. lol And what really keeps me OP is that I am sitting by a full length mirror on this cupboard and it's my side view!!!
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"Just call me Princess":)
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Goodmorning Ladies!!

TGIF!! I am so glad its Friday and I will be sleeping in tomorrow (yeah my sleeping in is waking up at 7am, instead of the normal 5:30am). Then I have to take Amber to meet her aunt at the movies to watch that Pooh Bear movie, woo hooo!! I am just glad I don't have to sit through it. LOL.

Other than that I am still battling my flu/cold/whatever it is. LOL. I feel like crud, and so I am just sitting here, at work again. I tried to call in BUT I was told that I should probably come in because I had been absent a few times before in December and this month is review time. UGGGGGH. Oh well.

No other plans for this weekend, other than getting to the gym tomorrow while Amber is with her auntie, so I can get a really good work out in. I will write out the invitations for her bday party and just relax. Did I tell you guys we are having a bowling party? My brother who is so creative made the invitations they are little bowling balls with her name on them. They are gorgeous. Then he made her these little satin candy bags but they look like little purses, omg they are so neat. I am so excited. I love all this bday stuff. A friend of ours came back from Mardi Gras with a million and one beads, so he gave me 100 strands to give away at Amber's party, lol. So I am going to actually just put the smaller ones in the candy bags, because what little girl does not lovvvvve looovvve loooovvvve a cute necklace, and then fill with all the candy I found on sale from Valentine's Day.

Full Fig-Where are you located? My bestfriend just took a civilian job with the army in Germany and says the driving there is NUTS. I feel for ya!! The good thing is that her daughter is learning how to speak German, so she will be trilingual. Cool huh.

B-MMMM browniesssss! I was so tempted to eat a big bowl of ice cream last night. I had a celery stick instead. Mmmm. LOL. I am still praying for your Daddy!! We cannot wait to see a pic of the rock, I mean, er ring

Robin-You are so right now that I am eating LC, and drinking alot of water my make up looks better, and my face is not as puffy as before. I thought I was just imagining it. Wow.

Well gotta go and do some following up! Hope everyone has a good day!!
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thin within
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PRP--I'm in Turkey. We have been here for 20 months and have about 4 left. It has really gone quickly.

Brenda--My thoughts and prayers are with your dad.

Robin--I can relate to what you are saying about sabotaging yourself. Sadly,I am the queen of self-sabotage.

Sonnet--I'm sure you can learn to pull that trailer once you set your mind to it. It is unfortunate that death is what gets folks together sometimes. Have a great time rv'ing with your dh and getting to visit some old friends.

Have a great weekend, chickadees!
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