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Wink Monday, Monday -- 1/17/05

Good morning ladies! I hope all of you enjoyed a great weekend. We're planning a slow paced family day here at home, being that dd and dh are off from school and work for MLK's b'day. I only had one slip of 6 peanut m&m's last night during a muchies' craving. It could have been a lot worse for sure. Have a great day wherever you are and whatever you are doing today!
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Baby Steps
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Fullfig: Good job at stopping at only 6!!! Enjoy your day today

Well, this weekend was a total write-off. Not sure pure induction is in me anymore. I can't seem to get past the week. So maybe I'll do induction during the week and a little more (good) carbs on the weekend to head off the bad carb addiction. I'm also weening myself off soda. The only time I'll allow myself soda is bowling nights and weekends (maybe). I want to see if that makes a difference. The good news is the scale had went down a pound on Sunday (despite what I ate on Friday night)..but bad news is now it's up that pound AND another. So it's off to exercise after work today!!!! Definitely going to keep that up!!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!
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Good Morning!

Fullfig~ good to see you back....are you still in turkey or back here?

MrsH~ congratulations!!!

Not much happening around here, Im going to see if I can finally get those mini blinds up I started last week. I misread the directions, and put the hooky things up backwards I was so frustrated by the time I got them back out, I havent touched them in about 4 days. So maybe today?

I finished my 2nd week of induction and I made it. Total of 13.5 lbs gone Now Im going to decide if Im going to stay on induction or add a few carbs. Thats usually when I start having maybe just 1 or 2 at a time. (like the book says!)

Still have my sore throat, and now Im getting a bit clogged I think this bug is making a home! Im going to walk over to walgreens today and see about that "airborne" stuff.

Thats about it around here, have a great day everyone!

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Good Morning Ladies!

Fullfig: At least it was only 6 m&ms. Definately could have been a lot worse! Nice to see you back posting around here again! Tell your sis I said hello!

Brenda: Don't worry about the couple of pounds. They will come off quickly I am sure! I'll cross my fingers for you on the soda. I couldn't live without my soda. They made me stop drinking diet soda while I was pregnant because of the nutra sweet. I missed them so bad. The regular sodas were just not as good. As soon as the baby was born they asked me if I needed anything and I said DIET COKE!!!! Hope you have a great day, and have fun exercising!

Robin: Good luck with those mini-blinds. I have done the same thing before. Hung the dang things backwards, then got frustrated and never touched them again. I made DH re-do them! Hope you get them up today!

Well, last night was a pretty good night. Emma-Grace went to bed around midnight. Woke up at 3 to be fed. Slept til 7 this morning and was hungry again! DH got up with me and I fed her. As soon as she was done eating he told me to go back to bed for a while that he would take care of her. I ended up sleeping until 9am! Now we are getting ready to take her on her first shopping trip to Wal-Mart! Got to get her started early We stopped on the way home from the hospital to get her formula yesterday, and the store didn't have any. Called Wal-Mart and they have it. She only has a little left that the hospital gave us, so we have to head out to get some more. This child eats like crazy already, so don't want to run out Hope everyone has a great day, and I'll check back in this afternoon.

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Good Morning.

I meant so much to come here last Monday and post that I had stick to my goal of avoiding diet coke and coffee but it just didnít work out. Last week was a pretty stressful week. I am not sure if this week will be any better but I thought I come here post this before I get started on my day.

Anyhow, YES, I did it. I stick to my goal and made it 10 days (today will be the 11th day) without coffee, diet coke, even regular tea. At this point I am sure I will avoid diet coke until the warm weather gets here sometimes in May but I am going to allow myself coffee once in a while if I crave it.

You know that Friday, 10 days ago, when I was really excited and also very skeptical of being able to give up diet coke and coffee and drink at least 64 oz water, I was thinking to myself why was it that for a good 8 months I never had any problem drinking water, now why all of a sudden I am avoiding it. Believe me my water was on my desk the entire time, in my field of view, and I didnít want to drink it. Then I remembered that my trick was that I was drinking one 12oz can of diet coke followed by 32oz of water. Since I was alternating something with some taste with tasteless water I didnít have any problem. I would go through 2 or 3 cans of diet coke and also would drink 64 to 96 oz of water easily. In the summer time sometimes I walked home for lunch and during my walk I would drink more water. So I decided I needed to have a tasty drink to replace the diet coke. For me substitution has always worked. It is hard for me to give up a habit, but when I replace one habit with another one, I am all set.

Anyhow, my coworker had given me a box of herbal tea in various flavors for Christmas and I still hadnít opened it. So I tried one, and loved it. My diet coke habit was replaced by 16oz warm hot herbal tea. I have been drinking 2 or 3 per day. I have tried all 6 flavors and I love them all. I also realized the reason I was avoiding water was because it was too cold and I was cold too and wanted something hot. So I decided to fill my bottle with half, sometimes even more, hot water and the rest with cold water. This way I had perfect warm water and was able to drink it easily.

There were a few days that I couldnít stand plain water so I squeezed half of lemon or lime juice in it and was able to drink the entire bottle in half an hour. As a result I am happy to report that I was able to drink at least 64 oz water, plus about another 64 oz of herbal tea and I lost my 1.5 pound gain plus another 0.2 pounds. I am so happy.

Oh a trick my boyfriend thought me. Did you know that if you put lemon or lime for 10 seconds in a microwave it is so much easier to squeeze and the juice just flows out of it? I was wrestling, LOL, with this dry lime the other day and my boyfriend told me that his mom warms them up to let the juice come out easier. Give it try, you will be amazed.

Okay, now that my water problem is under control and has been solved by committing myself here to you guys I have to commit myself to doing cardio. I love running and biking but to me these are outdoor exercises. I hate the exercise machines and actually I only have a treadmill that I walk on it only. And I am not a member of gym. I think exercise has to be done outdoor while one enjoys the scenery and breaths clean fresh oxygen. Anyhow, I havenít been biking for over two months and I havenít run for almost a month. The only exercise that I have been doing regularly for the past month has been yoga and leisurely walk. I am only 3 pounds away from my goal and my waist is still way bigger than when I was at almost this weight 6 years ago. So I need to do cardio and strength training to build muscle and lose fat.

Thus here are my goals. I would like to do cardio at least 3 hours a week and weight training, BFL style, once for upper body and once for lower body per week. And I am planning to come here everyday to report my progress.

Okay, I am off to read some posts from today and last week for inspiration.
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Fullfig: One slip of six M&Ms is definitely not bad. Way to go! Such willpower to stop at six!

Brenda: WOW! Give up soda??? I couldn't do it. That is my "treat." I love the stuff. I will never give it up.

Robin: Congrats on 13.5 pounds lost!! That is incredible!

Lisa: Congrats! Glad things are going well. Let us know how the Wal-Mart outing goes.

Well, this weekend was "mostly" OP. OK. Who am I kidding? It was definitely off-plan. I did great until Saturday night/early Sunday morning. After a friend's birthday party and a little drinking, we hit McDonald's. Argh. That is a total weakness for me. Then last night, I had pizza. It was thin crust, but I'm not sure of the carb count on that. Probably higher than I hope. So, another blown weekend for me.

Here we go with an OP week! Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and I've still got six pounds to lose.

Hope you are all doing great!

Take care,
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Rachel: Congrats on giving up diet soda, coffee and regular tea! That is great! Like I said, I love diet soda, and it's never seemed to hurt my progress in anyway, so I'm going to keep drinking it. Congrats on losing the weight you wanted!
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Fullfig, way to go on stopping yourself at 6 m&ms. Have a great day off.

Brenda, okay letís see if the two of us would exercise tonight. I am planning to do the Firm dvd. I bought them last year I still havenít got them out of the box, LOL.

Robin, congratulations on finishing the two weeks of induction and being very successful at it and losing 13.5 pounds. If I may make a suggestion, start adding 1 item at a time. And keep the variety in your foods. Try not to let your taste feels bored, LOL. And this time will be different. I am sure of it. This time you will be very successful. I hope that you throat feels better very soon.

Lisa, congratulations, she is finally here. I am so excited for you.

Jina, maybe you too might consider like Brenda, to do really well during the week and try to lose some weight and then give yourself lenience in the weekend to enjoy it and try to maintain your loss. Also diet coke wasnít hurting my weight loss. What was happening was that I was drinking so much of it that I didnít want to drink any water. That is why I gave it up so I could drink some water. But I will be back on it again when the warm weather gets here. Now I am envying your warm climate.

Have a great day everyone.
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Good morning ladies!!

LIsa I am so happy about Emma-Grace and glad to hear you are all doing so well. How is your pup doing??

B-STEP AWAY from the scale, you are sabotaging yourself by weighing your self all the time, fluxuations are normal, you don't even need to know about them.

Fullfig- so great to hear from you again!! We are all off for for MLK too.

Robin- GREAT JOB, you are doing sooooo great!!!! 13.5 pounds WOW!!! Get the Airbourne lady!!

Jina- oh well who cares about that weekend it happens to the best of us, don't let it get you down, I know you will just jump right back to OP.

Rachel- GREAT JOB on changing your habits that is excellent!!!

Well I did great this weekend if I do say so myself!!! I stayed OP all weekend for the first weekend since October and I feel great! I did have a little run in with some LC bread but I long as it was legal I am good to go! I told everyone that for my B-day today that I can only have legal treats, my sis is making me a LC cheesecake (she is on Atkins too so that helps) I recipe that we saw on the show "Low Carb and Lovin' it" on the Food Network. I really need to go shopping for groceries though, I am pretty much out of LC food. So off to the market I go!!

Hugs TG
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ROBIN - Big congrats to you on a great start with induction. Sounds tempting to keep on induction to make even more progress.

I have to laugh, my new "treat" is whole wheat toast with splenda and cinnamon. Now that is so unlike me but so Atkins-like.

DH is thrill, Patriots did really well last night and it was a good game.

I am still feeling awful and and can't take advantage that DD's friends took her off to the Museum of Science this morning. I would love to go to the gym but my headache precludes that.

I also have a funeral this afternoon, so I am hoping to be able to drive over, take a dose of cough syrup and make it through the service, though everyone I know has this ailment so I won't be the only hacking.

RACHEAL - Good for you meeting the noncoffee, coke, et al goal. What an accomplishment. The real key is that you spent all your energy finding what works and not focused on what you can't do or what won't work or making excuses. Don't you love the microwaving lemons and limes, love that hint. Sounds like you are onto the toning portion of your plan, have you tried the yoga workout for abs yet? I find them really useful, I have used the Rodney Yee ones, gentle but work.

LISA - Shopping already, I had to laugh, I used motherhood as an excuse to avoid the stores at all times. I do hate shopping though but loved cooking, hence never lost my baby weight even though I nursed for a year.

Taking it easy, maybe watch some junky TV. Have to plan this week carefully, 4 day workweek plus late Tuesday night, along with my BDay on Thursday, steak and cauliflower for dinner menu, then going out with friends on Friday and a big celebration on Saturday, planning for success I say.
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Good morning everyone!

FULLFIG: 6 M&M's??? In my book that's the ultimate in self-control! Kuddo's to you for stopping after so few!

BRENDA: Exercising after work? You're my hero! Good luck on your new eating plan. There are a lot of hard-cores out there, but you have to find what works for you. Let me know how it's working!

ROBIN: Last time, I followed a simple rule for adding carbs back in. I added in 2 carb increments every 4 days. I kept track of it on FITDAY and it really helped me see when my carbs were getting too intense for weight loss. Good luck!

RACHEL: Good job on kicking the caffeine monster. You will be my inspiration when I feel strong enough to tackle it myself!

Jina: Have you beaten yourself up sufficiently? Let go. There's a reason they call it a "Big Mac ATTACK!" Almost impossible to resist! LOL

LISA: Taking Emma-Grace to Walmart......already!!?!?!?!?!?!? Way to go, girl! Just don't forget to sleep when she sleeps or you'll start to suffer the ill-effects of sleep deprivation. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

THEO'S GIRL: I've heard so many good things about "Low Carb and Loving It." We've cut down our cable services but still get the food network. When does it come on -- and when you give me the time, make sure to tell me if that's Pacific, Mountain, or Eastern time! You know, here in Tucson we don't do daylight savings, so I'm always messed up trying to figure out what time it is everywhere else!

SUGAR CUBE: The Patriots totally overpowed the Colts. I had my money (literally, since I bet with DD), on the Colts. We were both born and raised in Baltimore, and even though Indiannapolis stole our team in the middle of the night, we can't seem to help rooting for them! Just watch out for next time.

Nothing much going on with me today. I have a corned beef in the crock pot and need to get some minimal cleaning done on my day off.

I was finding that my worse munching time was in the evening hours (isn't that the case for everyone?), so I went to Michael's yesterday, bought a book about crocheting for dummies and a few skeins of yarn, and started an afgan yesterday!!! It looks like crap, but it's keeping my fingers busy!

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Paula~ good going on the crocheting!!! I started a poncho for my daughter last night...knitting and crocheting is great for keeping us busy. Talking on the phone helps too lol

TG~ I went and got my airborne!!! I'll let you know if it works in a couple days. It says I should have taken it at the first sign of a cold....I might be a few days late. But we'll see. Thanks

I went for my walk....going to head into the shower, and then tackle those mini blinds. Its amazing what a little sunshine will do for my day.
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Everyone, good to see your all doing great!

Lisa congrats on the little wee one your lucky you can take her out shopping, when I had my DD 3 years ago, my doctor told me I was not (well should not) take her out near people for at least 3 months because of the cold and flu's in the air and when a baby is that small it doesn't take much to get them sick. Speaking of sick DD is sick today so I am home lolol.

Gotta run and get her to take nap, boy is she cranky
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FULLFIG: There is no way I would be able to stop after 6 m&m's unless I ran out!

BRENDA: Keep up the good work. Forgive yourself for the little slip this weekend and keep up the exercise

ROBIN: I too have to get to the point where I'm adding carbs back in. I skipped that and I believe it was my downfall!

RACHEL: I have also given up soda. I tried one today to see if it instigated any cravings. I'm trying to find out what triggers my cravings so I can avoid it like the plague!!

Jina: oooooh, McDonalds! My downfall too.

LISA: Congratulations!

THEO'S GIRL: What a darling sister! It sounds like that is a good book. I subscribe to an online menu mailer. Helps us out alot here!


Spedmom: Great idea! I'll have to dig out my cross stitch I've been neglecting. That should help delay those evening cravings for me. Of course, I'm trying to reach for the glass of water more too!

Leenie: Hi...good to see you!

As for me, my weight is getting me down. I let it go again and gained another 5 pounds! it is so hard to keep if off! I know what I did though. I didn't do the phases, just 1 & 2. I'm concentrating now on modified induction and then I'm going to move slowly forward into and through the phases as the regained weight comes off. I'm very proud to say that the exercise had been going well though.

Sorry to anyone I missed. Hope to see you more often! (I need to be here more for the inspiration!)
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