New here!!

  • Good morning everyone!!! Just wanted to introduce myself...

    I have been doing Atkins for a little over 28 months... It is a total lifestyle for me and I have had some success with it....

    I am getting close to goal which is exciting but I am still sooooooo not happy with my body... I have some excess skin in the stomach area and under the arms... I do not want to have surgery... I have been looking on the Maintainers thread for ideas on helping with the excess skin...

    Anyway I just wanted to say hi and glad I found this site!! I hope to get to know you all soon!

  • Juls, welcome!!! I've heard that in time the excess will disappear as you tone. Give it time!! Congratulations on your great success
  • Hi Julie and Welcome !!!

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOWOWOW !!! you've done fantastic. Could you sit and tell us all your do's and don't and what kept you on track ? We'd love to hear your success story.

    Thanks so much !!!
  • Oh yes!! Definitely forgot to ask about THAT!!! Please tell us!!