I want to stay fat because......

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  • That is tooo funny Leenie

    Oh and my daughter wanted me to add one more for her...

    She said she loves being fat because everytime when she runs she passes the gas like a trolling motor.

    She also said she loves being fat because when you laugh too hard you cut the cheese and who doesnt like that?????

    She is really a mess isnt she ladies???
  • I think she just likes to fart!
  • OH!! I could rival her (at least could BEFORE starting atkins!!)

    I want to stay fat because:

    I love being able to out-fart my father who is knicknamed "PeeWee" (and not just for his shortness!!).

    rolling over in bed and expelling gas at DH is SUCH a joy. (Well, occasionally he DID deserve it)
  • Christian, tell your dd she can borrow my remote control fart machine any time
  • I want to stay fat so my dd friends can say this to her:

    Yo Mama is so FAT her blood type is Ragu
  • Will do Leens
  • Ooh, another one to add, that I just recalled yesterday while at the fancy, schmancy gym I was at:

    - I want to stay fat so that I can continue to enjoy the itsy bitsy towels that they provide for you don't quite cover everything when you wrap them around you!
  • Good one, Lekker! I forgot about that!

    I want to stay fat because I love having my thighs slap together when I walk. It keeps me in rhythm!
  • New here but lurked for awhile, but I would like to get in on this

    I want to stay fat...
    because I love trying to convince the girl behind the counter of the tanning salon, to let me go a extra 20 minutes in a tan bed so I can tan BOTH sides of my body. and then I love laying there the whole time thinking " I wonder just HOW strong IS that plexi-glass covering those bulbs ????

    I want to stay fat
    because I love the fact that I have my own set of BEACH towels when I get out of the shower, and my family has to be satisfied with their tiny BATH towels.

    and finally, I love getting my *** stuck at the top of the slide at the park when my 4 year old daughter insists I slide with her.
  • Good ones, Dragnlady! And welcome!
  • oops forgot one

    I love the fact that the last time I went to the airport and told them I wanted to fly? they slapped GOODYEAR on my ***, and sent me out to the runway!!
  • I want to stay fat because:

    Riding on the lawn mower is such a joy when all the rolls join in to jiggle my spine out of whack.

    I like not knowing what color my toenail polish is when my girls paint them.

    I love the experience of trying to put socks on. It's such an exercise in itself.

    I love standing at a dead stop and having people run into me...and then fall over like I've blocked them on a football field.

    I love telling people this white woman doesn't run...when in fact she can't for fear of knocking herself out w/her own boobs.
  • I love being fat because that's my excuse why I can't get a date on Saturday night!
  • After going for a 8 mile bike ride this weekend I wanted to add..

    I want to stay fat becuase..
    I love the interesting feeling you get when your butt swallows a whole bicycle seat!
  • OMG