I want to stay fat because......

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  • Quote: I love the Santa Cruz boardwalk! We went a couple years ago. Too fun!
    Thats my home town so we go back home to visit every year, I have gone to the boardwalk every year since before I was born!! ahahahahaha
  • I'm jealous. Must be a kid at heart!
  • I want to stay fat because I enjoy not feeling good enough for my Dh to show off to his friends and coworkers.

    I want to stay fat because I love wondering why my DH could possible be attracted to me when I look so different from his past relationships, no matter what his answers are when I ask him.
  • I want to stay fat so that my DH will feel secure in the fact that I love him and won't leave him. (long story)
  • I want to stay fat because I love being so distracted by manuvering to hide my rolls that I don't appreciate the way it feels when my husband runs his hands down my back.
  • LOL, you guys are great.
  • I want to stay fat because I've always wanted my hooters to be bigger than normal.
    And so when I DO have to run they flap me in the face and just about knock me out.
    Let's not forget the "sexy" bras they have for hooters that size!!
    Or how about the time I talked to the doc and said I wanted them smaller and he said "I don't understand why. You're blessed to have them that big." Male chauvenist pig!
  • Amen!
  • This is right up my alley!
    I want to stay fat because...

    *I love wearing 2 sports bras when I workout, it makes me feel extra athletic and decreases my lung capacity all at the same time!

    *I can't afford to go out and buy new clothing

    *I love the way on warm days the sweat accumulates around my rolls and in my belly cave, oh I mean button!

    *I really enjoy eating half as much as my bf, and weighing twice as much- awesome.

    *My favorite compliment has become..."but you carry your weight so well, you're just lucky your tall!" ummm, thanks.

    *I really like giving myself a neck ache looking up at the camera, as I attempt to hide my double chin. Not to mention trying to avoid all photo-op's in general.

    *Being out of breath after a flight of stairs, what more could one ask for

    And finally...

    *I want to stay fat so that I can continue to be reserved, selfconscious, depressed, exhausted, and insecure all the time!

    This is an awesome thread, a little sarcasm was just the motivation I needed tonight. Thanks
  • gotta try this
    I wanna stay fat so because i just love the feeling of everyone looking at me when I'm shoppin for clothes.

    I wanna stay fat so that i that i can continue to feel unworthy of my fiance. I wanna stay fat so my fiance doesn't have to show me off.

    I love the way I can't find a bra that fits my cup sizes it just so fun going around with half my boob popping out and me trying to get the darn thing back in.

    I love being fat and having my ppl tell me that my face is so beautiful however when they see a skinny girl the compliment her whole body and face that just makes my day.
    I love it when ppl ask me should u be eating that.

    I love it when i try on cute clothes and i can't even get them half way on.

    I love never be able to see if i have matching shoes on...

    I love always wearing pants coz my legs just don't look right in shorts.

    I wanna stay fat so i can hear that I'm not that fat.
  • Jamie & scorchin: Those were absolutely RIGHT ON!!!! I can totally relate to those. Especially the camera one. If I looked back on ALL the pics taken of me....They're only on Christmas and rarely even then!!

    Hi there and join us on the daily chat!!!
  • I want to stay fat because

    I like the excuse of being overweight vs being a weakling on why I can't haul myself out of the water and onto the boat.

    I enjoy knowing how truly strong my BF is when he can pick me up and stagger into the bedroom with me in his arms.

    I love feeling guilty about absolutely everything I eat.

    I enjoy the looks the people at Dairy Queen give me when I order ice cream.
  • Ok, I just had to come up with a few more reasons!

    I want to stay fat because....

    I really like the way my butt spills out the sides of my computer chair, desks at school, and patio furnature.

    I love the fact that none of my clothes fit and its getting warmer here!

    I love the puckering and dimpling of my thighs when I wear skirts, shorts, yoga pants, or anything that slightly clings!

    I want to stay soft and squishy so my bf has a human pillow to rest on while we watch tv or a movie.

    I really enjoy having my nurse pract. ream me about my high blood pressure. she keeps sending me to the lab to make sure I'm not diabetic, have high cholestrol, thyroid problems, or what ever other aliments she can come up with when I can't afford it.
  • I want to stay fat because...

    I yearn for the day where I will hear a stranger pig snort at me again like he and his wife did four years ago. And now that I've lost 70 pounds since then, although still possible at my current weight, there is less chance.
  • LMAO! how about....
    I want to stay fat because my b/f looks so cute as he fights to smile while saying "no you do NOT squish me when you sit on my lap....I like it!" ( then fights to hold me there just to "prove a point")