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Default Easter/Passover Weekend Chat - April 10 & 11

Happy Saturday Everyone,

Watcha got planned for the weekend ?

My sisters are coming over today to help me prepare dinner for Easter tomorrow.

We are having Chicken cordon blu, marshed taters w/cheese, sour cream and butter, cauliflower and stuffed mushrooms. Desert will be a multi flavor cheese cake, a black out cake and an assortment of brownies (sorry Brenda ). Then tomorrow its Church and the family will be over after that to eat and the kids will have an easter egg hunt IF it doesn't rain

Any of this LC

I have some vaccuming to do and a little bit of laundry

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Love Yah !!

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Good Morning Everyone,
Today we have the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. My neighbor is so nice she invites all the kids around and gives away some great prizes. Doesn't matter how many eggs they find everyones a winner
I also have the 3 dozen eggs boiling for our evening of decortating, my youngest DD is so excited to show off her artistic talent. Last year she was the only one of my girls that decorated eggs and she spent hours just sitting there happily making them very detailed I never had the patients for that. Just dip em and be done with em.
Tomorrow we head over to my mothers for Easter Dinner. I'm not sure what the menu holds in store for us but she is also on this WOE so I'm sure she will have goodies for her and I to eat as well.
Peter Cottontail also has seen that I may have a difficult time dealing with large quanities of chocolate around me and has prepared to put ZCarb bars on my side of the basket as well as one fully suger alcohol loaded caramel egg I couldn't resist So I am prepared to indulge a little bit this holiday.. in my own low carb way
Now comes the fun part, the cleaning! Joy Joy Joy!! Have a great day everyone!
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Happy Saturday!!

Hi Leenie!! Have a great time with your sis's!!

Sounds like a great time Trazzie!!

Well today is the a couple hours I will be at The Wiggles concert!! The Ds's are sooooo excited!! (for the non-kid people...The wiggles are a group of crazy Australian guys who do a kids show with singing and dancing, Kids LOVE them esp. my 2 yr old!!)

I am actually excited to go back on induction on Monday (how weird is that??) during the easter preps I have been eating so much junk that I am actually feeling excited to be back OP and get back to my routine. This was a pretty good test letting myself do whatever I wanted for the past couple days, because I found out that I am totally happy being on this WOE and actually like it!!! Usually at this point in a diet I am ready to throw in the towel, but I am soooo NOT ready to do that with this. So I am taking this as a revelation and a win!!

I probably won't be back tommorrow, I have sooo much to do, but I want to tell all of you Happy Easter or Passover, or Spring what ever you are celebrating tomorrow!! I will talk to you on Mondy in FULL induction force!! WATCH OUT!!! hahahahaha
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Hey everyone - busy weekend planned ahead.

Jane - Yes, I think it was storybook that was moving out of her mom's place. BUT I would love to have my own place too. You know after being married almost 17 years and having these kids running around, I think all women should have a side apartment in another town. - NOT for the same reason some men do BUT for an escape.

Caved last night to the dark chocolate monster - but today is another dya to re-focus. I think I caved b/c I was disappointed not to see the scale moving and I've been so good. Next week I start my daily AM walk - especially since the kids are off school.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Hi Chickies!

I have been packing stuff at my inlaws (I can't believe how much stuff they have in the house. The new house is about 2000 feet bigger, I wonder what they will have in there in a few years ) we are leaving for Colorado on Monday and I will be packing here too!

Went to the Saturday afternoon service so we can be ready to go Monday morning, church was very good.

I have not had time to think about food and have stayed OP real good.

A vacation will be nice....see ya'll again around the middle of the week after next. Ya'll be good chicks while I'm gone.

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Hi All!

Those nasty few pounds I put back on during our visit to Baltimore are going to be stubborn ones, but I shall win the battle!!! I don't know if anyone will remember, but one of my goals was to weigh the same as my husband (the other was to weigh LESS than my husband). Unfortunately, I'm married to a scrawny kind of fellow, so those goals aren't easy ones. Well, yesterday, he came running downstairs to tell me that he had put on 2 pounds while we were away and that he was now 158. He was happy about this because the last number he heard me mention was 158....before we went away. Unfortunately, I also gained a few pounds, so I'm still 2 pounds over him. But at least now I have a very real, very immediate goal to motivate me!!!! Plus, he's going away to a conference this week and he always picks up weight on the hotel food!!! LOL

I've been laying crushed rock in my back yard for 2 days and if that doesn't help me burn up some calories, I don't know what will!

I'll check in with everyone later. Have a great holiday weekend. Mazeltov!
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Happy Easter Everyone, wow its a quiet weekend here. I had a wonderful day and yes I went off my LC plan after 6 weeks of being faithful lol.

Hope you all are enjoying.

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