Tyson Buffalo Style Wings

  • Had these yesterday for dinner, 4 pieces and only one carb. They were pretty darn good if I do say so. And they weren't hot, just a little tingly feeling on the lips but thats it. YUM

    A nice change.

  • mmmmmmm wings!!! I eat those all the time, you can get them at Costco in a huge bag for 10.99 I think by Foster Farms called Hot and Spicy wings, PLUS they have Jalepeno wings that are less than 1 gram per 4 wings too!
  • Thanks for the head up, I need to add a little varity into my meals and I think these will do nicely!
  • mmmmmmm eatin' them right now....soooooo good!
  • I love wings!! I'm cheap though and refuse to pay the price for wings. Instead, I do boneless skinless chicken thighs. You have more meat...no bones and wonderful flavor.

    I love to grill the thighs with black pepper and garlic on them. If for some reason I can grill then I just pan fry them. When they are done I put some Franks Hot Sauce in a sauce pan with a pat of butter. Melt the butter with the hot sauce and pour that over your thighs.....chicken breast..etc. It's wonderful and sometimes I have diced cucumbers with ranch dressing.

    I love hot foods. You can regulate the amount of heat from the hot sauce buy adding more butter...The longer you cook the sauce the thicker it will become because butter is a thickening agent! YUMMY!! And very inexpensive!
  • Chrissy thanks for the idea that is great!
  • I just ate 10 wings for dinner.....burp!
  • ROFL Leenie!!! I felt like that after lunch today!!! LOL
  • [email protected] burp.

    Ok...How'd you quit at only 10 wings? Isn't my appetite supposed to diminish??
  • Brenda, my appetite is big, no its huge. I could have eaten more. I don't know why my appetite hasn't deminished. Guess everyone is just plain ol different. But one thing is different, I don't have those carb crazy feelings, you know like your gonna chew the walls b/c your so hungry. I am in more control thats for sure.

    Those wings are a nice size and 10 is pretty good, even for an appetite like mine. Also don't foget to eat a hardy portion of veggies w/it. The only thing I didn't do was have blue cheese dressing w/it, I wanted to save on the calories, besides I'd rather have more chicken for the calories than the dressing.
  • I'm no longer craving carby stuff (now that I've satisfied the GS cookie caper). But my appetite isn't controlled anymore. (and of course my mom had to rub it in that she's lost weight again and I didn't).