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Default Friday!! Daily Chat

Yay, it's a weekend, almost, gotta run make a quick breakie, brb.

Ok all done. It's almost 7a.m., this is strange, usually there's a good crop of us up and about by now. Maybe the evil post eating monster is at it again.

The grand firing went as well as can be expected yesterday, there were no tears, it was quick but painful. Granted the rest of my staff sang a rousing rendition of ding dong the witch is dead so I guess it was the right choice. Then a whole bunch of them told me even worse things she was doing, of course after the fact Have an early meeting today so I better get all beautiful.

Oh oh guess who gets to see an ex-boyfriend on the 19th? and guess who has a much cuter behind


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I can't even begin to tell you guys how much I need today and the weekend. I am feeling so burnt out and run down between work and class. This is my first weekend off since mid January. Ugh! My instructor was starting to worry about me too, she kept telling me that I would have 3 days off.... to which I was thinking... NO, only 2 because I still have to work on Friday. lol I guess I was getting sort of *****y. But the sun is shining for the moment and even though we're going to get some storms in about an hour, it was enough to put me in one killer mood! Yay!
The bf and I thought we were going to have the apartment all to ourselves this weekend but my sis cancelled plans at the last minute so we're both kind of bummed. However, we're going to go invade some friend's hottub, which should be a good time. I hope everyone is doing well and staying OP!!!
Tummy- You go girl! You're gonna wow that ex's socks off on the 19th!!!
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Tummy: Hmmmmmmm who could it be? YOU! Knock him dead!

Shimma: Hope you get the chance to have some fun this weekend

Well weigh in day for me was nice. Down to 159. That makes a total of 15 pounds....19 from my highest of last year. I am not going to change my signature yet because with the weekend looming

The club we go to on Friday nights got me some Thin Ice. I AM SO EXCITED. No more 4-5 beers at 3+ grams each I can just have a few of these for 1 each. WOOHOO. That should help. I hope I like them. Haven't tried them yet. But it was great of them to get it for me.
My eating is usually ok on the weekends and I am going to exercise so hopefully I will stay down.

I don't know if I am going to make my personal NYC challenge though. We are going on the 20th and I still have to lose 4 more. It sounds doable but I don't know........2 each week.....that will mean being absolutely OP....which I have been lately but still I am only losing 1 a week. Oh well, whatever I do will be great.

Check in more later.....have a great day all.
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Aww Jane, you can do it! I know you can!
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Thanks Shimma
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Tummy: you'll just WOW the guy!!

Shimma: glad you're getting a break. Hopefully you and bf have a chance to be alone for a while.

Jane: Congrats on the scale being down for WI day!! Don't be drinking too many of the Thin Ice You may not feel like getting up tomorrow.

Well, we have a 2 hour school delay due to rain, ice and snow. The weather couldn't decide what it wanted to do so it did all 3. We're also back to being cold and windy. UGH!!! I ate too much for supper (same amount as usual but I felt like I ate more) and decided it's time to cut down on my salads. Or maybe make the lunch time one a little bigger and cut down the supper salad. Maybe that's why the scale's not moving. If I lose inches I'll be happy! I'm not feeling too well today anyway so I'd just LOVE to stay home. But I've been off too much already this week and need to make some $$ to pay my bill (the rest are hubbies responsibility. long story). lol Luckily I'll only work until noon so it's only 3 hours today and I can come home, get jammied up and go back to bed. Maybe I should go get some flu/cold meds and some diet 7up. haven't checked the carb count on that but hopefully if it's diet it'll be ok.

Hope you all have a great day.
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Hi Ladies,

Good to see you all.
Shimma, I feel the same way as you. If I had to work another day this week I'd collapse or call in sick I am just tired and anxious inside for some reason. Burnt out is right. Hang in there, the good weather is on its way, that should give us some cheering up if anything.

JANE!!!!!!!! 159 WHOOHOOO you go girl, congratulations and many hugs to you. Thanks for the smile this morning, I needed it.

Tummy I know your gonna make his tongue hit the floor, you go girl and be proud, you certainly should be, you look fabo' Show alot of skin and make him eat dirt neener neeener neeeeeeener.

Brenda you snuck in on me..... Feel better sickie poo, hugs.

Hugs and kisses to eveyone else that posts after me.

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Morning all!

Tummy - you'll have to let us know if revenge is as sweet as they say it is! I'm sure the ex is going to be stunned!

Shimma - Glad you're finally getting some play time! Have Fun!

Jane- Congrats on the loss! Enjoy and thin ice...just be sure to dance yer bootie off...along with the carbs :smile:

Lady- My mom and grandmother were from St. Paul, I'd forgotten there's still snow this time of year, so I won't tell you what it's like here today

Hey Leenie! Hope you get a chance to relax this weekend!

Me and the boys aren't up to much this weekend. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so we'll be stuck indoors *ugh*. I rented the boys the looney tunes movie so that'll keep them entertained for some of the day!

Y'all have a GREAT weekend!
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Hi ladies and good morning to ALL of you!!

Bizzy have fun with the boys, I will be doing the same thing!! RAINY

Leenie girl get some rest, I don't want youy to be burnt girl!

Lady A- I always eat big at lnch and small at dinner, give more time to digest, hope you feel better soon!

Jane you go girl!!! you can do it!! have fun clubbin'!

Shimma....ooooo hot tubbin! Sounds fun fun fun! That will be nice and relaxing too!

TUMMY you are killin me with that girl ROFL, hahaha your behind looks better!!

well ladies I am at work and ready to go home at 12:30, got some new cutie pie pants at goodwill last night, and ready to start back to the gym tomorrow! Have a great Friday!!

Love, TG
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I just got moved into a new position at work yesterday. More stress. This job is a contract positon, and it was only supposed to last for three months, but now it may go on for a long time! Yeah! Started Atkins again on Tuesday and doing great so far. Hope I keep with it! My mind is my worst enemy. My self dicipline and self sabotoge get me into so much trouble. Wish me luck
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Hey All,
What an icky day! It's all rainy and cold. I have the shivers and feel damp to the bones! I have noticed that I am getting cold ALOT easier. I don't know if it's due to the weight I've loss or if it's just this WOE in general. Maybe all the water I'm drinking is thinnin out the old blood Either way, I'll take the chills and warm sweater over the extra pounds.. no complaints here
My day is soooooo busy I don't even know where to start with it all. So I'll just put in some time here and relax a tad, there's no way I'm getting everything accomplished anyway.

Tummy - You flaunt your stuff and make that man drool! AND have a great time doing it!

Shimma - Ditch your bf and come pick me up I could always go for a dip in the hot tub.. have a great time and enjoy your days off.

Jane - That's great that they ordered Thin Ice just for you, how nice is that? I'm sure you'll make your NYC goal your doing a great job!

Brenda - I hope you get to feeling better and a day in bed is a great perscription.

Bizzy - I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can push the kiddo's out the door. Maybe sometime this weekend we'll get the chance eh?

Theo - Have a nice time at the gym and I'm sure you'll look fabo in your new pants

Cat - I'm a good one for self sabatoge too. I'm dealing with it better with this WOE then I have with others, but I tend to create fights with myself at times (if that made any sense) should I or shouldnt I eat this??? So far I've won the battles, and this time I WILL be victorious in the war!

Okie Dokie I'm off, Everyone have a fantastic weekend!
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Hello all you chickies!!!!!!

Tummy: Girl, I hope you have one of those phones with the cameras (or can at least borrow one). Take your ex-bf's picture at the exact moment he realizes just what he gave up. Then post it, and I'll drink a toast to you!

Shimma dear: Are you a masochist? I've been catching up on reading posts and you are just burning that candle on both ends. Teaching, nursing school, definitely need some hottub time, girlie! Enjoy!

Jane: 159?!?!?!?! You are such an inspiration!

Brenda: Those Wisconsin winters are a killer. My sister's in Delafield and has been complaining that it looks like spring will NEVER come! Keep the faith, and rest up so you feel better.

Leenie: Sorry you're feeling burnt out. Hey, maybe you need to join Shimma and friends in the hottub!?!?!

BLizzy: Howdy! I'm a Disney and/or Pixar fanatic myself, as there were times when I would NEVER have survived a rainy weekend with my daughter without Shrek or Lady and the Tramp! Try to enjoy it along with them...

T's Girl: Glad to hear your feeling better and ready to get back to the gym. It's made all the difference in my mood. HEY!!! I stopped at the Goodwill store near us last weekend and I couldn't believe the clothes they had with tags still on them from Saks and Macy's. Had no $ with me, but I definitely plan on going back. My girlfriend furnished almost her entire house from them in shabby chic and it looks as cute as a button.

CatGirl. Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome!!!!! So glad you've joined us. About the self-discipline issue......if we all had a firm grasp on that one, we wouldn't be here now, would we! Just do your best, acknowledge that there will be bad days, and try to enjoy the journey. Check out some of the recipes on that thread, because they made all the difference for me when I got sick and bloody tired of tuna fish and chicken!

Trazzie: Sorry that you're also having bad weather. About the feeling cold --- I'm SOOOOO glad you said that because I've been complaining for a few weeks that I'm always cold now, although I feel just fine. My hubby is the one who pointed out that, well, as he said "You've lost 1/2 your insulation...what did you expect?" Throw on an extra sweater over that lean, mean frame and celebrate!!!

GEEZ!!!!! When you check in later in the day it sure takes a lot to catch up. I took the day off today, ran downtown to hand in my certification paperwork, took care of a couple of errands and went to the gym. I usually go in the morning before work, so it was a special treat to be able to take as along as I pleased. Not much else to report, but in this case I think that no news is definitely good news! Check in with everyone later. COME ON SPRING!
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My DH has mentioned that it's possible that the WOE I've been doing is the reason I've not felt good. I've had this killer headache which I'm thinking is due to the budding trees (they're budding too early) and the stupid winter storm we got. All I know is I took some OT that knocked me out. So I"m off to take more.

Have a great weekend!!
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Happy Weekend Everyone!
I've actually been off since Wednesday, and what absolutely WONDERMOUS weather we've been having! (Sorry to all who've been having yucky weather, but Spring is coming!) My work schedule is 10 days on/4 days off, but my GREAT BOSS let me take a "mental health day" on Wednesday, and man that was nice! Will be hard to go back on Monday as I've trashed my "schedule" and have been staying up til all hours and sleeping late (blame that on the 11 years I worked 3rd shift---I'll always be a "night owl", even though I've not worked 3rd shift since '98...)
I broke down and picked up a few new clothes, more 14 jeans and some 14-16 tops! So for the past 4 hours, I've been rummaging through closets, dresser drawers, and storage bins going through a ton of clothes and TOSSING everything from several 18's (some actually I can still wear/not too terribly big, so kept) up to 22's and a random 24 shirt here or there ) I kid you not, I have a stack of clothes SEVEN FEET HIGH in the kitchen right now (actually it's in 2 piles ) OH MY GOD!!! So, I guess if I ever get to sleep before dawn (and if I don't sleep til Noon when/if I finally do get to sleep) I guess I'll be calling friends/relatives/neighbors who can probably wear them to "come shopping" in the morning lol...otherwise, I'll have to load the truck up and head to the Goodwill...Maybe I'll have some energy left to "restock" the closets and drawers with the things I am keeping and the few new MUCH SMALLER clothes I picked up! Hey, can I count some of this "work" towards some Equator Trek Miles???
So all in all I've had a great past few days, with some shopping, doing "horse-stuff"/spending quality time with my horses and even got brief rides in on 2 of them on Thursday! Supposed to get some rain tomorrow, well make that TODAY now, lol! Had planned to take my Mom to see "The Passion of the Christ" while I've been off work, but haven't yet made it to the theater...we'll see how the weekend shapes up to see if go or not...
Everyone have a wonderful weekend!
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