Soup Beans (pinto beans)

  • Where I'm from we eat soup beans alot. Which is usually beans cooked for a long time (no canned stuff here!) with bacon in it. Is this appropriate for induction? I dont want to mess up, I've been on Atkins since Monday (2-16) and have already lost 5.5 pounds.
  • Sorry, Melly, no beans. Stick to your list of approved foods for induction.
  • Believe me, during the winter I'm used to eating a LOT of kidney beans (in my chili). But I've had to forgo it since starting this WOE. It gets a little easier. Continue the good work & congrats on the loss
  • Beans are allowed in OWL, pre-maintainence, and maintainence...but not induction. They are high up on the carb rungs in OWL, so most people never get there until maintainence... Even once you get there, you are still only eating VERY small portions of beans if any at all. Sorry, beans are carby.