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Wink What are you doing for your sweetie?

I was wondering what everyone is doing for your Valentine? My DH and I usually don't do much of anything but I think this year is going to be different. My DH already has a babysitter for the night. This is my husband who never does anything on his own. He asked what I'd like to do, and to think about it, so we can make plans for Saturday. So, besides being in shock that we are going on a date, lol. Anyways, enough babbling....

What do you do? I don't want to do the normal movie and dinner, or dinner, and hanging out at the local bar. That's what we usually do. Help me, lol.
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I don't think we will do anything really big that night...I am not one to go out to a "big" dinner or something like that just for Valentines Day. Don't get me wrong...I wouldn't mind but I also don't mind if I don't. I don't even want flowers this year for some I slipped picture of the little necklace I want in his brief case. If he gets it for me I will act surprise and say "for me?"

I don't know what to get for him. He never wants anything. But he has a wicked sweet tooth so I may pick him up a nice box of candy. I hope he doesn't get me a box. This is kind of a long story dad every year would get me one of those little heart shaped boxes of candy. Never failed...every year. When my dad passed away my husband started doing it. At first I wasn't too sure if I wanted him to do that but he said that my dad loved me and he loved me so he was going to keep up the tradition.
But this year I think he may not get it because of my being on Atkins. One hopes so anyway. Jewelry has no carbs!
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my bf and i are gonna go shopping together friday night for our gifts to each other. sat we're going out to dinner and then meeting up with a few other couples to play cards and cranium
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I'm a little against V-day because I have a Princess complex and believe that I should be loved, adored, and showered with presents every day!

I'm actually trying to get us to the beach for the day since we have plans with my fam that night. One of my little brothers is bringing a girl home and mom's all worked up over it.
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As far as I know we're not doing anything for V-day. Shoot, the way things are lately hubby'll probably end up working. He probably doesn't even know it's valentine's day. I have 2 rings that I don't have fingers to fit them on (as I "grew" hubby got me rings to replace each for my right hand ring finger. Now I've got 2 extra's. lol)......I'd kind of like one made bigger to fit my middle finger and one made smaller to fit my pinky. But of course he'll end up getting me flowers (IF he gets me anything). lol
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My fiancee and I are going to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for a nice romantic dinner. Their steaks are out of this world!
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OOh! We've always wanted to go to Ruth's Chris! Glad to hear the great recommendation!

My DH has to work on Valentine's Day, like every other day lately. The good news -- it is the last day of his second job! If anything, we'll go out to a late dinner.
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Well I gave my DH his gift last Friday..... He was supposed to install a new hardwood floor for us this coming weekend - but I found a guy to do it as a surprise to my DH for a great price. DH is a stay at home dad but spent last Friday doing a side job for his old company. He left at 6AM and returned at 4:00PM...... The floor guy arrived at 8:30AM and left at 3:30PM. It was like being on "While you were out".... He was a little upset at first that he didn't get to try it himself..... but when he saw all the cuts the guy had to do (because our home is 1902 and very "unlevel", "uneven" etc.) he felt a little relieved. I WAS the Queen last weekend after he really thought about all the hard work that saved him. Now we have this 3 day weekend FREE! Yeah!!!
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Well, it's always a surprise, I hate surprises and so each year he cooks up something different to drive me crazy, I think we're going to a theme suite hotel for the weekend. I hope I'm right, I'm all geared up to go now, . Hope everyone has a very romantic day.

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romantic???? what's that word mean?? hmm....I haven't been romanced in YEARS!!!!! poor me.
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